15 Kurti Colors Perfect for Any Party Wear Occasions


Indian kurtis are incredibly fun to style, sharp to look at, and super sassy to wear at different events. Indian party wear kurtis are super versatile and can be paired with a number of bottoms such as trouser pants, salwar, palazzos, patiala salwar, dhoti style salwar, or even trendy skirts. You can also go all South Bombay fashion by going bottomless with any chic tunic-style Kurti.

Party wear kurtis give us a lot of choice not only with styling and accessorizing but also with color options & combinations. One can get as playful as they want and start playing around with new color combos of kurti-style outfits. A mindful selection of colors can effectively be used to dress up or down any party wear kurti, depending on the occasion. In this blog, we share the powerful impact of our outfit color choices and 15 beautiful party-wear kurti colors that you can dazzle in the next party you attend. 

The Power of Color in Fashion

Every color establishes a mood, and depending on the impact and impression you are seeking, or the overall vibe you want to convey, the outfit color you wear should be selected. The color is picked for its ability to help you communicate and influence your intention to dress up. 

Effectively selecting your party outfit color comes down to leveraging the power and magic of the color that makes you look your very best. Dressed in your best colors, you will glow from the inside out in a way that isn’t possible with basic and generic outfit colors. The most convenient way to help you pick what colors to go for is based on the basic concept of warm skin tones and cool skin tones. 

The general rule of thumb is that skin with cool undertones looks best with greys, browns, blues, greens, and purples. Skin with warm undertones looks best with either bright or light colors. And skin with neutral undertones looks great in bold, bright colors.

Once you know your best colors, the ones that you choose to wear should be chosen thoughtfully and deliberately for every occasion.  When you know what impression you desire to leave, color is one of the easiest ways to help you achieve it. 

15 Must-Have Kurtis for Party Wardrobes

1. Elegant White

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, white color has stood tall in the test of time. Even though white might not be your first choice for a party outfit, its magic, and charm is unmatched by any other color. For a daytime event, you can wear lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen to radiate a casual and cooling aesthetic. When the sun sets, transition seamlessly into the night by choosing white kurtis with mirror work, intricate embroidery, or sequins, and be ready to bedazzle. 

From basic breakfast outings to all glammed-up party evenings, the versatile nature of this white cotton straight-printed kurti by the house of Mesmora guarantees you stand out from the crowd with the epitome of elegance. It has 3/4th sleeves, a beautiful floral print, and tikki work, which is awesome for any important event. This white kurta comes with a bottom pants, and a dupatta which is a gorgeous canvas for you to style your outfit with accessories. Pair your white kurti with colorful jhumka earrings, chic silver jewelry, and golden metallic heels.

2. Classic Black

Black is a color that connects with poise, polish, and a forever-lasting impression. Its never-changing charm is second to none. The majestic and glam vibe of this Ahalyaa Abstract Net Short Kurti is perfect for both festive and other party events. The geometric print, crepe fabric, and gorgeous shoulder strap neck style make it a showstopper outfit for our girlieeees out there.

Even though the forever classic impression of a black kurti is a winner on its own, accessorizing them is so much more interesting and joyful. Your best bet to style a black kurti is with gold and silver accessories. You can also go for sparkly bright footwear for a perfect contrast with the majestic black.

3. Vibrant Red

The red color is a mark of love and power, and it holds an extremely special place in the Indian fashion world, particularly when it comes to festive/party wear. A red kurti is not just a party outfit; it’s an emotion that literally demands to be felt, appreciated, and paid attention to. Picking a red kurti like this Dark Red Fancy Straight A-Line Kurti for any party or event not only casts love and confidence but also acknowledges our age-old values. It comes in super convenient cotton silk fabric that lets you move around as you like and is adorned with zari work for added magic.

While styling and accessorizing your red kurti outfit, do not go gaga and go overboard with accessories. Minimal and statement elements are the way to go. Metallic and gold accessories are the most well-paired choices and look supremely stunning. Don’t forget to keep your footwear neutral as it balances the vibrant red.

4. Serenity Blue

Blue is a color that has found its well-deserved sweet spot in the party wear colors list. It is perfect for all sorts of casual and glam events. Blue is a color that is also perfect for your pictures for the Gram and will get a zillion hurts. We promise! Its imperial yet relaxed energy is ultimate for party wear Kurtis. Lighter shades of blue such as the one shown here from the house of Yufta are marvelous choices for daytime events while navy and royal blue shades are the greatest fit for evening affairs. This cotton kurti comes with a beautiful neck print, comfortable fabric, and a perfect designer look

Light and dainty accessories can be gorgeously paired with lighter shades of any blue kurti, while statement gemstone jewelry is actually a match that was made in heaven for deeper blue shades.

