15 Different Ways to Wear a Crop Top


Since the 90s, crop tops have become an important attire of western clothing. Many actresses love to wear it that is why the trend for crop tops has grown from toe to head. Now, it is found with hoods, sheer fabric and what not. It looks great on all the body types. In the market, you can find the millions of crop top styles. So, let’s move forward and have a look at the 15 types of crop tops and way to wear it.

  1. Off-Shoulder Crop Top:

    Do you love to show your collar bone? Then you will love the off-shoulder top. It will look great on everyone. You can combine your normal off-shoulder crop top with your jeans, palazzo pants, high waisted trousers and skirt. It will make you look stylish. Combine it with a neckpiece or long earrings.

  2. Crop Top with A Flannel Shirt:

    Flannel Shirts are loved by everyone, in the same way, everyone loves the crop top. These two look the best together. Pick up your super chopped crop top and wear it with the shorts or jeans. Tie a flannel shirt on your waist and you are ready to go.

  3. Crop top and Maxi Skirt:

    The perfect go for the combination is Maxi skirt with a crop top. It looks perfect in the summer and spring season. You can pick up a plain and simple crop top, It can be off the shoulder or full sleeved, and combine it with a floral maxi dress. It will look very beautiful. You will love the loose and flared style of your outfit.

  4. Crop Top and Suspenders:

    One of the hottest and tomboyish styles of wearing a crop top is to combine it with the suspenders. Choose a plain t-shirt style crop top and wear it underneath suspenders. It will highlight your belly in the perfect way. You can either go for a black or white crop. Wear it with matching sneakers.

  5. Crop Top and high waisted trouser:

    Wear your hot and plain crop top with your trousers and palazzos. Remember to choose a printed or striped lower wear. It will make you look bossy. So to achieve this look, wear a printed pant with any type of plain crop top and accessorise it with a hat and studs.

  6. Crop Top as formal wear:

    You can also wear your crop top as a shirt. It will add a little coolness to your look. For this, pick up your formal jeans and wear them with a crop top. For adding a little formal effect, don’t forget to wear a leather belt and a watch. You can even layer it with a blazer.

  7. Flared Crop Top:

    Flared Crop tops are loved by the younger girls. It had become a statement piece. This top can look amazing with everything, either it is shorts, jeans, or skirts. This crop top style will look the best on lean girls. You must try this style.

  8. Crop Top and a Flared skirt:

    Just like a maxi skirt, Crop top looks the best with a flared skirt. The effect of loose and fitted will look the best on everyone. You can choose from Knee-length or A-line skirt and combine it with a contrasting crop top. Pair it with the heels and you are good to go.

  9. Crop Top with a Jacket:

    Women love to wear a crop top underneath their jackets. It gives a thrilling effect. Not only this, the jacket adds a layer to your whole outfit and makes you look even more stylish. So, take your leather jacket, denim skirt or jeans and a crop top and combine them together, and you are ready with a monochrome look.

  10. Crop Top with Dhoti and Harem Pants:

    If you want to get that Indo-western vibe with your crop top then combine it with a dhoti or Harem Pants. This style looks very interesting and bohemian. You can wear your lower wear in any print and design and combine it with a plain crop top. It will balance out your look.

  11. Crop Top as a Saree Blouse:

    Do you want to get that Indo-western look in a function? Then you can combine your crop top with your saree. It will give the same effect that your blouse does. You can choose the crop top print according to your saree. Do makeup, add accessories and you are good to go. There is no boundation with a crop top.

  12. Crop Top with a Palazzo:

    If you love to wear jumpsuits and dresses then you are going to love this way of wearing a crop top. Take your Palazzo pants and wear them with a matching crop top. This simple style of wearing your crop top is really minimal and stylish. Combine it with the heels and red lips.

  13. Crop Top with Jeans:

    All the crop tops look the best with your jeans. You can either go for hood style crop top or a printed crop top, jeans will enhance everything. If you want to try this style then you must go for high waisted jeans. Pair the whole look with proper footwear and you are ready to rock the show.

  14. Crop Top with Lehenga skirt:

    Crop Tops are just like the choli, which is worn with the lehenga skirt. If you have a heavy skirt and you want to wear it at an Indian function, then you can go for this style. The market is full of Crop tops so you will definitely find the one matching with your skirt.

  15. Crop Top with Denim Skirt:

    The truth is that Crop tops look the best with the denim skirt. You can go for a midi or pencil skirt and simply combine it with a crop top. This looks extremely modish and stylish. Choose the crop top according to your body type. Carry this look with a neck piece and heels.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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