7 Must Have Designer Salwar Suits for Your Festive Wardrobe


Festivals are always around the corner. Like it or not, you need to dress up and look your best because celebrations call for decorations of self and our surroundings. Fashion keeps on changing in the drop of a hat and you cannot afford to lose your style and grace with an outdated style.

But how does one keep us with the ever changing fashion trends and how does one avoid looking outdated at the same time being able to afford the new trends and styles?

The thing is that you can’t always do that and you can’t always afford the latest trends and designs. But that should not let you down or spoil your mood, because this blog could save your day, your money and satiate your fashion drive.

Among the plethora of the constantly changing fashion trends, you have some that are evergreen and some that will always remain unique enough to not be called outdated. If you can’t afford these, then you can always get these stitched and even customise them accordingly.

Given below is a list of 7 designer salwar suits must haves for the festive season:

#1. Centre Slit, Chinese Collar

Collar suits have become a part of the most trending list and since long, the style has stayed on that list. Centre slit gives it a smart look while the Chinese collar adds to its elegance and and style. These styles can be made from any kind of fabrics, however they look the best in georgette. The high embroidery and/or embellishments make this style the best option for all huge events. A little less embroidery and/or embellishments can made the style most appropriate for small functions, festivals and gatherings.

#2. Anarkali

The time has long gone when Anarkali were just suit styles with numerous kalis. Anarkalis are much more. One of the most stylish designs for anarkalis trending today is slit Anarkali embellished itch beads and stones. The anarkalis are now also available in transparent fabrics like net or solid ones like silk. Anarkalis are heavy styles that are best for weddings.

#3. Embroidered Suits

Embroidery is one thing that can never go out of fashion. Different embroideries make for different designs, however all embroideries add to the grace of the attire. If you want to look extremely stylish in an Indian wear but not risk overdoing it, then embroidered suits should be your go to. The embroidery can be less or more and accordingly you can wear it to the events. Talking specifically about fabrics; silk, chiffon, chanderi are some of your best options for embroidered suits.

#4. Classic Embroidered Cotton Suit

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics and every woman owns at least 5 cotton pieces. But you need to make sure that you own the best cotton pieces. As discussed in the above point, embroidery can be rich, less, classy, floral, gypsy, with embellishments, basic or all over. Your simple cotton suit can be much more. An all over front embroidery with a designer neck can make your simple cotton suit much more classy and stylish. You can wear it to pujas, weddings, etc.

#5. Silk Embroidered and Gota Patti Style

Silk is a rich fabric that shines and adds much elegance and grace to an attire. If you want to look stylish in winters without having to freeze in the low temperature then silk must be your go to. Even with little embroidery and simple borders, silk suits make for magnificent party wears. Patch work and thread work on silk never go out of style and could be the highlight of your attire. They can be in any style like straight fit, Anarkali, A-line, etc.

#6. Jacket Style or Removable Jacket Suits

Transfusing the western with the traditional has always resulted in better styles and graceful looks. If you want to go all out and try something new, then you must have this style in your closet. Removable jackets give you a choice, that is, you can choose what look to carry the traditional one or the semi-western one with the jacket attached. The jacket also adds to the rich look.

#7. Sharara Style Suits

This style is from the old age books but still hold an important place within the fashion industry. In fact, this style has popularised all the more nowadays. Therefore, you must own at least one sharara look. The sharara makes for a free, comfortable yet stylish look that you cannot miss out on. The Kurti could be simple or heavily embellished and short. While the sharara can have a number of kalis. If you want to make all the heads turn in a room full of style consuming people, this is all you want.

Vaishali Mhaske
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