10 Everlasting Saree Work Designs For Your Wardrobe


Do you think any wedding or occasion shopping is complete without saree for Indian women? Of course not! For every Indian woman, shopping for the stunning and splendid sarees is must to make a fashion statement on special occasions and gatherings. However, one of the most difficult tasks is to pick and choose the perfect saree work designs as in embroidery work and embellishments for a remarkable appearance.

Undoubtedly, there are some fabulous embroidery work and other designs on saree which is quite trendy and lasts forever. Therefore, here we have an accumulated list of the 10 everlasting saree work designs, which you need to add glamour to your wardrobe.

  1. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree
    Kanjeevaram silk saree is high in demand among woman of all age group because of its comfortability and distinctive designs. One of the foremost reasons for its prominence among the Indian woman is that it’s woven out of zari and mulberry silk. Apart from that, in Kanjeevaram silks sarees you will get a diverse range of colours, patterns and designs specifically on the borders which will make you look elegant.

  2. Banarasi Saree
    The unmatched look and fine zari work on Banarasi saree is what you need for your wardrobe collection. The zari brocades on the Banarasi sarees are made with the silver and golden threads. Moreover, the intricate and detailed floral pattern border saree work design in zari is irresistible for every woman. The best part is that you can easily pair it with a classy piece of jewellery to flaunt your look.

  3. Paithani Saree
    The Maharashtrian style Paithani saree is another timeless and classic piece of garb for the Indian woman. Whether it’s a get-together or any wedding function, Paithani saree can easily be worn on any occasion because of its rich and fine texture. The combination of silk and zari in Paithani saree is definitely perfect for special occasions.

  4. Zardosi Saree
    What about a gorgeous red saree in Zardosi work? Well, the irresistible look and beautiful embroidery saree work design makes it one of the most preferred choices while shopping for the saree. The craftsman uses silver and golden thread work to design the beautiful and stunning Zardosi saree work design.

  5. Parsi Gara Saree
    The best part about Parsi Gara saree is that the craftsman or designers use a fine thread for the embroidery work on the rick silk fabric. The ivory and pastel work designs on the solid dark colours of the saree fabric make it more luxurious in look.

  6. Chanderi Saree
    The lightweight and transparent fabric of the Chanderi saree is what they are known for. The floral patterns and motifs on the borders and base of the saree in tandem with the glossy texture will definitely persuade you to purchase the Chanderi saree for your ethnic collection.

  7. Stonework Saree
    To make a style statement on wedding functions, you can absolutely go with the stonework saree without even thinking twice. The glittery and lavish look of this saree in unparalleled, but it is quite heavy because of the excellent stonework.

  8. Ikat saree
    Ikat sarees are made with the resist dyeing technique, in which the yarn is dyed for a beautiful piece of cloth as an end result. Additionally, the design on the Ikat sarees is the same on both the sides and look classic on the wearer. The rich fabric, sheer texture and excellent design are some of the notable qualities of the Ikat sarees.

  9. Gota Patti Saree
    In Gota Patti Sarees, the designer use metal ribbons cut saree work designs in stunning styles, shapes and sizes. From the metal ribbons, some of the fabulous and beautiful floral and geometric designs are created as a party wear garment.

  10. Maggam Saree
    In Maggam sarees, the designers use golden and silver threads for elegant embroiderysaree work designs. Besides that, sometimes beads and stones are also used while designing the saree, which is generally done without any machines. The craftsman designs the embroidery from their own hands to enhance the beauty of the saree.

Hopefully, now you must be aware of the excellent and splendid saree work designs, which is certainly perfect for your apparel.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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