12 Farewell Saree Ideas That Will Make You The Stunner Of The College Party


It’s time to say goodbye, but in style!

For those gorgeous girls who are graduating this year or in the next one, we surely understand how it must be so daunting for you to count the days left until your farewell party. After all, a farewell is one of the most significant and simultaneously emotional events of our life and hence we start planning for this day, months before. Be it at your school or college party, for graduating girls, the dress code for the farewell party is usually a saree and for most of us, this is the first time we wear one, probably our mother’s.

Well, no more as now you can find a gorgeous saree for yourself that flatters your body type and also makes you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. So, if you’re a Gen Z girl looking for a trendy and chic version of a farewell party look, we have got you covered. Today we have come up with a beautiful collection of 12 farewell saree ideas that will make you fall in love with wearing sarees altogether. In the end, we also have some fun and quirky tips to help you look fab in the saree you pick to wear.

12 Best College Farewell Saree Ideas

A Striped Sequin Saree for Short Girls

Here we bring to you a million-dollar farewell saree idea for short girls, opt for a striped number! A sequin saree is often considered a festive outfit but your farewell is nothing less than a great festival. So, why not go for a striped sequin saree? It looks pretty elegant and classy when draped right. Drape it well and pair it with a to get that perfect look.

A Brilliant Yellow Georgette Saree for Farewell

A brilliant yellow georgette saree makes for a wonderful farewell saree idea. Georgette sarees are one of the most versatile sarees for girls about to attend their farewell. You can opt for the one with a border or the one with gorgeous digital prints.

A Crepe Saree for a Stunner Look

A Crepe saree is a beautifully lightweight, basic weave with a crinkle, crimped or grained texture. That is precisely what makes a crepe saree so versatile, chic, and drool-worthy. And with the ruffle details on the pallu, it just becomes downright stunning. Feel gorgeous in a poly-crepe saree for farewell by styling it with trendy gold-toned studs or loops.

A Neon Saree for the Bold Gal

Neons are so in right now and we can’t disagree more. Even the Bollywood celebs have been flaunting the style in fashion at all kinds of events and parties. For your upcoming farewell party get your hands on a neon saree with an embellished blouse or border for your farewell. It’s an excellent saree for bold girls who like to go all out and be fierce.

Awesome Organza Saree

The sheer fabric and delicate texture of an organza saree is a perfect farewell number if you want an actually chic and trendy look that also looks super flattering. An organza saree for farewell will guarantee you look drop-dead beautiful. Style it with a pair of stilettos or pumps and cute earrings.

Find out Trendy Organza Sarees for your Farewell 

A Matka Silk Saree for Farewell

Matka Silk had to be on this list. There’s nothing and absolutely nothing basic about a striped Matka silk saree. A real Matka silk saree remains the most preferred masterwork amongst females, irrespective of their age. Don’t trust us? Ask your mommy and you will get it. Add some vibrancy to it with some quirky accessories and you are ready for your farewell party.

A Drool Worthy Denim Saree 

If you are someone who loves to follow the latest fashion and trends, then a denim saree is a must-buy for your farewell. It will give you a relaxed vibe and touch without making you appear unkept and OTT. A denim saree has the best potential to raise the fashion bar so high that most of your friends will envy your look. Accessorise it with a denim bag and statement heels and sunglasses and bammm, you are ready to roll.

The Classic Black Saree for Farewell

If you are attending a farewell party, you need to look like a goddess! A basic saree won’t seal the deal! When you think of unique farewell saree ideas, a classic all-black saree would certainly top the list! Try a stitched, shimmery, easy-wrap saree similar to and pair it with a pair of strappy heels to cut the chase and look like a diva.

A Dazzling Dhoti Saree

Are you looking for something “hatke” then a dhoti saree should be your top choice. This saree idea for farewell is comfy while simultaneously being chic and stylish. A dhoti saree will take your game up a notch and help you create a lasting statement. 

Amazing Abstract Print Saree for Farewell Party

An abstract printed saree is stylish, trendy and just something you need in your wardrobe this year. If you are a fan of prints, abstract prints are a perfect choice. Wear them with Western-style studs and bracelets for a chic and fashionable look.

Chiffon Saree for Farewell

Let us spill the beans, if you are thinking of wearing a chiffon saree to your farewell party, you made the right choice. It is perfect to elevate your feminine side while helping you look classy and stunning. You can opt for plain or printed options as per your taste.

Pleats Please!

A colorful pleated saree will look downright gorgeous on anyone who wears it. Pleat sarees look fab on all body types and regardless of your saree draping style, it will surely make heads turn.

How to look Fabulous in a saree at your farewell party?

  • Drape it Like You Mean It: Ever tried draping your saree in a completely unique and “hatke” style? Go for it! Whether it’s the butterfly style or the mermaid aesthetic, an exceptional drape can add a completely new flair to your farewell look.
  • Splash of Color, Pop of Print: Who says sarees must be all mommy vibe and serious? Pick a saree in the craziest color or wildest print you can find! Mixing and matching colors and prints is totally allowed, it’s highly appreciated gal!
  • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Think outside the typical earrings and necklace. How about a funky clutch or a waist belt to jazz things up? Accessories are your best friends when it comes to adding that extra oomph to your saree style.
  • Blouse It Up baby: It is also a time to bid farewell to boring blouses! Crop tops, corsets, sheer wonders – the options are literally infinite. Pick something that screams ‘you’ and watch your fashion game raise bars.
  • Layering Love: A jacket or cape can turn your saree into a whole new mood. Find one with a quirky print or fun detailing to make heads turn wherever you go.
  • Focus on Footwork: Your shoes too deserve some limelight and love! Swap the regular shadi heels for something surprising – think embellished sandals or quirky sneakers. Let your feet do the talking!
  • Hair Today, Quirky Tomorrow: Your hairstyle can make or break your saree look. Messy bun with cute hair pins? Braids for days? Experiment until you find the style that feels incredible to you.

Lastly, remember confidence is key. It is the most significant accessory. Rock your saree with dignity and a smile, and you’ll steal the show, just like that!

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