Amazing Quotes and Wishes for Republic Day


Republic day is one of the most important events for any country. On 26th January 2019, Indian constitution is turning 70 years old. In 1950, on the same day, our constitution was made. Indians celebrate this day with huge patriotism and watch the parade at India Gate. Indian Armed persons, tableaux of states, students from best schools, air force people and many more participate in this parade.People love to wish on this day. Unlike old trends, people are now more into social media and love to wish through this medium. We have come out with a few Republic Day wishes for you so that you can wish your friend and family on this auspicious occasion:

  1. Its 26th January today, the most historical day to remember. On this day our national heroes & freedom fighters fight till we become a republic nation. Happy 26th January, Happy Republic Day!

  2. On this Patriotic day,Let’s promise to our motherland that we will respect it. We will do everything to enrich and preserve our traditions, our philosophy, and our treasure.
    Happy Republic Day!

  3. India has a diverse religion. People of every culture lives here. On this occasion of Republic day, forget the religious-based problems and celebrate together.

  4. Again it’s a time to sing ‘Saare jaha se acha Hindustan hamara’ and feel amazing. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day.

  5. Let’s celebrate 70th birthday of the Indian Constitution. Happy Republic Day!

  6. Thousands of people died so that our country can breathe today.Never forget the sacrifices of our enchanters. Happy Republic Day!
  7. Once Bhagat Singh said, “The purity of law can be maintained only as long as it is the expression of the will of the people”. On January 26th 1950, when our constitution was formed, we got out Fundamental Rights to speech, touch, express our views, and many more. It was the fight our freedom fighter so that we can live freely. Take some time from your time and pray for those people who lost their lives for us.Happy Republic Day!

  8. It’s a freedom of thoughts,
    it’s a freedom of belief,
    and it’s a freedom to vision.
    It’s Republic Day.
    Wish you all a very happy and great Republic Day!

    The Pleasantness of Bengal,
    shades of Gujarat,
    the prettiness of Kashmir,
    and the art, music, and literature of Kerala.
    This one diverse Nation is amazing from east to west and north to south.
    Besides so many religions and cultures,
    we all are together from the past 70 years.
    Let’s be the same forever.

  10. Let’s get Follow three ‘E’ in our Hard work:
    So that our country can reach to great heights.
    Respect our constitution, people and Republic.

    Wish you all a very warm Happy Republic Day 2019.

  11. Republic Day is known for Recalling and Rejoicing.
    In the glory and victory of Our Freedom Fighters,
    Let’s feel happy and praise this 70th Republic Day.Best Wishes to you and your Family.
    Vande Mataram! Happy Republic Day 2019.

  12. Republic Day is not just for celebration, it is for the realization to be a better citizen. The realization of the real meaning of Independence. Realization to make our mother land proud. No matter Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian; we are Indians by Heart.Happy Republic Day to all.

  13. Celebrate this Republic Day like it’s a festival for us. Let’s get together and drench in color of patriotism. Happy Republic Day to Everyone!

  14. India is a country of religions and caste. But we all have the same feelings and heart. We are Hindustani by birth and we do everything for our Nation. Happy republic day!

  15. It’s good to buy the Indian Flag but it’s better to pick up the flags thrown on the road. It will prove that you are a real Indian.
    Don’t just wish,
    feel it.Happy 26th January to all.

  16. Our Identity should be as an Indian citizen and not by our religion or caste. Be a proud and Respected Indian Citizen. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day to all.

  17. India is one of the biggest Nation in the world. We have the largest population of all. Just imagine if we all get educated, what will be India’s place in the world? Highest Right? Let’s pledge today that we will become a good citizen and make our Nation proud.Happy Republic Day 2019!

  18. We have completed 70 years of our Republic.
    It’s a moment of celebration for all us.
    Three round of applaud for India,
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Happy Republic Day to all of you.

  19. Happy Republic Day to my family and friends. I am a proud Indian, Do you feel the same? Born in India is always proud for all of us and there is nothing to hide about it. Show your love for your Motherland. Let’s come together and give some time to this happy place.

  20. Happy Republic Day to everyone out there.
    Today is a National Holiday, let’s celebrate it differently by devoting our time to our Motherland.
    Let’s participate in Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and do our bit to keep it Clean.

People should never get tired of wishing or doing well because we will get something great only if and when we don’t give up. Happy Republic Day 2019.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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