Check this Out! 20 Awesome Home Decor Hacks!


Everyone dream to have their own home so that they can decorate it in their own style. But somethings they got trapped between money and needs. They must have a limited budget or limited space. So what will they do in that situation? They will be left with two options, either to sit and save or to think smartly and play on a budget. Life hacks are the coolest and smartest way to organize your home. We’ve chosen 20 best Home décor hacks that will make your home look beautiful and save your money. Pick the best one and give your house a change.

  1. Ladder Shoe Rack:
    A ladder can be a perfect shoe rack. Consider re-arranging your old ladder that no longer comes in use, is the best way to utilizing it. Add shelves to it and place it to any spot. It will give your home a modern look.

  2. Bedsheet modified as curtains:
    Buying new curtains can cost you a lot. If you want a matching curtain on the budget, just re-use your old bedsheet. Cut it from the centre and add some looks at one of its ends, trust us it will be perfect for your room.

  3. Play with coins:
    Do you have old flower vase are you thinking to change it? Don’t buy a new one, rather decorate it with the old coins. Everyone use to have some coins with them, so, why not take those coins and paste it on the vase. It will look royal.

  4. Modify your paint roller into stencil:
    Create the Wallpaper effect by using a paint roller. Attach some fabric strings to it or any other 3D pattern and paint in the normal way. Using the stencil or paint brush, you will be able to create some interesting designs on your wall.

  5. Show your artwork on light bulbs:
    Draw something cool on the light bulbs with the use of sketch pen. Afterwards, when you will light it up, it will glow in different colours. Your kids will love this idea and the guests will enjoy sitting in different lighting.

  6. Get thrifty with chairs:
    Everyone used to have some old chairs at their home, and buying a new chair is very expensive. So why not re-decorate it using some paint and fabric? It will save your huge amount of money and you can style the chair in any way.

  7. Hide Wires using Fence:
    This is the coolest way to hide your extra wires and cords. Just take some extra fences and double tape. Paste it against the wall. It will help you to hide the extra wire and will look cute.

  8. Hide your router with an empty book cover:
    Internet Router is not as attractive as you think. Sometimes an internet router makes your whole interior to look weird. So what can you do now? Simply take a book, hollow it out and use it to hide your internet Router.

  9. Play with the extra wire:
    Hanging wires look weird and of course, you can’t get rid of it. So just do one thing, use all that extra wire and use it to make amazing designs on the wall. It will look creative and not at all messy.

  10. Show some creativity with a dark lampshade:
    If you Lampshade is too dark and you want to reuse it in another way, then you can poke holes in it and create some amazing designs. It will emit beautiful lights at night and will look fanciful.

  11. Washi tape besides Paint:
    Painting sometimes very expensive and you have to stay basic with it. Buy Washi tapes and make amazing designs with it. It will look beautiful and you will be able to save a huge amount of money.

  12. Fabric Wallpaper:
    Are you not getting a beautiful and suitable wallpaper in the market? Don’t be sad, rather make your own wallpaper. You can do it using a fabric and mixture of water and corn-starch. This mixture will make the fabric stick to the wall and don’t create any mess.

  13. Change the appearance of your doormat:
    Most of the doormats are plain and simple and you don’t like them at all. So just do one thing, buy spray paint and tape, use tape to create designs and geometric patterns on it, and let it dry. It will change the appearance of your mat.

  14. A Unique way to welcome people:
    You can write some characters and words to your screen door by doing some embroidery on it. You can make many interesting patterns and designs according to the theme. And the best part is that it is very easy to remove.

  15. Lighter furniture is the best:
    It is hard to move bulky furniture, so switch to furniture which is lighter in weight. It will help you to change the location of the furniture whenever you want to.

  16. DIY Pom-pom Rug:
    DIY projects help you to save a lot of money and make your home look beautiful. When it comes to rugs, they are very expensive. At that time don’t be sad and customize your own rug. You can very easily find the ways to make pom-pom balls, paste it on a plane inexpensive rug and decorate your home.

  17. Recycle your old necklaces as tieback:
    Go to your old jewelry box and take some old necklaces from it. You must love them but not finding an outfit to pair it with. Hence, reuse them as the curtain tiebacks. It is very easy to do and looks very beautiful.

  18. Light your Fireplace with Candles:
    Many houses don’t have a chimney above the fireplace but the owners love to get that Harry Potter feel. Hence, they can light up the candles at their fireplace and get an illusion of Firewood.

  19. Reuse your old Ironing board into a table:
    Take a vintage ironing board and remove all the padded surface. Paint it using your desired colour and give it a makeover. You can either attach wheels to it or you can remove it folding system. It will become a beautiful decoration table.

  20. Use Potted plants in the garden:
    Some people find it very hard to switch a plant from a pot to the garden. There is an old trick for them, carry the plant with its pot and plant it like that only. Take a basket type container on the pot size and place it into the soil. Put the pot into it. Just make sure the basket should have some holes in it.

Apeksha Salunkhe
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