15 Latest & Stylish Top Designs for Girls


Tops play a very important role in women’s life and she can’t expect their closet without it. It is stylish, simple and makes you look stunning and that’s why it is the most have Western garment. It is not heavy to wear and all your t-shirts, shirts and stylish upper wears lye in this category. These are generally in the fitted pattern and used to flatter your figure, you simply have to get it in the right fit.

Out of all the styles of tops, the designer blouse is loved by every women as they help them to look different in the crowd. From college girls to businesswomen, everyone owns a stylish top design and it is because of amazing colour, prints and style ranges.

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Some tops are preferred in a certain season, while few are meant for every season. Even some blouse are too boring to wear, but still lying in your wardrobe. So it’s the time to replace them with the latest stylish Top designs. Here are 15 beautiful and designer tops that every women should have:

1.Floral Lace Dress-like Tops

The Floral pattern can never go out of fashion and looks feminine. It has a dress-like look and looks amazing on the petite figures. This style is known as the peplum style. In some patterns, a bow is connected at the waistline so that you can enhance your figure. You can define the sleeves of this Mid-length stylish top design and enjoy its comfortable and covered look.

2.Cowl Neck Tops

Cowl Neck Tops comes the frills, that are gathered in the front and gives you a flowy effect. In most of the cases, this design starts at the neckline and is usually made with the elastic type of fabric. You will admire the versatile look of this top design. This is a party wear blouse and can be styled in many different ways. Match it with the perfect western bottom and enjoy its look.

3.Kurti Style Designer Long Top

If you are a fan of Indo-western look, simply go for a kurti style blouse. It comes with a lot of colours and merges well with blue jeans. You can define the sleeves and collar design of this blouse and wear it wherever you want to. According to us, this will look perfect at the office. You can wear them with capris and jeans.

4.Designer Indian Choli Tops

No lehenga look can be completed without a choli. And if you are not a fan of typical Indian look, then you can combine your lehenga skirt with a designer Indian Choli blouse. It will make you look different as well as it will not even require a dupatta. For a contemporary look, you can also wear a waist belt with it. This stylish top design will be perfect for Traditional occasions.

5.Designer Polka Dots Tops

Just like any other Prints, polka dots are loved by everyone. It has a retro look and makes you look fashionable. Also, this print suits everyone and it is because of its cute, girly and ultra-playful look. This top is the first preference of our Bollywood actresses. The colour combination of black and white makes Polka stylish top design look even better.

6.White Ochre Tops

White stylish top design are very sophisticated and it is very easy to play with its styles. If you want to wear a white stylish top design with a unique touch, simply choose it neckline with some funky element. It will maintain its sophisticated look and helps you to look playful. These tops look well with all types of western bottoms. You can choose it in a flowy fabric and enjoy its comfort.

7.Sweater Tops

If its winter and you are getting confused while choosing a top for yourself, simply pick a sweater blouse for yourself. It has the touch of both top and sweater because of its two fabric effect. You will enjoy its simple look without any bulky effect. For a feminine touch, you can pick this top with lace and frills and look graceful in it. In this way, you will be able to look feminine in your winter top.

8.Leopard Print Top

Animal prints are very in nowadays. But out of all, the leopard print is very popular and gives you casual and spiced up vibes. These look great in every fabric and helps you to feel playful. The best part about these top design is that it looks great with a simple skirt or solid colour trouser. There is no need to mix too many accessories with it.

9.Noodle Strap Tops

If you want to look hot and trendy, then simply go for a noodle strap top design. It has minimal straps and shows off your shoulder bone. There are no long sleeves, therefore, you will admire its easy-to-carry look. If you want to wear it in winters, you can simply wear a shrug over it and enjoy its happening vibes.

10.Loose Fit Ornament Tops

In India, the Ornament top designs are very popular as it helps you to get the heavy feeling. It usually has the necklace connected to the neckline. These top design are usually found in basic colours as the combination of two looks very balanced. You can define the style of your blouse and design of the ornament. There is no need to do too much styling with this top.

11.Designer Lace and Solid Top

Just like the Ornament top, this top comes with the lace look around the neckline. Its overall look is quite sober and feminine. These two patterns merge well together and help you to look like a diva. You can even pick this top with a belt as it defines your waistline. The lace look will help you to show off your shoulder line in the most sophisticated manner.

12.Striped Top

If we talk about designer tops, stripes pattern is something that we can’t miss. It is ever-green in nature and every women should have it in their closet. It has a versatile look and helps you to look fashionable. You can choose between the vertical or horizontal lines and pair that top with a contrasting bottom.

13.Full Sleeves Designer Loose Top

If you are a fan of comfort and want to look comfortable in a stylish top, simply get a loose top with the full sleeve pattern. It is semi-formal in nature and looks perfect in the winter and fall. You can even choose this top in a lighter fabric and wear it in the winter season. The long sleeves will help you to look sophisticated.

14.Backless crop top

The backless crop top are very in because of its sexy as well as comfortable vibes. It shows off your waist in a pretty manner. You will not feel uncomfortable in it. This top is found in many different fabrics so you can choose something according to the season.

15.Crossover Top

As the name suggests, the crossover top has the crossing design at the front and that’s why these are found with the V-neckline. This top looks better with the stripes as it makes it visually better. You can get this top in the flowy fabric and enjoy its look. Also, the sleeveless design looks great in this top. To complete your look, pair it with the cotton pants or jeans.

While there are hundreds of top designs available in the market, above-given designs will help you to look the best. So choose your favourite style of top and feel trendy.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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