5. Radiant Yellow

We love this one. Yes, you think right, it’s the happy color yellow. It is a color of positivity and hope. It is the color of sunshine and instantly injects happiness and cheer into any party the moment you step in there. The bright zeal and uplifting spirit of yellow makes it perfect for party and other occasions. Celebrate the happiest of moments of the party by looking gleaming and glowing with this yellow Polka Strapped Kurti With Gathered Palazzo. Anokherang has perfectly hit the sweet spot of fashion and age old heritage with this gorgeous yellow kurti. It comes with a cotton lining for comfort and has a chiffon dupatta that adds to its infinite grace. 

A yellow kurti is perfect for daytime events such as weddings, garden parties, haldi ceremonies, etc.  The colour perfectly compliments outdoor settings and that is why it has become a much-loved choice. Styling them can be creative and fun. You can opt to pair your yellow kurti either with neutral-toned jewelry or with completely contrasting accessories. 

6. Royal Blue

Taking cues from the name itself, royal blue is a color of royalty and class. It has a magic of its own that spreads an allure with its charismatic presence. Whether it’s a wedding celebration or a classic modern dance party, royal blue kurtis conveniently blend the depth of tradition with trend and style. The rich, royal shades make royal blue a winning choice for those who want to make a lasting statement. Blending ethnic with the trend, Desi Weaves presents a gorgeous Royal Blue Kurta With Trouser. It comes art silk fabric with a woven fork for maximum sophistication. The quarter sleeve and trendy trousers captivate a lot of attention.

If you are wearing a royal blue kurti, let the color consume the space at the center stage. Go minimal and basic with the accessories. Whether it is about earrings, bracelets, or a clutch, opt for neutral gold or silver tones for an elegant balance.


7. Olive Green

Olive green is such a versatile color that you can easily wear an olive green kurti to both daytime events or evening affairs. Olive green has a muted tone and brings a hint of nature to your outfit. Its earthy tones also allow you to effortlessly transition from a day time semi-formal event to a full blown cocktail evening. You can totally flex your elegant style in this Anokherand Straight kurti with straight pants. It is adorned with a light gold color and looks so stunning. The gorgeous silk fabric and gota patti embroidery make it an excellent choice for parties and weddings.

Styling an olive green kurti is seamless and convenient. Opt for light accessories for any event you are attending during the daytime. You can accessorize your kurti with statement gold, silver, and jewel-toned accessories for evening events. 

8. Mustard Yellow

Mustard is a color of hope and happiness. Its cheerful nature combined with the earthy tone makes it such a stunning outfit color option for all occasions. A mustard yellow kurti can be worn in so many combinations and hence, easy to style with different colour dupattas and bottoms. A monochrome mustard yellow outfit is also a trendy and chic option. The house of Yufta, brings to you a gorgeous mustard pure chinon kurta with gotta work detailing and comfortable cotton lining. Its floral print will help you stand out from the crowd and will bring you under the spotlight.

Accessorizing a mustard kurti outfit involves playing around with contemporary and modern styles. Royal blues, maroon, and burgundies are the best choices to pair with a mustard kurti.

9. Blush Pink

Ignite your femininity with a blush pink kurti for your next party.  A blush pink color is not only romantic but also brings a touch of delicacy and grace to your presence. Adding a kurti in this hue to your collection will prove to be a very wise choice, as it is not only subtle and stunning but also chic and so much in trend. This silk embroidered kurti by Megha Pitti is the perfect example of the same. This designer collection outfit comes with beautiful embroidery that will bring you a ton of compliments wherever you go. 

Accessorizing and pairing blush pink kurtis involves achieving a subtle and feminine vibe. Opt for lace or floral elements for a romantic aesthetic. White or silver accessories paired with a blush pink kurta is a match made in heaven. You can also add a pop of contrast with gold tones for a more trendy twist.

10. Lavender

Lavender has evolved as a popular color choice in the past few years. It presents a perfect blend of vibrancy and modernity. Wearing a lavender kurti will keep you on-trend while still maintaining a calm and soothing aesthetic. If you are attending a nighttime party or a fashion-luxe event, lavender kurtis seamlessly upgrade your fashion game. This subtle yet captivating Lavender Chikanakri Kurti Set from Rangpur adds a pop of chic vibe to your party wear collection. 

