Tips To Choose The Right Anarkali Neck Designs According To Your Body Type


The Anarkali style of suits in one of the most iconic and beautiful styles out there. Popularised by Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, this apparel has evolved manifolds and looks absolutely stunning on anyone who wears it.

However, it is important to select the right type of Anarkali that suits your body type. You will find many guides online on how to select the best Anarkali dress according to your body but there is not a single guide that guides you on how to select the perfect neck design.

The neck design plays a pivotal role in enhancing the whole look of the suit. This article brings to you an essential guide about different neck styles and which neck style should you choose after taking into consideration your body type.

#1. V-NECK:

As the name suggests, this neck design is suitable for women that have an athletic or sporty body. An athletic body is characterized by wide shoulders and a skinny body. Women with this body type can wear any Anarkali with any design but the V-neck design suits them the best. The V-neck creates an illusion of curves and is perfect for women with a short neck.


This neck design is suitable for plump women who have broad shoulders, a relatively narrow waistline, and fairly rounded hips and thighs. As the neck is deep and round, it perfectly showcases your wide shoulders and collar bones. The deep broad neck essentially compliments the broad hips and creates an illusion of a tall frame.


A lot of women desire an hourglass-shaped body. This body type is characterized by a balanced upper and lower body. The waistline is small and in line with the upper and lower body. This neck design essentially represents the frame of a boat. It feels that the Anarkali is hanging from the shoulders. The boat neck design highlights the neck and shoulder area.


4.An apple-shaped body is characterized by thin arms and legs, a fuller torso, and broad shoulders. As the name suggests, this neckline is in the shape of a heart. This type of neckline accentuates the neck and bust and gives an even look to the entire Anarkali suit.


5.The body type doesn’t really matter when you are going for the collared neckline. The front has a circular design which forms a collared design around the neck. This design suits women who have a long neck but any women can wear it irrespective of the neck length.


This design is again suitable for women with a long neck. It covers the neck completely. The cloth that covers the neck usually has some intricate needlework. This design is not recommended to those who have a short neck as the cloth will pinch them around the neck.


This is an extension of the high neck design. This design is more like a choker necklace and just like the high neck design, suits women with long necks.


The neckline is in a fashionably oblong shape. This type of neckline is suitable for women with a broad frame.

All these neck designs suit different body types. Hope this guide helps you find the Anarkali with a neck design that suits your body type the best.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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