A Style Guide to Cocktail Wedding Attire for Men and Women


Got a wedding coming up? If you’re like me and love going to parties, you probably want to dress to impress! After all, showing up looking messy is never fun, especially at important events for people we care about. But picking the right outfit for wedding cocktail parties can be tricky – the rules aren’t always clear about what’s cocktail-appropriate attire.

Not to worry, I have put together a handy guide to help you nail chic cocktail party style. Whether you like dressy glam or laid-back casual, these tips will have you looking fab. From dreamy dresses to fun separates, I’ll walk you through all the best picks. No more guessing if your outfit makes the cut!

My advice will give you the inside scoop on wow-worthy yet comfy wedding cocktail looks. So get ready to wow the room even before the reception starts! Just follow these suggestions to be the best dressed guest from cocktail hour through the after party. Heads will turn as soon as you walk through that door. Time to start planning that perfect outfit!

How to dress up for a cocktail party?

Choosing an outfit for a cocktail party can be really fun. It’s a chance to get all dressed up while still being comfortable enough to mingle and enjoy the event. The most important thing is finding that sweet spot between elegant and casual – you want to look polished but not like you are going to a gala.

For Women
Dress Code & Color Patterns: So ladies, let’s talk about dresses. Cocktail attire usually means a knee-length, tea-length or midi dress. Floor length gowns are a bit too formal and short mini dresses might not fit the sophisticated vibe. Feel free to play with bold colors, fun patterns and sparkly embellishments to make your outfit stand out. Just avoid wearing all white so you don’t upstage the guest of honor.

Fabric Choices: When it comes to fabrics, satiny materials like silk or velvet are perfect for evening parties while lightweight chiffon or mesh works for outdoor daytime events. The fabric you choose can make a big impact.

Accessorizing: Now let’s talk about accessories because they can totally make or break your look. Splurge on an eye-catching designer clutch or heels to tie everything together and don’t be afraid to pile on some flashy statement jewelry – cocktail wedding parties are the perfect place to wear that chunky gemstone necklace collecting dust in your jewelry box.

Alternate Outfits: If dresses just aren’t your thing then stylish jumpsuits or a nice skirt with a silky cami can also do the trick. Comfort is key so you can focus more on enjoying the party than adjusting your clothing all night long.

So don’t stress about what to wear – just have fun with it. Dressing for cocktails is the perfect chance to showcase your personal flair.

For Men

Suit & Tie

Putting on a nice suit and tie is a must, fellas! Stick to basic suit colors like black, navy blue, gray, or tan. Save the bright pink suits for another occasion! If the party is during the day or outside, lighter tan or gray works well. Make sure your suit fits just right – not too baggy but not so tight you can’t move. Stand up straight in your crisp suit so you look sharp!

Shoes & Accessories

Wear those shiny dress shoes and match your belt color. Classic leather lace-up shoes or loafers make you look spiffy. Skip the sneakers or sandals even if it’s hot out – this is your chance to be fancy! Fasten a nice watch around your wrist if you have one and slide some fun cufflinks into place. Grab a pocket square to tuck neatly into your front jacket pocket. The color doesn’t need to exactly match your tie, just complement.

Finishing Touches

Check yourself in the mirror before heading out. Are your collar points fully folded framing that snazzy tie knot? Make any last minute adjustments so your outfit looks neat and wrinkle-free. Smile confidently and have fun knowing you truly dressed to impress for cocktail party hour. Don’t forget – manners matter just as much as your outfit. Mind those please and thank yous.

What to wear to a cocktail party?

This part is a bit challenging and hence, we did some digging for you and found amazing cocktail party dresses and outfit ideas for both men and women. Here’s some inspiration on how to rock it!

Cocktail wedding attire for women

For women, selecting cocktail apparel is not the best time to go for an overboard gala gown or a micro mini skirt. Of course, you can look as basic or refined as you like, but polish is the look you’re trying to accomplish. Usually, cocktail outfits are knee-length dresses or formal jumpsuits.

