Wedding Planing?? Don’t Miss Anything, Check Out This List


Once you get engaged, you ought to think about wedding planning and how it should be? There are at times when brides don’t get much of the time to prepare for the wedding, but if you have ample amount of time, then you can divide your task in fragments, and it can be a lot of fun to add minute details with a personal touch to your wedding event. Here we will discuss the allocation of time to every task, and making it right can help you not only in adding fun but making it the way you have always wanted.

1.Let’s see how you can plan your wedding checklist:

An ample amount of difference between wedding and engagement can be about 12-14 months. The list below will help you to plan your wedding and ensure that every time is completed within timeline and as thought by you:

2.Determine your budget:

The budget is an important attribute to be taken care of in any task. For a wedding too, knowing about your budget will help you to figure out the things in a better and mannered way. Try making a spreadsheet and allocate different attributes to the columns, and the progress of allocating and spending needs to be mentioned now and then.

3.Speak to any wedding planners:

If you have enough budget to hire a wedding planner, then it will be best for you. But your budget is tight, then try to speak to your family or your best men and women about the task at your wedding and lending his helping hand to help you out.

4.Decide your wedding theme, color scheme, and design:

The wedding theme can be any, but it should be liked by the groom and the bride and the guests at the wedding. For the same, you can sit with your future partner and have a conversation about the wedding theme. It will help you in meeting him and also allowing you to gel with each other. Searching through the internet can also help you with some readymade theme for your wedding. So try to have the experience of the same before you dig in your hands and finalize one of them for your marriage.The color scheme is also quite remarkable, and especially if you are particular about everything. The color schemes are very much crucial for anyone who desires to have a fairytale wedding for himself. For the design, you can dig in many online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to help you with their creative decoration ideas, favors, and costumes.

5.Venue selection:

Venue selection is one of the essential parts of a wedding checklist. People who are quite particular about their wedding make their venue booking on the range of date itself. Because once the wedding season approaches, all suitable venues are booked in the initial stage, and the common ones are only available if you are late. So, look for different places and decide alongside your theme so that you can able to accommodate your guest and other things for your wedding.

6.Shop for your wedding outfit:

A wedding outfit shopping is essential for any bride. So, if this is the time for you, then do look around for designer pieces, or if you have anything in your mind already, then speaking to any specialist for a custom made dress for you is also an option.

7.Wedding invitation:

The wedding invitation is the first impression for your guests attending the event. Digging in Pinterest will bring you interesting ideas and will help you in taking your right foot forward. You can also speak to one of the graphic designers or stationers to assist you in creating your personalized invites. Do know invites should be sent before eight to six weeks before the wedding, so create your timeline according to the same.

8.Select outfits for bridesmaids and call them together for fittings:

Once your bridal dress is selected, the very next thing you should bother about is bridesmaids, as they are very much crucial for anyone’s wedding. Try selecting their outfits according to the color scheme you are putting up, as it will help you in making the right decision for their dresses. Also, try to call them together for the fittings, so that you know how you all will look together in pictures and with the color themes.

9.Honeymoon Bookings:

Booking early can allow you to avail of many discounted deals and you can able to manage it for your wedding. Honeymoon bookings are essential because, on the later dates, the price shoots up, and the chances are high that your dream resort cannot serve you with the honeymoon suite you have decided. So, look for prior bookings as it will help you in making your dreams come right post-wedding with your soulmate.

10.Cake selection:

The wedding cake is essential and allows you to check out gorgeous photos of wedding cakes and favors aspirations online and offline. For the cake, you can speak to your partner and ask him to settle on a flavor profile as desired by both of you. Do not try to allure every guest attending your wedding, because the cake is for the couple; it should express you. Decide the cake design and then look for the baker around, someone who can deliver to your wedding venue on the D-day.

11.Makeup and hair trial:

Giving a trial for makeup and hairdo will help you in selecting the best makeup artist for your D-day. If you know a couple of makeup artists around, try to go for them and ask for the trial, it will help you with realistic dreams and how they will create your desired look matching up with your wedding dress.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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