Tips To Look Like A Marathi Mulgi This Gudi Padwa


According to Marathi Calendar, Gudi Padwa is a festival of New Year. A festival of new beginnings, people celebrate Gudi Padwa with sweets, new clothes and fireworks.

For Gudi Padwa, every Marathi woman must be looking for a perfect outfit to embrace and flaunt their look. There are different Marathi style sarees, which you can pick and choose in stunning colour and design. However, when it comes to styling, the majority of Marathi woman gets confused.

Therefore, to ease your pressure to look an exceptional Marathi Mulgi, here is the guide of the styling tips for this Gudi Padwa.

#1. Nauvari Saree Draping Style

For a traditional and conventional Marathi look, drape the Nauvari saree, which looks like a dhoti style. Moreover, while draping the Nauvari saree, make sure that you secure it tightly with proper pleats. For a festival look, you can handpick the bright or vibrant colours such as red, blue, green, orange etc. Whether you select the plain nauvari saree or designer nauvari saree, both the styles are enriching and exquisite. Now, simple tips are there, which you can follow to drape a befitting Nauvari saree.

  1. Pick your favourite cotton silk Nauvari Saree and wrap it around your waist. To drape it perfectly, just make sure that you tie the knots tightly and keep it tucked.
  2. Then take out the shorter part of the saree and bring it between the legs by making a fold. Afterwards, tuck the saree at the back side and secure the saree with pins.
  3. Now, take the left section of the saree and to make perfect pleats, remember that you keep the left side of the saree little long.
  4. Make proper pleats (at least 6 pleats) and after that, tuck them tightly at the center of the waist.
  5. Do the pleats of the pallu, toss them over the left shoulder and secure it tightly with the pins. Finally, your Marathi Nauvari saree drape is done!

#2. Slight Makeup for Marathi Look

While styling for a Marathi look, it is crucial to remember that the makeup should be subtle or slight. It is not necessary to overdo the makeup as it can ruin your traditional look. A light nude or pink shade lipstick matching with the outfit, kohl in tandem with the eyeliner, light blusher and light eye shadow is what you need to make a fashion statement. In addition, do not forget the Chandrakor (Moon-shaped) Bindi to look absolute Marathi Mulgi on Gudi Padwa.

#3. Original Maharashtrian jewellery

Without any doubt, there are many categories in Maharashtrian style jewellery such as Raani Haar, Nath, Thushi and a lot more. For an authentic Marathi look, it is vital to adorn with the original Maharashtrian jewellery. Wear a statement Nath (Nose ring), Kamarband (Waist band), Thushi (Small necklace) and most importantly, the green bangles to look beautiful and exceptional on Gudi Padwa.

#4. Splendid Hairdo for Nauvari Saree

There are different hairdos which can be paired well with the Marathi look. However, as we are talking about traditional and customary Maharashtrian look, the hairdo should also be a conventional style, isn’t it? Well, here is the simple hairdo to style it on Gudi Padwa festival. The splendid hair bun can either be adorned with jasmine garland or team up with the Ambada jewellery. Ambada is stunning Maharashtrian style hair jewellery, which can be used as ornamentation to for a perfect hairdo.

#5. Kolhapuri Chappal

To finish off the look, it is mandatory to wear the footwear which can enhance your entire Marathi outfit and look. This Gudi Padwa, you can wear a stunning Kolhapuri Chappal for a comfortable and traditional Marathi appearance. Except for Kolhapuri Chappal, you can also go with the Kolhapuri Juttis as well. The embellished and designer Kolhapuri Jutti is definitely a style statement for every woman.

To conclude, these were the simple and quick tips to look like Marathi Mulgi this Gudi Padwa. You can consider these tips to look exceptional and stunning just like a Marathi woman. These simple efforts for styling will certainly get you compliments from all the corners. Follow these tips and steps for typical Maharashtrian style look and share your stunning looks with us.

Happy Gudi Padwa to everyone!

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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