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Get discovered using relevant keywords


As our inventory grows, Search has become a key feature to discover new designs. To get discovered you must do the following

1. Title – Use a relevant unique title for your designs – dont use product codes or brand name in the product title.

Examples of bad title:

* Design 3434
* My dream design
* oh this is amazing
* Rs. 200 only
* Super Offer
Examples of Good title:
* Ganpati Vinayak Temple Jewellery
* Pastel Yellow Chanderi Silk Saree

2. Enter Detailed Description – Try to use RELEVANT keywords while entering your description so that when someone is search for your design it can appear of both mirraw and google search results.

3. Tags – Tagging your products, while uploading, can help in discovery. Common tags include style of product, materials used in product, colors of product.

Example of Tags: Chanderi Saree, Meenakari Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Wall Stickers

4. Specification – Specification is the most important aspect for converting visitors to buyers. Specify the size, weight, material used for each and every design.

Note: These keywords also show up in google/bing search results. If someone searches for polki earrings on google, the keywords used in your design will end up in the search result. Search engines give special importance to the Title as compared to anything else on the page, so make it relevant and keyword rich, non-spammy.