Top 10 Chikankari Kurtis of 2024 for Every Occasion


Soft, dreamy, thoughtful and subtle – chikankari embroidery designs are absolutely a delight to wear.  It is a heritage art technique that boasts of traditional desi as well as Western consumers. If you don’t already have a chikankari outfit in your spring wardrobe then you’re missing out BIG TIME! Read on to find out the origins of this beautiful needlework and fall in love with the top 10 chikankari kurti designs for 2024.

Origins of Chikankari Embroidery

Introduced around the 3rd Century BC, Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery is thought to have been introduced by the emperors of the Mughal dynasty. This renowned needlework is well-known across India and is delightfully worn by many women across the globe. The embroidery finds its roots in the City of Nawabs. The simple and complex handwork on the fabric gives it a very detailed, royal feel that modern fabric work methods do not have.

The term ‘Chikan’ is coined from the Persian word ‘Chikin’ or Chikeen which means ” running thread through fabric”. The Mughal empress Noor Jahaan, introduced Persian art in India. The embroidery became very popular within the kingdom and the public. Later on, the embroidery spread on muslin and other fine kinds of cotton with numerous stitches. Today, it is done on cotton, wool, crepe, chiffon, organdie chiffon and silk apparel using different color threads.

Top 10 Chikankari Kurtis of 2024

A Classic White Chikankari Kurti

Beginning this expert list with a fashion guru favourite, the classic white Chikankari Kurti. There’s something avant-garde about its pure appeal that never goes out of fashion. Whether you are dressing up for a relaxed brunch with your girl or a fancy dinner date with your bae, this magnificent piece of art has got you covered in the fashion department.

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Pastel Cotton Chikankari Kurti

Ahhhhh, pastels, here they come, we had to include these. In the year 2024, pastel Chikankari Kurti designs are ruling the roost, and it’s not rocket science to figure out why it is so. From blush pinks to soft greens or blues, these chikankari Kurtis are like a sniff of fresh air on a bright sunny Sunday, ( or even a Monday, for that matter)  perfect for those casual outings with friends or family.

Fabulous in florals

Just like us, if you are also a sucker for all things floral (literally so us!), then you are just going to fall head over heels in love with floral georgette chikankari kurti designs. Picture this: soft blooms stepping across the fabric, bringing a hint of quirkiness to your look. Whether you are attending a daytime party or just strolling through the garden next to your house, these chikankari Kurtis are sure to put a spring in your step.

Anarkali for the festive look

A big celebration or wedding on the cards? Say no more girl! With Anarkali styles, pearls, and zardozi work stealing the limelight, festive Chikankari Kurtis are here to make you shine brighter than the disco ball of the party. Trust us, darling, you will be all they will ever want to talk about.

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Chikankari Short Kurti for the Chic Boho Look

We are calling out all free souls and bohemian spirits! Boho-inspired Short Chikankari Kurtis are here and they are here to stay. A cute chikankari kurti in a shorter length adds a dash of jest to your summer wardrobe. With embroidered details, mirror work, and tie-dye prints, these Kurtis are outstanding for channelling those “devil-don’t-care” vibes at music concerts, festivals or beach barbeques.

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Powerplay in Cotton Chikankari Kurti

Bye bye, boring outfits on work days. 

If you are someone who works from the office and feels that workwear has to be muted, bland and boring, you are wrong, seriously! Specially curated with neat lines and basic embroidery, cotton chikankari Kurtis means business. Rock one of these beauties in your next presentation or client meeting, and trust us, darling, you are going to get that deal, ofcourse you will.

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Embroidered chikankari kurti for women

2024, the year of fun fashion, is all about creating harmony between the conventional with the trendy and chic, and Chikankari Kurtis are no exception. Be prepared to drool over contemporary embroidered kurtis that are crafted to exceed the fashion expectations of all fashion gurus. Whether you are a guest at a fancy uptown wedding or just feeling the sexy glam on a weekend, these Kurtis are fit for a diva that you really are. You go queen!

Black Chikankari Kurti

This one is our all-time favourite and we know it’s your favourite as well. Black has always been synonymous with beauty, intricacy, and statement fashion. A black Chikankari Kurti makes all of us a fashion victim as it subtly upgrades your look to unique heights, while keeping your elegance quotient super high. Whether it’s a smart black kurti or a more detailed or embroidered design, black Chikankari Kurtis are positioned at the top of chic fashion.

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Glamorous in Geometric

Have you heard the phrase dress to impress? Well, this style is just the one. A Lucknowi chikankari kurti doesnt have to be the conventional prints and patterns. Play around with à la mode geometric patterns and shapes to upgrade your Chikankari Kurtis with a stylish quirk. Go for conceptual motifs, shapes and stripes, or detailed designs for a trendy twist.

Monochrome chikankari kurti and bottom set

Dear ladies, it’s time that you let go of the boring coord-sets that look dull and unflattering on your body. Be ready to make a long-lasting statement with a monochrome Chikankari Kurti set that features intricate white embroidery and also comes with a bottom, VOWW! Remember, It’s all about wearing that uniquely you and screams your class and preference, because who wants to blend in the crowd when you were born to slayyy?

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