Patiala Suit Designs: Complement Every Day in 15 Unique Ways


Originated in Punjab, Patiala suit is a self-defining an outfit. It could also be described as a royal dress for every function. These suits comprise a salwar with pleats worn with different sorts of kurti. This outfit is very versatile in terms of material as well as stitching. It is preferred mostly in the summer season for the concern of comfort.
It is considered to be one of the best traditional wears in India. There is a lot of variety and designs when we talk about Patiala suits. Let us see what all looks you can design in 2019 with different types and patterns of Patiala suits.


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1.Bluish Maroon pattern:

The kurti has a maroon centre covered with mini golden circles all over and a blue colour pattern on sides and back. The colour of churni and salwar is also deep maroon. The border color is yellow, and the length of the kurti is till mid thigh which is perfectly suitable for every height. It gives a very classy and embroidered look with a salwar so voluminous.

2.Greenish Blue patiala salwar design :

This set looks very elegant because the colours are always in fashion trend. The patiala salwar design is sky blue in colour with mirror work on ends. The border is filled with mini mirror work as well. The patiala salwar design is green in colour which gives a good colour contrast to the overall look. There is minor border work on sleeve borders as well. The sleeves have a ¾ length.

3.Pink and purple salwar kameez:

This colour combination looks bright in nature which gives a very happening look to your outfit. The neckline is filled with thread designs, and the shape of the kurti is “U”. The kurti has a green collar which looks good with traditional wear. The major colour is purple, but the patiala salwar design is of bright pink colour which is in complete contrast to the elegant purple kurti.

4.Suit with modern prints:

The main colour in kurti is yellow, and it comprises of green and pink too, in the form of dabs or printed checks. There is some thread work in violet colour in the middle chest area which goes well with the thin red borders on the short sleeves. The patiala salwar design is of dark violet or purple colour which gives a very out-going look because it has some printed thread work on the bottom itself.

5.Top traditional patiala salwar design :

The color combination of navy blue with bright pink gives a very royal look and so does the design. The kurti is full of embroidery work of colors like yellow, green and pink and is cut in half from the bottom. The patiala salwar design color is bright pink and so is the color of the churni. It has full sleeves with similar embroidery work on the bottom of the sleeves.

6.Patiala with designed bottom:

The overall look provided by this designed patiala salwar is very engaging. The kurti has ¾ length sleeves and a plain texture. The kurti has some light yellow thread work all over and green cross border. This plain kurti is complimented by the designed patiala salwar design . The patiala salwar comprises of colors including Persian blue, black and white and an abstract design.

7.Golden on pink:

This suit kurti has golden embroidered work all over from the collar to the bottom and a plain patiala salwar design. The major work starts from the chest area till the lower border. Though the golden embroidery gets narrower near the lower waist, this color combination looks very royal and classy. The churni comes with a thin golden border which makes it look very sophisticated.

8.White polka with black:

The color combination is ever lasting. The kurti is plain black along with a triple lace pattern near middle chest. It has high collar, ¾ sleeves and shorter length. The salwar and churni on the other hand, have full coverage of white polka dots. This set of patiala salwar design gives a very casual but pretty look. The sleeves also end up with white lacy border.

9.Yellow on black:

The kurti gives a very traditional definition to this suit. It is black in color and has a thick embroidered border on the end along with some of it on the bottom of the sleeves. The embroidery consists of colors like green, yellow, blue, white and red. The salwar and churni is of yellow color. The color combination of black and yellow suits most occasions and looks elegant.

10.Patiala salwar kameez for brides:

The kurti is shiny in orange colored material. It has a short collar which gives a very classy and sophisticated look. It consists of golden and brown colored embroider which is repeated on the borders of the churni as well. The patiala salwar design is entirely golden in color which goes with the golden work on the kurti. The overall look is very shiny and classy.

11.White with floral prints:

This suit looks pretty and voluminous on the first sight itself. The kurti is off- white in color which has ¾ sleeves and goes till the knees. The kurti is full of beautiful floral patterns on the right hand side and the kurti border. The patiala salwar is of salmon pink color and so is the churni. This color combination looks very elegant and out-going and is embraced by the floral prints.

12.Patiala salwar suit in pink and cream:

The Patiala suit comprises of a red wine color jacket and the kurti is off- white in color which goes nicely with the dark pink. The patiala salwar is the real attraction of this piece. The kurti also comprises of beautiful embroidered work at different areas. The color is on the base of off-white with red wine color, mild brown and green on white. This piece gives a very classy definition.

13.Suit in Navy base:

The kurti is the best part of this patiala salwar design. The kameez has full sleeves and a round neckline. The kurti comprises of a designed navy cloth pattern from left to right and the churni has a similar navy border. There is a sun under the left arm. The patiala salwar is in form of a trouser and consists of some embroidered work on the bottom.

14.Black on Pink:

The entire kameez is black in color having pink colored patches all over and a thin border too. It is sleeveless and short in length. The bottom of the kurti has some embroidered work done with golden which is repeated near the chest as well. The salwar has white embroidery over pink color. It looks pretty and gives a very engaging finish to the suit.

15.Classy pink and black Patiala:

The color combination of black and pink is never out of fashion and compliments every occasion. The kurti is of bright pink color with a regular round neckline and an embroidered piece in the middle chest. The ¾ sleeves have a golden border. The kurti has a very thick and classy embroidered border on the bottom with colors like, brown, mild and bright golden, and prints of pink. The salwar is black in color with golden and pink prints.

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