Heels or dressy flat footwear are a must, and you won’t go wrong by accessorizing with simple yet elegant jewelry. You can also select vibrant hues for your ensemble or tone it down with some pastel shades. Whatever color you prefer, wear the outfit with confidence.

1. Pick a printed saree with a sleek blouse

I just found the perfect outfit for looking fabulous at your next wedding or cocktail party! Kihums Handloom makes this gorgeous flowery linen saree that puts a modern twist on a traditional Indian look.

The soft linen fabric features a subtler matte texture instead of super shiny. And the print is just lovely – pink, yellow, and green flowers arranged in rows like a chic garden. Without being overly girly or frilly, it still looks nice and feminine.

One of my favorite parts is the 5.2-meter length which gives you lots of draping options. Go ahead and experiment with different styles to show off more or less skin to match how daring or demure you feel! It’s versatile to suit any personality. It even comes with a multi-colored blouse sprinkled in these fun, bright colors that no kid could resist. Feel free to accessorize with jewelry, bags or heels in any color combo. This floral saree is a no-rules creative blank canvas.

So if you ask me, this cocktail-ready saree for a party from Kihums modernizes cultural style for the 21st century fashionista. When you walk through those doors looking so glam yet comfortable, get ready to see some jaws drop, girl! Dressing up just got a whole lot more fun.

2. Or dazzle in a co-ord set

Co-ord sets are comfortable, fashionable, and perfect to style. If you are looking to present your co-ord set with a little promotion, you can turn it into a cocktail party attire. Pair your favorite set with some statement silver jewelry and different footwear, and you are ready to bedazzle. And don’t forget to get some slo-mo shots for the gram, baby!

3. Perfect the subtle glam

If you like to go for an essential-only look and prefer a subtle glam, this outfit is just excellent for you. Find a glamorous and sexy crop top to pair with a simple flared skirt. You can add a long jacket or wear it as it is. Just add some dainty jewellery pieces to complete your look along with some matching heels.

4. Sexy in sequins

Sequins fetch out all the glam, glitter, and drama in any cocktail wedding attire. Go bold with a sexy crop top and pair it with matching sequined pants. It’s a stunning outfit when you’re trying to make a statement. Pair it with statement earrings, a classy clutch, and tasteful pencil heels, and you will have a head-turner cocktail party dress ready!

5.The magic of  monochrome

Monochrome dresses look incredibly chic and spellbinding. And if you aren’t intending on going absolutely desi, this look is just excellent for you. If you have a beautiful fringe or sequined dress, pair it with a matching pair of pants and a plain dupatta. Finish off your look with an elegant handbag, matching heels, and other accessories.

6. Opt for a floral midi dress

Cocktail wedding attire doesn’t mean you have to let go of your love of fun prints—in fact, you should incline towards them if the dress code permits. A multicolored floral midi dress, for instance, is a perfect option for a variety of occasions.

7. A classic jumpsuit

A formal or a semi-formal jumpsuit is a perfect choice for cocktail attire. Wear it with a pair of statement earrings and your favourite heels to finish off the look.

Cocktail wedding attire for men

Men’s wedding cocktail attire should include a nice suit, crisp shirt, trendy tie, and precise accessories like a refined pair of cufflinks or watch. You should also wear a smart pair of shoes that add a pop to your ensemble.

The cocktail dress code allows you to communicate your fashion freely, so any colour or pattern of the outfit is proper, although you may want to tone down on bold prints.

1. The victorious white shirt

White is the new black! If you are baffled about what to wear simply go for a white formal shirt, it will never fail you. Avoid wearing very bold colours as that might make you look a tad bit overdressed.

2. Cocktail attire blazers

Blazers are a statement option for a cocktail party, and there are numerous ways to style them. If the dress code permits, you can play around with bright colours like cobalt or cream, which work amazingly well in warmer conditions or outdoor events. For a unique spin on the traditional outfit, consider picking a blazer made with patterned or textured fabric.

