18 Salwar Suit Sleeves Design For Classy Look


Well, women, whatever you want to wear, sleeves or sleeveless, it will be a design that would help you slay. The fashion trend that every woman wants to blend in, has certain rules. Those rules help add meaning and personality to our own clothing. Clothing is not just covering one’s body, it’s wrapping the body in the right fit and the right way. You can choose the right colour, the right combination, the right jewellery but if you fail to choose the right design, none of the other things will matter. But how do you choose from hundreds of designs and in the middle of a constantly changing fashion world? What you have today, could become outdated tomorrow or something that you wanted to throw out yesterday, is back in fashion today.

There are Two Types of Sleeves Designs:

The answer is simple, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and as far as the style is concerned, this blog has got you covered. Given below is a list of 18 designs for sleeves that will rock your style:

Fabulous Sleeves Design for your Salwar suit

  • Full churidar sleeves design:
    When it comes to ethnic wear, there can never be something as elegant and classic as full length churidar baju design suit . Having plates in the end and stretched through the whole arm to the wrist, the baju design suit add both, simplicity and style to your look at the same time. Tip: boat or round necks look best with such baju design suit , especially if you plan to wear an A-line Kurti or an Anarkali.

  • Short sleeves design :
    These are the basic ones although they do look chic. The length is in between the shoulder and the elbow, or even a little higher than that. They are the evergreen style for all kinds of blouses: tops, T-shirts, blouses, etc. Tip: short sleeves are best suited for T-shirts and blouses.

  • Cap sleeves design :
    This style remains in and out. Some days, it’s the fanciest style and some days it’s granny style. However, if you carry cap baju design suit with the best match and the right length, you might have a chance at making all the heads turn. Tip: cap sleeves blouses look best on beaded, heavily embellished or embroidered blouses.

  • Baggy sleeves design:
    This one is new in the market, not that new though. Baggy styles are actually a smart and comfortable choice. Although, you might not want to wear these at proper meals if you want to avoid getting the, dirty. However, these could be the most comfortable choice to parties and/or travel. Tip: baggy baju design suit are best suited for kurti style tops.

  • ¾ sleeves design:
    When it comes to ethnic wear, these sleeves designs have become the go to design of almost every woman. More than a design, it is simply a length of the baju design suit s that can be paired with various other designs like an embroidery, embellishments, beaded hangings, or simply a border. Tip: if you are a bride and are looking for a classy, elegant and perfect blouse design, these sleeves can help you with it.

  • Kimono sleeves design :
    Completely open, airy and stylish design for an upper wear garment. Kimono sleeves gives your garment a beach touch and are extremely comfortable. They are wider and can be of any length, mostly 3/4th. Tip: kimono sleeves suit best western wear and specially short length dresses.

  • Bishop style sleeves design :
    Everybody loves a throwback every now and then. These will take you straight back to the period drama time. The baju design suit have a fitting look till between the shoulder and the elbow, and alter that’s it in a loose, balloon shape, tied at the end. Tip: Bishop sleeves work perfectly for formal attire.

  • Bell sleeves
    The loose baju design suit of any length are the definition of comfort and fashion in today’s times. The bell salwar suits baju design make for a beautiful design and all you attire can be simple and yet stylish and fashionable if it simply has bell sleeves. Tip: a slim fit thigh length dress with full length bell sleeves is a perfect choice for a small party.

  • Ruffle sleeves design :
    Another trick straight from the classics. Ruffle sleeves are back in fashion, they look classy as ever on any kind of upper garment. You can be wearing a blouse and ruffle sleeves could make it the most modern. Tip: ruffle sleeves shirts are one of the best casual, every college goer must have..

Classy Sleeves Design for Kurti

  • Broad shoulder sleeveless design:
    Well, there are no sleeves but the broad patch that covers the shoulders counts. This is a simple, fashionable and a bold style. Tip: short Kurtis with such sleeves make for a great fusion of ethnic and modern.
  • Step sleeves design :
    The thin step that holds the blouse together is actually a very bold and stylish designs in today’s time. Almost all the celebrities are going along with this style for ethnic and western wear. The step sleeves are accompanied with deep necks, which are actually quite stylish and party-wear. Tip: step salwar suit baju design in ethnic is the newest trend that is not likely to fade anytime soon.
  • Off shoulder sleeves:
    This is a modern style that is most likely to be found is every woman’s closet. The summery look is breathtaking. This style has taken over all the types of upper wear garments from western to ethnic to traditional. Tip: off shoulder tops tucked in with shorts is a perfect beachwear if you are too shy for a bikini.
  • Puff sleeves:
    A page from South Indian designs. Puff salwar suit baju design were a long time ago, however, the trend seems to have came back. Puff sleeves actually make for perfect casual cum formal shirts. Tip: puff sleeves floral shirts must be your go to for summers, formal or casual.
  • Bracelet sleeves design :
    Another common sleeves design that never goes out of fashion. Bracelet sleeves work best for both, western and ethnic wear. As the name suggests, the sleeves actually are of nearly full length, however, they end slightly above the wrist. Tip: Bracelet sleeves are the best option for a blouse with a saree, if you have to wear it in winters.
  • Cuff sleeves:
    the smart choice to make for a casual wear is anything that has cuff sleeves. The rolled up sleeves make for the best wear for college or school. The cuff sleeves are the rolled up sleeve that have a button attached which allows one adjustment of the sleeve size. Tip: a cuff sleeves kurti is a must have for every college student.
  • Cold shoulder sleeves:
    Thinking of what to wear to a party that does not compromise your comfort and yet maintain the style, a cold shoulder top is definitely the right choice. The sleeves cover the shoulder and the with a cut on the arms, add to the stylish look. Top: cold shoulder with high neck would make you look smart and stylish.
  • Slit sleeves design :
    The stylish cut sleeves can make your look all the more fancy. You want to dress up like a model, this is your chance. A slit sleeves is actually hypothetical baju design suit. You can cover them up in style! Tip: a slit sleeves goes best with western wear.
  • Cape sleeves:
    Saved the best for the last. Now this is something very different and very new. It goes with all kinds of fabrics, therefore convenient for all types of skins. The sleeves are actually like a cape that fall straight from the shoulder without any holes for the arms, just an open end. Tip: cape blouses are on the highest trending list currently!
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