7 Easy Tips for the Indian Brides To Handpick a Right Mangalsutra


Mangalsutra (Mangal = sacred, Sutra=thread) is an ornament, which holds significant importance in the culture and tradition of the Hindu religion. More specifically, it’s a necklace which signifies the deep and pure relationship of a man and a woman.

For every Indian woman, it is precious jewellery, which they wear throughout their lives until the death of their husband or their last breath. Historically, it was only a simple thread, but nowadays Mangalsutra has been evolved with different variations and styles.

Mangalsutra comes with a wide variety of designs and styles and thus, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for the Indian bride. To ease the burden, here’s the curated list of the simple and easy tips to handpick the appropriate mangalsutra for the bride.

#1. Defining the Budget

The first and most important tip, while you plan to purchase the best mangalsutra, is budget. You will certainly get a lot of variety and trendy designs even in mangalsutra nowadays. Even if you plan to purchase the simple one, just make sure that the price should match with your budget. If you haven’t decided the budget, then it is definitely going to be hard to handpick the right one.

#2. Choose the Right Metal

As mentioned above, there are countless designs and styles are available in mangalsutra presently. In the same manner, there is a broad category in metals, which are available to meet the requirements of the customers such as gold, silver, platinum, white gold and rose gold. In addition, do not go for the lustrous and shiny metals. Therefore, explore all the possible options in the metals for the perfect mangalsutra.

#3. Select the Design Carefully

In mangalsutra, you will get a wide variety of designs and styles such as small pendants, diamond studded, simple and lightweight and a lot more. Obviously, you will be in a perplexed state after exploring all the designs and patterns. Hence, it is advised that don’t be in a hurry while finalizing the best mangalsutra. Go through all the designs carefully, shortlist the best ones and then finalize the mangalsutra while keeping in mind the personality and choice as well.

#4. Length of the Mangalsutra

The length of the mangalsutra is another crucial factor which you should definitely look for while choosing the appropriate one. Basically, there is a chain in the mangalsutra with black and golden colour beads and usually, woman likes to keep it short yet exquisite. As this piece of jewellery will be attached with the neck for the lifetime, therefore, it is essential that the length of the mangalsutra should be according to your comfortability level.

#5. Look for the Corresponding Earrings

You can easily make the mangalsutra as a complete set of pendant and earrings and it will be more feasible while purchasing it altogether. To match with the mangalsutra, you can also purchase the corresponding earrings to wear it as a complete set of jewellery, especially on special gatherings. Therefore, while deciding the design of the mangalsutra, you can also finalize a similar design for the earrings as well. Otherwise nowadays, customization is available with every jewellery store.

#6. 100% Authentic and Certified Metal

Whenever you plan to purchase the mangalsutra, try to shortlist the reputed jewellery stores beforehand. The main reason is that along with the design or style of the jewellery, equivalently crucial is its certification and BIS standard mark. The gold or platinum, whatever metal you choose should be 100% authentic, pure and marked with the stamp of hallmark (check the year and jeweller’s brand name). This will definitely save you from the fraud or any sort of debauchery.

#7. Sophisticated and Regular Wear Design

There is no denial in the fact that mangalsutra is regular wear jewellery for every Indian woman, isn’t it? Then, of course, you have to purchase something, which is comfortable, suitable, sophisticated and regular wear design. Do not just get carried away by the choice of your friends, family or relatives. It clearly doesn’t mean to ignore their advice or so, but your own choice should the foremost priority.

Thenceforth, don’t be in a hustle or hurry when finalizing the mangalsutra. I hope that you choose the best design and metal in mangalsutra while considering the quality of the metal as well.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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