3. Everything black

While talking about cocktail-like events, it’s impossible not to talk about black! Mens cocktail outfit ideas have always revolved around this one classic color in most cultures around the world. Everyone is in favor of solids but if you want to stir up some fun, prints, embroideries and other kind of work might interest you.

4. Kill it in Kurta

If you want to make a sophisticated impression at a wedding cocktail party then look no further than this crisp white kurta set. The pure cotton fabric is soft yet structured which is ideal for keeping your look polished but still comfortable enough to mingle freely.

I love how the plain bright white kurta top provides a minimalist canvas that lets you add personality through your accessories. Maybe a colorful pocket square or a metallic watch will pair perfectly with cocktail attire without going overboard.

The matching white bottoms complete the head-to-toe monochrome look. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue cocktail party or five-star hotel ballroom, this ensemble carries itself with restrained elegance. To keep it looking crisp, I recommend dry cleaning after every time you wear it. Care for it properly so this kurta set will be your trusty go-to when you need to suit up for any cocktail party style without sacrificing your subtle flair.

Tips for styling your cocktail party attire

  • Choose an outfit you feel stunning and comfortable in. Avoid anything too revealing or constricting that draws awkward attention or requires constant adjusting. Opt for silhouettes and necklines that flatter your body type. And pick fabrics with some stretch that allow ease of movement whether mingling or dancing up a storm.
  • Ditch the oversized day bags and opt for a polished wristlet, minaudière, or clutch in a coordinating color or metallic shade. Keep necessities minimal to avoid unnecessary bulk. A slim, elegant bag adds a refined touch for both women and men. Play up the luxe factor with some sheen or texture.
  • Give your cocktail ensemble extra TLC by properly ironing or steaming it to remove any wrinkles, folds or creases. Even high quality fabrics can get a bit rumpled while stored or transported. Ensuring a crisp, smooth appearance from head to toe conveys polish and put-togetherness. First impressions start as soon as you walk through the door.
  • Skip the impulse to pile on accessories just because. Opt for one or two eye-catching statement pieces that work cohesively with your look. Maybe try an intricate cocktail ring or standout chandelier earrings. Or even a luxurious silk scarf or embroidered shawl to add some embellished texture. Less is often more when allowing certain accent pieces to shine.
  • Discreetly conceal any undergarments, shapewear or bulge-smoothing foundation pieces under your clothing. Visible bra straps, seams from compression garments or awkward lines/bulges under form-fitting cocktail wear scream wardrobe malfunction. Seamless, properly-fitting shapewear worn strategically ensures a sleek, flawless look.
  • Lose the casual hair tie wrapped around your wrist and opt for a dazzling bracelet or sparkling cuff in its place to take any dress code up a notch. Metallic, glitzy and textured bangles pop against bare wrists for an elegant style detail in an instant. Dress code elevated to red carpet worthy.


  • What can I wear to a cocktail party with a dress code?

When you are attending a cocktail party, your goal is to look put together and polished. Do not overdo it and consider factors like the season, the venue and the aesthetic of the invite.

  • What is a cocktail wedding attire?

Cocktail wedding attire is a little more elaborate dress code than semi-formal outfits but is less formal than formal wedding outfits (also called black-tie optional). However, there are a few things that can help differentiate a cocktail attire wedding from a semi-formal wedding. Start with the venue, time of day and time of year.

  • What is a semi-formal outfit?

A Semi-formal outfit is another term that is often used interchangeably with cocktail attires. Like any cocktail party dress code, it represents the middle ground between formal wear and casual wear.

  • Does the season matter regarding wedding cocktail attire?

The colour, fabric, and accessories of your cocktail outfit will likely depend on the season. For springtime weddings, bright colours or floral prints are always a good option. You might also consider a solid pastel dress for the spring. 

For men, it can be fun to play with fabrics – like seersucker or linen – or even a patterned, coloured suit.

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