Natural trick to get Pink lips


We live in a generation where quick and hassle-free options are in. The trend emphasizes on using branded products that provide all the solutions in one bottle for all the skin and hair problems. The fancy terms and the rosy advertisements add to the urge of owning that magical product. Although, these carefully articulated products are a boon to many, they come with their own share of after-effects and problems. To get the best results for all types of skin and hair, there are rarely any products that can beat the natural remedies provided. Does this sound bizarre and unheard of? The truth is far from that.

The term ‘Beauty and skin care’ is based on the foundation of the age old tips found within the confines of one’s home that are proven to be glorious in achieving the multiple results of glowing skin and beautiful hair. What is the advantage? one might ask. Well, let’s see! Apart from it being cost-effective and easily accessible, they come with an underlying assurance of no side-effects unless you are allergic to the products and no added chemicals that save you from a lot of unexpected problems that may surface in the future.  In reality, the whole idea of this profitable business was started on spreading the existent prepare at home tips and convert them into creams and lotions of immense value. Over the years, the idea was refined and so were the products.

However, we bring you the natural processes right on your screen. We believe it is a good idea to give these ideas a try and decide for yourself if they are worth the 5-10 minutes you give them in the day. If yes, you have a new BFF for your skin and hair in the kitchen. If not, you’ve lost nothing valuable of yours. There couldn’t be a better deal offered.

On these lines, we at Styleshaala decided to provide you with the simplest tip to start off with; and an important one too today. We provide you with an easy technique to get naturally looking pink lips that play an important role in enhancing your face and are a feel-good factor for you.




  • Beetroot juice (2 tbsp)


Pigments present in beetroot protect the lips from external damage. The nutrients also help reduce the dark colour and help in lightening of the lips.

Steps to prepare beetroot juice

  1. Take a beetroot.
  2. Wash it thoroughly
  3. Peel the outer layer off.
  4. Cut the beetroot in small pieces.
  5. Grind it till it becomes diluted.
  6. Strain the diluted beetroot to separate the liquid.


  • Milk (3-4 tsp)


It helps in making the lips smooth and acts as an antibacterial.



  • Mix the ingredients


Adding milk: Add the milk to the beetroot juice. Stir the mixture carefully.


  • Apply the liquid


Using cotton: Take cotton and soak it in the liquid.

Technique: Apply the juice on the lips gently with the cotton. Dab the cotton on the lips for proper application.


  • Leave it on


Activity time: Leave the liquid on for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the lips to absorb all the nutrients from the liquid. This will give the desired colour to the lips.



  • Do not wash the lips post application


Let the effect wear off naturally. It is best to perform this activity when you are at ease and not in a hurry. This will give the process enough time to have the desired result.


  • Do not have water immediately after the activity


Let the liquid be evenly spread across the lips. Water might cause the liquid to be wiped off.


  • Do not add water to the beetroot juice


While preparing the beetroot juice, do not add water to it. This will dilute the colour of the juice. The nutrient value will also reduce. Thus, the desired result won’t be experienced.

Watch the DIY video below:


Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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