Incredible 8 Steps to Drape a Saree in a Perfect Way


Well, we all know the fact that the traditional yet fashionable nine yards sari is simply the best outfit to wear it on several functions or occasions. The charm, beauty and grace of a sarees are absolutely irresistible if it’s draped perfectly.   

No doubt, for every young lady her mom is the best instructor to guide her to drape a saree beautifully. However, sometimes you are living alone or somewhere at a distant place and looking for a perfect saree draping solution, right?

Well, here we are to resolve all your saree draping issues. Follow the below mentioned 8 steps carefully to saree draping  in a wonderful way to leave everyone stun at an occasion. Here is the tutorial!

Easy and Latest Saree Draping Styles

Step 1

The entire process of draping the saree begins once you have wore your blouse and petticoat. Now, keep the essentials of the saree with you such as pins, accessories and high heels because they are extremely important to wear a sari perfectly.

Step 2

Adjust your petticoat according to your comfortability (keep in mind that the petticoat is firm as well) because you have to tuck your saree into it. Now, make a knot on the plain end of the sarees and tuck inside the petticoat. While making the knot, just make sure that the embroidery work done on the sarees should be in front.

Step 3

Now, continue to swaddle your sarees from the left side until you reach appoint from where you started. Just ensure that you take one complete round to swaddle your sari. In addition, once you have wrapped up your sari , make ascertain that the lower end of the sari should be little above the floor.

Step 4

After that, the extra fabric is left and now you have to make pleats by using that extra fabric. While making the pleats, you have to use to use your thumb and middle finger to make perfect pleats.

Step 5

Depending on the fabric material of the sarees, you have to make 5 to 7 pleats to give your saree a mesmerizing look. After making the pleats, you have to tuck them inside the petticoat and most important thing in between this process is to secure the saree with the safety pins, especially at the left side of the waist. The securing the sari with pins will keep your saree absolutely intact to carry it easily.

Step 6

Now, you are left with the styling of the pallu. While styling the pallu of the sari , you have to first place it over your left shoulder (you can also place it over your right shoulder, which is absolutely your choice). If you want to keep your pallu long or which reaches up to your knees, then you can also unfold one or two pleats accordingly.

Step 7

Now, you have to secure your pallu with the safety pins again. Furthermore, in styling the pallu, you have two choices – first, you can keep your pallu pleated one or second let it flow openly. Both the pallu styles are absolutely gorgeous to pull off the look. If you love wearing the flowing style pallu, then you have to simply place your pallu on the left shoulder and you have to hold it at the forearm or leave it like that, both are absolutely your choice of styling.

Step 8

If you want to make pleated pallu, then you have to make vertical pleats of the pallu. First of all, you have to make the pleats round about 7 to 8 depending upon the breadth of your sari . Secondly, you have to secure the pallu with the safety pins inside your blouse. Finally, you are ready in your traditional and classic sari look and to glam up your look you can adorn the sari with a stunning brooch, especially where you have made sari pleats.

So, these were the 8 step by step guide to drape an incredibly beautiful and stunning sari to make a fashion statement on every occasion. After you are done with the draping of the saree, wear the stylish and sassy high heel pumps to team it up with your saree look. Additionally, get ready with your light and nude shade makeup, which goes perfectly well with every outfit whether it is western or ethnic. And then, accessorize your saree with a statement and elegant jewellery, which actually completes your entire look. I hope you gonna slay girls!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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