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15 Amazing Different Styles of Wearing Dupatta on Lehenga


With a lehenga, you cannot avoid a dupatta. In fact, dupatta enlivens the Indian look that a lehenga is supposed to give. Festivals and occasions like weddings and engagements are always around the corner, so you need to be ready to with your best style idea for a different look each time.


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Given below, is a list of 15 different dupatta draping styles that will make you look the most stylish, updated and trendy:

How to Drape Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles

#1. Classic Salwar Suit Style Dupatta Draping

To begin with the most simple, yet evergreen style is the salwar suit one. You fix the dupatta on both the shoulders and let it hanging in the middle making a V shape with folds and layers. This style looks perfect if you have a dupatta with border design. Tip: For round neck blouses, this style is a great match.

#2. Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style with Waistband

This is one of the most trending draping styles in today’s time. Straight from the style book of one of the greatest Indian designers, Sabyasachi, a waist band it actually fixing the dupatta on one shoulder and holding it on the waist through a band that goes around the waist. The waistband is an accessory that can add to the colours of your lehenga, can be heavily embellished, embroidered or can be extremely simple.

#3. Over the Head Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style

This one is specifically for the brides to be. If you want a simple, elegant dupatta style then you can choose to simply attach the centre edge of the dupatta to your head and let the remaining dupatta remain free. Dupattas with border make for the best over the head free flow style of draping. Tip: Hairdo matters!

#4. Typical Saree Pallu Style Dupatta Drape

Attaching the dupatta on centre of the waist with the lehenga skirt, and then draping it around, to one shoulder like that in a saree, is an amazing way to drape a dupatta. If you have worn the lehenga already, one or twice, then this style could completely change the look as it would cover most of the blouse and if loosely draped, a whole side of the lehenga skirt. Tip: You might choose a solid fabric for such style, that is, if you are repeating the lehenga.

#5. One Sided, Open Dupatta Drape Style

This is in case you have a light weight dupatta, you can choose to attach its centre edge to one shoulder and let it remain free covering your arm and reaching even lower.

#6. Plated One Side Dupatta Draping Style

If you have put in a lot of effort in designing the blouse of your lehenga, you want to most to be visible. Also, if you have a collared blouse, which rarely needs a dupatta but you still want to go for one, then is the best style in which you can choose to drape the dupatta. Fold the dupatta into thin plates and then attach it to one shoulder. This way almost no part of the lehenga gets covered and you can show off the design of your lehenga from every angle.

#7. Shoulder to Shoulder Dupatta Draping Style

If you have a net dupatta then this could your best option. A net dupatta, draped however, never covers the design and style of your lehenga even while covering it. So you can attach the dupatta to your shoulders that borders the neck and flows down to the length. This style has become highly common among the celebrities nowadays.

#8. Cape Style Dupatta Draping Style

This one is from one of the pages of Alia Bhatt’s style book. You can wrap the dupatta from the back, and covering your arms, attach two ends in the middle, at the neck. The cape style lehenga, works best in case of net or dupattas made of transparent fabrics. Apart from being attached from the neck, the rest of the dupatta is allowed to flow freely and barely covers the front, but fully covers the back.

#9. Gujarati Saree Style Dupatta Draping Style

This one is very simple. The only difference between Gujarati and typical saree style drape is that in Gujarati the dupatta is allowed to freely fall in the front. You attach the dupatta to the waist and the wrap is half around you and bring it to the from form over one shoulder and again spread it on the waist. Tip: while attaching it to the shoulder, you must fold the dupatta in plates and then spread those plates around the waist like a fan.

#10. Around the Shoulders from the Back Dupatta Drape

This style is much like wrapping a shawl, but not fully. You can wrap your dupatta on the arms, from the back, leaving the dupatta hanging in the middle in a stretched U like shape. You might also choose to not wrap but simply attach the dupatta to your sleeves and hold the ends of the dupatta, in your hand.

#11. Patiala Style Dupatta Drape

This one is much like how the Punjabi newly weds wrap their dupattas around patiala suits. Attaching one end of the dupatta to the shoulder, forming a V while attaching the centre of the dupatta to the other shoulder. The dupatta can further be wrapped around the heads, otherwise can be choosing to fall freely on the back.

#12. Over the Head, Held by the Hands Dupatta Drape

For this style, one needs a larger dupatta, that is, at least a 3m dupatta. The dupatta is suppose to be attached to the head and fall freely on the back. However, the extra length of the dupatta is supposed to be wrapped around the hands. This styles makes for a very royal look. Tip: you can choose this one if your lehenga is extremely simple, but the dupatta is embroidered or embellished.

#13. Double Dupatta Draping Style

13)This one is for the brides too. If adds to the rich look and is highly convenient. Sometimes, it is very difficult to wrap the same dupatta around the lehenga as well as the head, therefore, the best option is to choose two dupattas. The twist in the style is that you can make it even more stylish by using two different dupattas of contrasting or matching colours. One dupatta can be wrapped around the head, which could be lighter, and the other one can be wrapped around in a typical saree or Gujarati style.

#14. Neckline Style Dupatta Drape

This one is extremely simple and is a style that was popular in the 80s. However, this style is back in trend. For those of you who want the minimal dupatta to be visible, you can choose this style. This style is only possible if the dupatta is thin. Fold the dupatta into a sleek length and simply hold it on the neck, from one shoulder to another. Tip: This dupatta style looks amazing with strapless or off shoulder blouses.

#15. One Shoulder One Hand Dupatta Draping Style

This is another royal style, straight from the 80s. Plate the dupatta and attach it to one of the shoulders and then wrap the free falling one from the behind and bring it forward, rolling it on the opposite hand. This way, the dupatta falls freely from on shoulder and one hand, in the front.

We often prefer to wear lehengas for festivals and weddings, however, buying a different lehenga each time is not feasible nor can you keep repeating the same lehenga on every occasion. Therefore, an easy way out is to wear it differently, each time. And a simple way to make it different and new is to drape the dupatta differently, covering different angles and making it a whole new style!

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