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How to drape a Saree in Different Styles


It’s a known fact, that there are around 80 ways to drape a saree, since it’s one of the most versatile clothing ever it’s not a surprise for anyone. While most women in India and the neighbouring nations prefer wearing saree in their normal routine, wearing it regularly in same old style can be quite monotonous. So irrespective of the fact that you are a regular or a noob, we have filtered few timeless draping styles to suit everyone, at one occasion or another.

Quick tricks to drape a Nivi style Saree

It’s the style that inspired the age long saree draping style that we witness in North India as well as on the screen. In this style the saree is tucked in a waistband from one end, draped around the waist and pleated as per the requirement, the other end is left loose. The loose end or pallu is placed on the left shoulder. This traditionalist style is the most versatile for every shape and size.

With this style there is no certain rule of what to wear and what not to wear in accessories, suit yourself if you want to wear huge jhumkas or hoops or is it gonna be just a watch in one hand and the bangles in the other.

How to wear a Bengali style Saree

The Bengali style of draping a saree is quite seductive; in it there are no pleats on the waist instead the saree is draped once in anti-clockwise direction and the second time clock wise, bringing the pallu or the loose end from behind the back, pleating it on the front.

It is common knowledge that no Bengali style is complete without a huge bindi and jhumkas in gold(so that you know)

Take inspiration from Aishwarya rai bachchan in Devdas or Rani Mukherjee at durga pujo and get set go.

Draping a Gujarati style Saree perfectly

Though one of the most popular style,the gujarati style of draping a saree is not much different from the traditional Nivi style.In it the saree is draped around the waist and pleated but loose end or the pallu is brought from the back from the right shoulder which is either tucked and pleated or left loose or partially tucked.

Want to show off your highly embellished pallu then this is the style for you.

Pair it with an armlet or stack your hands with bangles and you are ready to rock the look.

How to wear a Saree in Lehenga style

Unlike the other looks which are more versatile and suits nearly every occasion,this style can be worn only at a wedding or a party.While pre stitched lehenga style sarees are nothing new,you can even drape yourself in lehenga style on your own.Just like lehenga it requires multiple pleats,tuck the pleats on the waist and you are ready to sport the look.

From embellished headgears to huge neckpieces defining neckline,almost everything blingy suits this style.

How to drape a Kerala saree

Kerala style saree or mundum neryatham is the traditional style worn mostly in weddings.The most pure form of cotton is paired with golden border and is worn as a two piece garment.One as a drape on a waistband and the upper garment as pallu.

Gets paired best with highly ornamental jhumkas or temple jewellery or a embellished headgear.

How to drape a Mumtaj style saree easily

Quite vogue in retro themed parties and school/college farewells this style quite never left the stage since the very time mumtaj adorned it in “aajkal tere mere pyar ke charche”.Suits best when going with a sleek border,in this style the saree is draped tightly and entirely over the lower body portion and pallu is brought to the shoulder and pinned with a brooch(another retro accessory) thus bringing out the sensuality of the wearer.

Pair it with hugh high retro bun,winged eyeliner and huge chandelier earrings and you won’t regret it.

DIY Butterfly style Sarees

Draped just like the Nivi style,that is pleated on the frontal waist and draped around,this style has it’s peculiarity come out in the pallu.The pallu is kept thin and sleek giving scope of ample navel show,best style when blouse is more embellished than the saree.

Rock this look with open hair and neckpiece to accentuate the collarbone.

Draping Mermaid Style saree 

While it’s no secret how mermaids have always taken our fascination,their unrealistic beauty standards,stories of strange sightings and folktales,though their stories and news come and go,this mermaid draping style is here to stay.

Apt for a party look,you can dress up as mermaid in any given day with just a simple twist in your draping style.Choose any heavy embroidered or light embroidered saree in colour of your choice and start draping it just like the Nivi style,but the twist here is that you don’t have to make pleats.Once you are done draping,either pleat the pallu(the other end of saree) or just keep it open.Mermaid style gives your saree the flared look of a skirt resembling the mermaid tail.

For a finished look,add shells ad oysters in your hair accessories,a pearl neckpiece and a high quality blusher accentuating the cheekbones.

What a sight!! Isn’t it?? Welcome to the oohs and aaahs the world has to offer.

How to drape a Maratha style Saree Quickly

Maratha style of draping saree resembles the Warrior dressing scenario of maratha region.The style which comes across as dhoti is almost one with a pallu attached to it.

Though the pre stitched maratha saree just like any other thing isn’t hard to get hands on,the beauty of a self draped saree is anytime worth talking about.

For the maratha style,nothing other than a nine yard will do.Opt for a knee length legging or a capri than an inskirt.

Choose a nine yard of the colour and pattern you like,start by making pleats at the frontal waist,just try to keep pleats on the left of the waist and facing left.With the other end that is the pallu,make pleats keeping in mind the width of the saree,so that the pleats look even.Pin them so they don’t go shabby while you work on the lower drape.Hold the bottom of the pleats divide them in center and take the divided portions along the legs to the back of the waist and tuck them right above the pelvic bone.Once thoroughly tucked,start by picking pleats one by one to the back,thus defining it.

But what’s a nauvari saree without the traditional nath(nose ring) to compliment it.If it’s not totally repulsive for your taste,one can even add a mogra gajra to the look and wait for the crowd to go gaga for details.

Step by Step Draping Rajrani style Saree

Looking for a touch of royal elegance to your style and wardrobe but lacking the idea about where to start?? Worry not,cos the mundane task of wearing a saree is about to get a huge makeover with this draping style.Rajrani draping style as the name goes by, is invented to impart royal gleam to traditional gujarati style of draping a saree.The saree is worn as just like any other traditional gujarati saree with the pallu coming to the front frame from behind the back,to be pleated or left loose,but here the twist is the pallu is given a V shape by pinning the loose end of the pallu to other front shoulder.

Style looks best on net sarees and on sarees with heavy zari work on border.

Team it up with heavy but not elaborate kundan neckpiece and jhumkas and you are ready to sport the damsel not in distress look.

How to Drape a Assamese style Saree wiith Pleats

In this style there are two pieces of clothing used as saree,a lower dhoti or drape(lungi) without any pleats is tied around the waist known as mekhela.The veil or the chador is used as a shawl and pleated in V shape.It is usually worn with full sleeved choli.

The traditionality of this style is maintained best when worn with simple jasmine gajra,a pair of jhumkas and red bindi.

With so many styles on hand ,wearing a saree to a party or a get together won’t be the same again.Just accessorize it right and head to the series of compliments coming your way.

How to Wear Maharashtrian Style Saree

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