You probably have spotted this before on the exquisite thread-work on your mom’s silk saree, or on your grandma’s studded broach, or in the intricate mehendi on a bride’s hand.  Be it the association of the bird with Goddess Laxmi in India or with Hera the Greek Goddess of Heaven, the peacock as a symbol of beauty, grace and elegance is pervasive across cultures. What is particularly striking about this piece of jewellery is that it not only derives it’s inspiration from the color palette of the peacock’s deep sapphire neck but it also delicately & holistically captures the beauty of the bird’s crest, eyes and plumage in the design. The peridot green drops accentuate the exquisiteness of the design and adds volume to the otherwise delicate pattern. This festive season team this set with a plain outfit either a shade of blue, bronze or green in a rich fabric to don a traditional yet classy evergreen look.


Peridot Green Peacock

Guest Post by Shilpa Kendre


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