10 Best Wedding Makeup Trends That Are in 2019


India is known for their big fat weddings, and the groom-bride looks are the main attraction of the functions. When it comes to groom, they just have to dress up great and they are ready to rock their wedding. But do you think it is the same for a bride? No, their makeup, attire and jewellery, everything plays a very important role. Out of all, wedding makeup is the most necessary thing after their wedding outfit.

There are some important things that should keep in mind while deciding the wedding makeup. One, to choose something that will look great on you. Two, a long lasting and good quality makeup.

Now you may know how important makeup is for a bride. But do you know what wedding makeup is trending in 2019? After all, everyone loves to look trendy. To give you an idea, here are 10 best wedding makeup trends that are very in right now:

  1. No ‘makeup look’:
    Women are the fan of natural makeup. Especially at this time, it is very trendy. This style of makeup gives a damp finish to the face and uses minimal and nude lip colour and eyeshadow.

    For this kind of makeup, remember to keep your skin the best condition. Moisturize and scrub your skin a right way and use under-eye gel. It will make your eyes fresh and great.
  2. Modern ‘Makeup look’:
    Bold makeup is your look? Modern makeup look is something you can for. It includes bold and big eyes with bold lipstick shade. It is a perfect combination of contour and highlighter.

    This makeup suits the most for cocktail parties and reception party as there you will prefer to wear something Indo-western.
  3. Traditional ‘makeup look’:
    Most of the women dream to have a traditional wedding look as it looks classic. It is a perfect combination of matching eye shadow and lip colour with heavy bun.

    If you also want that classic look, just ask the makeup artist to the same. They are expert in giving you that perfect look and make you look beautiful.
  4. Courageous wedding ‘makeup’:
    A bride who doesn’t hesitate to show their real selves can go for this look on their big day. Bold makeup looks make you shine and you will look glamorous. It will make you the centre of attraction of your wedding.

    Ask the makeup artist for bright eyes and muted lip colour, and you will able to achieve your desired look. Or, you can simply go a perfect combination of Smokey or glittery eyes with red lips.
  5. Minimal ‘makeup look’:
    Simplicity is the most beautiful thing in this world. Keeping your wedding makeup simple is something that will make you look like a boss.

    If a bride is willing to go for this makeup, they should remember to wear a heavy outfit and jewellery. It will balance your whole wedding look.
  6. Shimmery ‘makeup look’:
    Nowadays, the shimmery look is very in. It will make you glow from every angle. A bride dream to shine on their big day and this makeup look will do the same for them. With glittery eye shadow and shimmer on your whole face, you will be able to glow on your wedding day.
  7. Luminous Matte Finish ‘makeup look’:
    The luminous matte look is a great combination of dewy and matte. It emphasis your skin to look like actual skin. It makes an illusion of something expensive.

    To achieve this look on your wedding day, ask the makeup artist to combine a glowy primer with matte foundations. Trust us, everyone out there will love your makeup.
  8. Full Lash ‘makeup look’:
    This makeup look is all about eyes. Attaching the false eyelashes on your big day will make your eyes very beautiful. These semi-permanent lashes look natural and increase the beauty of your eyes.

    Either carry this makeup look will bold lips or nude lips, you will definitely going to look great.
  9. Playful ‘makeup look’:
    Everyone loves the colour. But are you bold enough to play with it on your big day? Apply the same colour lipstick and eyeshadow and you will ready to rock this look.

    Remember that your makeup should suit your outfit. Most of the cheerful and bold brides go for this look. Try it and will be the star for the day.
  10. Plump cheeks ‘makeup look’:
    What if your makeup is all about your cheeks? It will look great on any bride. Keep your whole makeup minimalistic and make your cheeks a main attraction of the show. Pink or red cheeks always look great on every woman it enhances your makeup by its own.

These 10 trendy makeup trends are something from which any bride can choose. But never forget your wedding is all about you and you can go for anything you like. Just be confident and happy as it the one thing that suits on every bride.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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