3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Look in Silk Saree


Saree has always been the most elegant traditional attire and will continue to be so. Its versatility and beauty makes it tops the list of traditional attires. A saree brings out the femininity of a woman in the most prominent way.

There isn’t any age bar for wearing a saree. Every woman out there can don this gorgeous piece of clothing. The impact of western attires has definitively been huge in India, but there is no replacement of the saree. Saree will forever be the unbeatable.


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Sarees are available in different fabrics and designs. Every kind of saree has its own beauty and grace. Some of the beautiful designs of sarees are the silk sarees, banarasi sarees, kanchipuram sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, cotton sarees and so on. These variant designs of sarees can be draped on different occasions and events. Out of all the varieties of sarees, Silk sarees have always been one of the regal choices. Be it the banarasi silk or Tussar silk, the Baluchari silk or the Mysore silk, they are undoubtedly the epitome of beauty and grace.

But, in order to achieve the desired elegance look, it is important to pair your silk saree with the right kind of blouse. There are varieties of options available in blouses, which make it little tricky to pick the right one to wear with your silk saree. The usual options picked by women definitely give a them a beautiful look but there is no harm in doing a little out of the box and creating a dissimilar look from others. That is why, we have for you three unique ways by which you can enhance you look with a silk saree and effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

#1.Collared Necked blouses

Out of all blouse designs, collared neck blouses are the most sophisticated and classy. Collared neck blouses come in different styles such as open collar, closed collar, back collar, deep neck collars, and so on, with amazing designs and patterns on it. You can pick any of these to pair with your silk saree as all these options are sure to create a lasting impression.

You can pair your silk saree with a stylish patterned collared blouse to beautify your traditional looks. If your blouse has beautiful designs made on the collar then it is an added advantage. Collared blouses have never failed to grab attention of the spectators. They are suitable for both traditional events and day-to-day wears.

 For regular wears or formal wears, simple collared blouses can be picked. For traditional events, blouses with little designs are recommended.Whatever may be the pick; these collared blouses are sure to help you collect oodles of compliments all the way.

#2.Full or Quarter Sleeve Blouses

Long and quarter sleeve blouses are favorite blouse designs of every women. It has certainly replaced the trend of sleeveless blouses over the years. Silk sarees are always recommended to wear with blouses with sleeves. Both full and quarter sleeve blouses will give an equal dose of old-world charm and elegance to the overall look.

Sleeve blouses are available in varieties of designs and patterns giving you a wide range of options to choose from. One of such options is the bold jari filled sleeves, which help you in creating an utterly exquisite look. Beautifully embroidered full sleeved blouses, or the ones with motifs can also be a perfect choice to pair with your silk saree. Then we have the celebrity inspired sequined blouses, which gives a very glamorous look when paired with Silk Sarees.

Puffed sleeve blouses are also very much in trend these days. They will go well with any kind of saree and so with your silk saree. They will help you in flaunting a very unique and pretty look. Patchwork blouse designs also go well with silk sarees thus enhancing your over all look. If you want to flaunt your silk saree in a ravish party, then these heavy work sleeves designs can be wonderful picks. However, for simple traditional events, you can pair your silk saree with a simple full sleeve blouse with borders or even with mirror works on it.

#3. Try Velvet Blouses

Velvet is considered to be the epitome of luxury. It is surely everyone’s favorite and so are the velvet blouses. They might not be suitable to wear all the time but on certain occasions, they are the perfect choice. Besides its luxury, its tenderness and soft body touch make it everyone’s favorite. Velvet blouses effortlessly add glamour to your looks and can be paired with any kind of saree.

There are wide ranges of varieties available in velvet blouses to choose from. You can pick any of these to pair with your beautiful silk saree. The polka dots velvet blouses with designs in the border are very much in trend these days. Then we have the velvet blouse with jari work sleeves, which is a piece of beauty in itself. Then there is the velvet blouse with jewel work, which is truly a work of wonder. Pair your silk saree with any of these velvet blouses and you are all set to rock that wedding ceremony or the lavish party!

Apeksha Salunkhe
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