10 Latest Pink Saree Matching Blouse Combination Designs for a Luxurious Look


Pink is one of the most sought-after colours preferred and adored by many women.  Women absolutely cherish pink sarees of all shades be it magenta, onion pink, pastel pink or baby pink. Every woman’s wardrobe will have at least one pink saree and it always gives birth to a plight as to how to style this gorgeous saree with a matching blouse design.

Well, you don’t have to always stick to the same old matching blouse fabric that comes along with the saree. Let your quirky imagination take a spin and shop for innovative blouse designs (just like the ones we have mentioned below) for your pink sarees, and we are certain that you can wear the same saree multiple times without even people noticing that you repeated one. Scroll down to find the perfect match for your pink saree.

Stylish Pink Saree Blouse Combinations for a Trendsetting Look

Pair your Rani Pink/ Magenta Saree with a Black Blouse

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong, stop wondering on how a black blouse will go well with pink sarees. We said it and here’s why:  These two completely contrasting colors go way beyond well with each other. Go for black blouses with floral prints, innovative cutout patterns or sheer net fabrics for a luxurious look. While a black blouse goes well with all shades of pink, we feel Rani pink and dark pink with black are our favourite combinations.

Light Pink with a Blue Blouse: A Match Made In Heaven

Coming second after black, any shade of a blue blouse can make a fine match for pink sarees. If you are wearing light pink sarees, pair them with royal blue blouses as they look stunning and make an extraordinary combination. Light pink sarees in not-so-heavy fabrics can be safely worn with dark blue or teal blue blouses to be the centre of everyone’s compliments.

Onion Pink Saree and a White Blouse, Nothing But Perfection

This might come out as a surprise to many, but don’t be in a fashion shock. Pink sarees with white blouses might sound bizarre when you think of it, but when you actually pair them together, you will know what we mean. Even a light and onion pink saree goes dazzlingly well with white blouses. If you like to wear dark shades of pink, opt for muted white blouses so they look well and cohesive together!

Pairing Pink with Golden Blouse for a Dreamy Attire

If a designer pink saree in silk is your vibe, then you can blindly opt for golden shades of blouses for your saree. This blouse and saree colour combination is pleasingly suitable for weddings, celebrations and other festive get-togethers. If you want to add a more luxe vibe to this gorgeous outfit, pick a golden blouse with sequins or mirror work.

Select a Silver Blouse for your Pink Saree

If you think golden is not your colour, then opt for silver shades of blouses along with your pink sarees. This dreamy combination works well with designer and party wear pink sarees. Silver blouses suit nicely for teenagers or younger women who like to play around with colours and different designs.

Pink with Pink Saree and Blouse Twinnie

Sometimes, you don’t even require a new colour to bring a ravishing look to your saree. Two different shades of pink are adequate to create the magic of fashion and style. You might be wondering what a pink saree with the same colour of blouse will look like. But trust us sissy; this blouse and saree combo will give a relaxed and chic look to your saree. If you like to make a fashion statement, pick a trendy blouse design like a boat neck or a deep V-cut design. Accessorize with exquisite gold jewellery to  upgrade your outfit even more. 

Green Blouse with Your Pink Saree to Awaken Your Inner Diva

The green blouse and pink saree colour combo is a very conventional and traditional colour combination in Indian wear and can be worn for any occasion. A green colour blouse flawlessly contrasts with a pink saree and provides a superior overall aesthetic. Shades of green – from pista green to bottle green – any shade will go pleasingly well with the pink saree.

Mesmerising Mauve Blouse with Pink Saree Combo

In this generation of thread work fashion, upgrade your gorgeous pink saree with a contrasting mauve colour blouse that has a heavy-on threadwork technique. This combination looks fashionable and extremely trendy. Mauve also adds a mystical hint to your outfit. Pair statement and minimal jewellery for a neat and clean saree look. 

Brilliantly Beautiful Brown Blouse and Pink Saree Combination

The warm tones of brown and pink colour are a great and incredible blend. If you are someone who likes to look basic yet stylish, give this one a try. A mustard brown blouse with some simple zari detailing will look tremendously complimenting with any pink saree. It can be worn gracefully for any daytime event and paired with antique jewellery, that makes you stand out even more. 

 Red and Pink for that Perfect Luxe Look

Occasionally, the pink colour can emerge as slightly understated and muted. However, you can add that additional oomph and make it dramatic by pairing your pink saree with a colourful red blouse like the one below. Either you can wear a simple zari one or you can go for a sumptuous zardosi work blouse to make a grand style statement.

How can you accessorize your pink saree for a perfect dreamy attire?

As we know by now, a pink saree is a synonym for soft feminine beauty. Jewellery just introduces a pinch of grace and brilliance to the cultured pink. Pairing appropriate jewellery with a pink saree isn’t challenging unless one doesn’t take it too far. Understanding various shades of pink and pairing the jewellery that serves you best is a fundamental that you may want to start with.

Accessorizing Your Pink Saree for the Ultimate Look

  • Matching colour jewellery is always a clear winner: Match the hue of your saree with jewellery to wear, and relish the gorgeous monotone look. Pink polki and stone jewellery, pearls, and pink diamonds are some of the alternatives you can pair your pink saree with. 
  • Play with Colour Contrast: Play around with different colours can be amusing too! Wearing a pink saree with a contrasting colour like blue, orange, red, or green is totally in trend. Pearls are exceptionally fine when it comes to various styles, colours, and patterns; you can never go wrong with pearl jewellery for your pink saree.
  • Polki jewellery is a lovely Pink saree companion: Polki jewellery is one of the most often and commonly worn Indian traditional jewellery. Pairing your pretty pink saree with polki accessories can be the most promising thing you can do for your attire and your jewellery investment. 
  • Minimal accessories have its own charisma: “Less is more” has been a movement with sarees and other outfits for a long time. It’s about time that you ditch all the accessories and go for a single statement piece. A statement necklace like a choker necklace or a long one or classic earrings like studs, jhumkas, or dangler earrings is an excellent choice for the next event you are invited to. Pearls, diamonds, or Kundan jewellery, the options are endless. You can opt for any kind of jewellery and choose the focal point of attention you wish to flex. A statement diamond necklace is a magical centrefold in itself.

We hope you have got sufficient inspiration on how you can pair your favourite pink sarees that have been sitting in your wardrobe for a while with the finest blouse colours and the best appropriate jewellery.  Make an everlasting statement with every saree you wear as you unleash the Diva in you and play around with these ideas, and we are so convinced you will catch everyone’s attention in any crowd you are in.

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