Feel The Festive Vibe With Onam Special Saree Collection


As the monsoons farewell to the state of South India, the air is loaded with energy, joy and happiness with the arrival of Onam, a major holiday celebrated especially in Kerala. From elaborately painted elephants to wild dancers in Pulikali, and from snake boats to lavish floral decorations, this festival fills the environment in more colours than you can imagine. Onam, the harvest festival which falls in August/September every year, is celebrated in India and around the world and is an important holiday among Kerala people. After the Malay calendar month Chingam, this festival falls on the 22nd of Nakshatra for south Indian people.

on this special day, all ladies love to wear something which matches the vibe of Onam and they can celebrate this day with lots of fun. We have collected some of the classic onam saree which makes you fall in love and you cannot stop yourself from buying them.

Off white Onam Saree:

This is the most preferable saree by all south Indian women and white will always be popular for the Onam festive vibe. In addition, you will get fancy designer work on it with red colour trade which adds a punch of fashion without spoiling festival vibes.
-Fabric Of Saree is Silk
-Saree : Color- White / Fabric- Silk
-Blouse : Color- Pink / Fabric- Silk

Cream Embroidered Cotton Saree with Blouse

Cream colour suits on almost every skin colour women and you can enjoy wearing such beautiful saree on this one. Onam sarees are made up to catch the sober and positive vibes that is one of the reasons all south Indians wear a white, cream and off white colour saree on this day.

-Saree : Color- Cream / Fabric- Cotton
-Blouse : Color- Cream / Fabric- Cotton
-Fabric Of Saree is Cotton

White Woven Silk Blend Saree with Blouse

White woven sarees are so closer to every ladies heart because they are comfortable yet they give you a style vibe according to the occasion. This silk saree can be the first choice for onam occasion for any girl who doesn’t want to look simple.
Line print on this saree will always be a style punch for anyone.

-Saree : Color- White / Fabric- Silk Blend
-Blouse : Color- White / Fabric- Silk Blend
-Fabric Of Saree is Silk Blend

White Jacquard Border Saree with Seprate Blouse

Uff! This saree will give you the best fill of comfort and elegance together. You can rock the day with this simple white saree with a heavy border to match up with the onam trend differently.

-Fabric Of Saree is Silk Blend
-Saree : Color- White / Fabric- Jacquard
-Blouse: Color- White / Fabric- Jacquard Silk Blend

Off-White & Golden Silk Blend Woven Design Saree

A mixture of gold and off with colour will always grab the attention everywhere. Want to look simple with the best white onam sari? Don’t worry, with different cotton and silk materials you will still get confused with the saree designs. Made of pure cotton, this new trendy design from Onam Saree is seen with a design.
-Saree : Color- White / Fabric- Silk
-Blouse : Color- Pink / Fabric- Silk
-Fabric Of Saree is Silk

White Embroidered Silk Saree with Blouse

The full saree has a similar look, while the frame is designed with thick gold thread. Here too, checks are made with the help of gold thread. The sari deck also gets a bold gold frame, which gives the sari a unique look.

-Saree : Color- White / Fabric- Art Silk
-Blouse : Color- White / Fabric- Art Silk
-Fabric Of Saree is Art Silk

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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