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The Road to Success


Talent is a combination of skill and perseverance. Ask any gifted person and they will tell you that they acquired their gifts with hard work and constant refining of their skills. All of us start somewhere in our profession and the ones who lead the race are the ones who learn the most. In an ideal world, success might have been a direct result of talent. Unfortunately in the world that we live in, that is seldom the case. Opportunity and circumstance have a role to play in shaping our futures. In such a world, talent could get easily lost in the crowd of mediocrity, toiling endlessly unnoticed. 

Tough is the world of art and design where the barriers are high, the rewards low and the road long. Great creativity sometimes never sees the shine of more than a few eyes. Few dare to brave the difficult world of self-employment. Designers who launch their independent labels end up spending a lot of time and money, reaching out to an audience. Building a brand, as anyone who has ever tried it, would know is a herculean effort.

Imagine a place where every designer gets a chance to showcase their best creations to the whole world and be recognized by the people. A place where talent is the only criteria for success, a platform based on meritocracy. Any artistic individual only need upload his work and get instant feedback from a community centered on fashion. We wish to build such a platform. And we took the first step last week. Take a look. http://www.mirraw.com


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