15 Types of Sherwani Styles for Grooms to Shine on Their Wedding Day


It’s time to nail the Dulha look!

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. From planning several things like your wedding venue, decor, guest list and, of course, the wedding outfits! And if you think that the bride will be the only center of attention on D-Day, we ask you to think again. Because now, fashion designers have gone most creative and have been catering more than ever to Indian grooms and other wedding guests. With captivating thread work and trendy silhouettes, groom outfits are now getting more and more recognition.

If you are planning your wedding outfit and you are still not sure about where to begin your wedding sherwani selection then here are the top 15 different types of sherwani designs for weddings this season. These 15 looks followed by some amazing tips will help you pick your wedding sherwani and will not fail to inspire you for your wedding day. Though in case you need more fashion inspo, Mirraw is always just a click away!

Art Silk Mens Sherwani

Art Dupion Silk Mens Sherwani

Off White Embroidered Sherwani

Plain Blended Cotton Sherwani

The Classic Sherwani

Not a big fan of a lot of glitter and glam? Then a classic and simple sherwani is the right pick for you. In terms of color options, the choices are endless. A classic creatively designed sherwani for grooms will look unquestionably beautiful on your big day. Scroll on Mirraw site and get ready to add some of our favourite classic sherwanis to your cart!

Embroidered Sherwanis for grooms

Dear men, if you have been searching for a sherwani that will make everyone complement your look while making a fashion statement, we suggest going with an embroidered sherwani, that is not only stylish but super trendy. No matter what color you choose, an embroidered sherwani is never too loud and the embroidery will look incredibly well. 

Sherwani with embellishments

This is an option that is perfect for all the grooms who like the glitz and glam of an outfit. We might have found the most amazing sherwani design for the grooms looking to stand out. Bringing to you the best in different types of sherwani for groom, the embellished sherwani. From sequined work to adorned pearls, we absolutely adore these babies on grooms!

Printed Sherwani designs

Some grooms prefer to keep it safe and classic, so this is the best pick for them. A printed sherwani comes in a ton of options which make you look the best. Prints such as florals, geometric patterns, motifs and other designs can be picked even for your Sangeet ceremony, haldi or even mehendi function!

Groom Sherwanis with Thread Work

And here comes our favorite variety for all you grooms-to-be, the sherwanis with threadwork. Yes yes, you read that right. Threadwork sherwanis have been around for a long time and a lot of grooms love to wear it on their wedding day. After all, threadwork simply elevates your standard wedding outfit. 

Jodhpuri sherwani for Indian grooms

Jodhpuri sherwani designs are synonymous with royalty and magnificence. They have got excellent designs along with pleasing color combinations. Primarily, it is a blend of men’s kurta, dupatta and trousers. They come with different motif designs with a Nehru collar. They are available in great finishing and floral patterns.

Textured Sherwanis

Are you a fan of wedding outfits that are subtle but also synonymous with elegance and sophistication? Well, then you should look for textured sherwanis for your wedding day. Textured sherwanis not only look amazing on grooms but also feel comfy and great. They are distinctive and trendy and come in so many choices that you can effortlessly grab one as per your taste.

Bengali Sherwani

Even though a Bengali-style sherwani is not very different from the standard one, it’s the color options that make them unique. Bengalis like wearing warmer tones and red is their favourite. This is created to suit their preferences, which is made with a kurta of any colour with a bright red dhoti or pants. It is beautifully embroidered and worn with a stylish red dupatta.

Floral Sherwanis for grooms

It’s time that Indian grooms stop playing safe and opt for a delightful floral print sherwani or a floral embroidered sherwani for their wedding day. A floral design sherwani looks so regal and elegant. Many grooms wear floral print outfits to twin perfectly with their gorgeous brides. 

Indo-western Sherwani designs 

An Indo-western sherwani is an easy-breezy outfit option for grooms. They are also a great choice for wedding guests. The Indo-Western Sherwani style brings the best of both worlds to give you a wedding outfit that’s both comfortable and incredibly traditional. They are excellent for a sangeet and other wedding functions.

 Jacket Sherwani designs

Jacket-style Sherwanis are excellent if you are someone who prefers to add an additional layer and essence to your wedding day fit. They are just about perfect for the wedding day while they also add a touch of style. 

Bandhgala sherwani for grooms

A bandhgala collar doesn’t just look amazing on jackets and shirts, but on traditional fits like sherwani designs as well. As per your body type, a bandhgala Sherwani will make you look taller, with a neat silhouette. Bandhgala sherwanis also come with plenty of choices for pants be it dhotis or churidars in different colours. 

Angrakha style Sherwani 

Whether men or women, Angrakhas offer a fine, regal element to your wedding outfits. We absolutely suggest this sherwani style for grooms. If you enjoy old-school, Indian silhouettes for your big day then this sherwani style will make you look great and put together. 

Sequin Sherwani styles

Sequins and mirror work are the most effortless and stunning ways to upgrade the look of a Sherwani. If you are a groom who wants to wear a grand outfit on your D-Day, this style is perfect. Pair them with basic bottoms to create a balance.

Silk blend Sherwani designs

The fabric of a sherwani plays the most important part when it comes to selecting a great sherwani other than the silhouette you pick. If you are not a big fan of embroidery or texture, a silk or silk blend sherwani is fantastic for a wedding look without it being too overwhelming. Pair this design with loafers for a smart look.


An Achkan sherwani is normally shorter, and more suited as compared to a regular-style Sherwani. Grooms of today often wear it on their wedding day as they prefer a more effortless, trendy outfit. It can be dressed up with very little effort while looking unquestionably great.

Art Silk Mens Sherwani

Art Dupion Silk Mens Sherwani

Off White Embroidered Sherwani

Plain Blended Cotton Sherwani


As a groom-to-be, have you finalized a sherwani for yourself? We are certain that you want to look fantastic and add charisma to your look on your big day. And this is where your hunt ends! We have brought some amazing tips to help you find the best sherwani for your wedding and nail the most amazing dulha look ever.

FactorWhat to Consider
Your personalityWhile selecting a sherwani for your big day consider your taste and personality
The fabric and sherwani colourSelect a fabric and colour based on your comfort, season, and the theme of the function.
Pick lighter fabrics like linen or silk blends for warmer seasons, and heavier fabrics for winter weddings.
Sherwani FittingA well-fit sherwani is excellent for your wedding look
Opt for custom tailoring if possible
AccessoriesAccessorize your wedding look with a turban, a stole, a brooch or a pocket square
BudgetSet a budget for your sherwani and stick to it
Do not compromise on quality
Shop from reputable brands like mirraw.com
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