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Vogue is a US-based fashion and lifestyle magazine which cover many topics like beauty, runway, culture, living, and fashion. It is very hard to gain a position in this magazine, but there are some Maharashtrian Nauvari sarees that have got this opportunity. But there are few which are still waiting for the same. In this blog, we are going to talk about six such Maharashtrian sarees. But before that, let’s understand what a Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree is.

Nauvari saree is also known as Kasta Sari, Nav Vari, and Lugade. It is nine yards in length and mostly worn by the Marathi women. It is different from any other saree and indicates the devotion of people. This saree comes in cotton and silk fabric and doesn’t need to wear a petticoat under it.

At the earlier time, Women of Maratha Empire used to participate in wars. They wanted to wear something comfortable so that they can move easily. To achieve this mission and maintain their dignity, these women invented a Maharashtrian style of drape, which is popularly known as Nauvari Saree.

Some interesting facts about Nauvari saree:

  1. Nauvari sarees are very popular in Bollywood and many actresses used to wear it. Recently, Kangna Ranaut has worn this style saree in her upcoming film ‘Manikarnika’.
  2. It is seen as a challenging style of saree because it is tied in a different way than any other traditional saree.
  3. It is worn in many Marathi dances and festivals.

6 Famous Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree looks that should gain a position in Vogue Magazine:

#1. Traditional Nauvari Saree Look:

This Maharashtrian drape looks very attractive and preferred on most of the traditional occasions. It gives you the most basic and elegant look. Traditional Nauvari drape has the lower pleats facing to the right hand of the wearer.

#2. Peshwai Nauvari Saree Look:

Peshwai Nauvari saree looks very beautiful and is known as Gajaki. This saree style is very famous in Bollywood. Many women prefer to wear it on their wedding day. There are many ways to wear this saree, but the most popular one is the Zigzag style. This saree is available in various bright colours.

#3. Brahmani Nauvari Saree Look:

It is the most elegant and beautiful saree that was originally worn by the Brahmins. This is the main reason why this saree look is known as Brahmani Nauvari saree look. This style is continuing from the ancient time. It is very popular all over the world and women are crazy about it. You can also found it in readymade form.

#4. Mhalsa Nauvari Saree Look:

Mhalsa is a famous Hindu goddess. She is worshipped in two main traditions. Firstly, she is considered as a female avatar of Vishnu God, and secondly, she is worshipped as the ensemble of the god Khandoba, an avatar of God Shiva. You must have seen her portraits, she used to wear Nauvari saree. And that is why this particular saree look is known to be Mhalsa Nauvari saree.

#5. Koli Nauvari Saree Look:

Koli tribe women also wear Nauvari saree but cut it into two pieces. One is used to cover the upper body and the other part is used to wear around the waist. In Maharashtra, it is taken on the head over the left shoulder. These women decorate themselves with both, jewellery and nine-yard long cotton saree. It looks very graceful on any figure.

#6. Lavani Nauvari Saree Look:

Lavani is a famous dance form of Maharashtra. When we talk about Lavani Nauvari saree, it needs perfection. Of course, if you are dancing you will need your saree to be tied in a perfect and tight way. It needs a lot of technique, practice and perfection to wear this 9-yard saree in this form. This saree has always been in great demand and looks elegant on any women.

There are many other Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree Looks that looks very beautiful and should get a position in Vogue Magazine. Out of all, we have come out with six top or famous looks that will mesmerize your mind. After watching this list, you will surely be going to buy a Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree for yourself.

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