Styling a lavender kurti demands you to keep its softness in mind. Silver or rose gold elements elevate the style appeal, bringing a hint of grace. Pair your kurti with delicate jewelry or statement earrings. Play around with strappy heels or trendy flats to complete your look.

11. Burgundy

Burgundy is a color that is synonymous with luxury and royalty in the world of fashion. Adding a burgundy kurti to your party wear collection will help you make a statement of richness and elegance. Its deep red undertones are so chic that make it an ideal choice for events where you want to make a lasting statement. Ksm prints bring you one such luxurious piece, a must-have burgundy kurta that is not only trendy but perfect for any party event. From formal dinner events to luxurious celebrations, this kurta will always prove to be an intelligent purchase. 

Whenever styling a burgundy kurti, keep its regal and rich nature in mind. Gold accents are a fair option, while silk and velvet fabrics can create a luxurious combination. Keep your hair and makeup to a minimum. 

12. Glamorous Gold

When talking about party wear kurtis, who can forget to mention the glamorous gold color? Gold is a color of festivity, luxury, and extravaganza. Any gold outfit is a celebration in itself and wearing a gold kurti will automatically bring you to the center stage. From a wedding to a festive celebration this gold kurti set by Study By Janak embodies the spirit of celebration and style. Its designer stitching and embellished fabric commands nothing but love and attention.

Wearing a gold kurta requires you to embrace its opulence and glam.  The best way to style it is with golden accents to maintain the luxurious flow. You can opt for detailed embellishments, sequin dupatta, or embroidery work that catch the light and create a glamorous effect. Carry a statement gold clutch to put together your entire look. 

13. Coral Kurtis

With it’s bright and energetic tones, coral color has made a terrific entry to the party wear colors list this season. A coral kurti brings a cheerful hint to the world of party wear kurtis. Wearing a coral kurta is an open invitation to infuse fun and playfulness into any event. Experience its special appeal with the Coral Color Designer Kurti Bottom Set from Ksm Prints. It radiates delicate aesthetic and subtle energy, making it a perfect choice for events where you want to be an eye candy.

For a fun playful look, pair the coral kurti with whites or light blue. As the sun sets, play around with deeper contrast colors, such as navy blue or gold. Accessorize it with neutral tones or metallics to elevate the overall energy of the coral.

14. Teal Kurtis

Bringing another surprise to the list, Teal, with its unique and refreshing tone, stands out as a distinctive choice in the world of party-wear kurtis. Wearing a teal kurta at any event is a chance to make a statement that is both fierce and subtly beautiful. Combining the calming qualities of blue with the smooth essence of green, this teal blue  Sequence Silk Blend Kurta from Kvsfab is a refreshing and unique option for those who want to stand out with a trendy and stylish look. From upscale festive celebrations to daytime affairs, teal will accentuate your unique aesthetic.

Teal is a unique color and pairs well with gold and silver accents. From deep emerald teal to a lighter aqua shade, you can find the perfect tone that complements your vibe. Pair your teal kurti with neutral accessories or bold contrasts, and create a distinct and fresh look for any party.

15. Fiery Orange

Of course, we can’t leave out fiery orange Kurtis with its fiery and bright vivacity that adds a vibrant pop to any party. Any orange kurti fills you with tons and tons of confidence and infinite beauty. Opting for an orange kurti is an excellent  choice for events and celebrations where you want to be the eye candy and draw only love and compliments. Whether it’s a festive gathering or a high-energy celebration, you can make all attendees go gaga over this orange embroidered kurti set that brings a burst of vitality that is both bold and beautiful. Its silk fabric, beautiful threadwork, and gorgeous texture make it a showstopper outfit for any occasion.

Styling an orange kurti requires you to maintain a balance between its bright hue and the accessories you wear. Golden accents are orange’s best friends and strike a cohesive look. Neutral-tone accessories are also some good options for a touch of elegance to your look.

Quick Overview for Choosing the Perfect Kurti Color for Party Events

Color selection is a very effective tool in putting together a party wear look that makes a statement. Each color comes with its own individual quality, transforming not just the texture but the complete aesthetic of the event you are attending. From whimsical white to the fiery awesomeness of orange, the color you pick speaks volumes about your overall vibe and the mood you wish to communicate. With so many options to pick from, you can discover your fav color that suits your vibe and skin tone. Experiment with different undertones, play mix and match, and let us be your style guide. Whatever you pick, remember, that your best party look is a combination of individual fashion aesthetics and an intelligent choice of colors.

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