8 Most Needed Makeup Tips That Every Girl Should Know To Avoid Mistakes


Makeup is the way to look more beautiful and classier but many of us will always do some mistakes while doing makeup and need to take care of these things. Below we have given some command errors and solutions which will definitely help you to do your makeup in the correct way.

1. Your blush is unable to do justice with your face.

Many people are applying the wrong blush shade on their faces. They are not aware that blush really matters for a face. The right way to buy a blush is by looking at the centre of your lips and choose the same colour blush.A correct blush can add a subtle flush of colour and livens up your cheeks.

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2.  Blending the eyeshadow is not your cup of tea.

The eyes are the most beautiful part of our body. Doing perfect eye makeup will really enhance your look. When it comes to eyeshadow, applying to up and out your lash line will make it look more amazing. To do so, you need to have some good eye makeup tools for applying application and 2 for cleaning it off.

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3.   Blending it in the right way with the right tools will make it look natural.

You are creating blunders while filling your eyebrows.

Women love to have thick and groomed eyebrows. But do they actually doing justice to it? To fill the eyebrows, always remember to buy a lighter shade eyebrow pencil. A darker or same colour eyebrow pencil shade will make you look weird.

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4. You are applying your eyeliner in the wrong way.

It is hard to put your eyeliner in a perfect way. People usually make mistakes while matching the eyeliner on both eyes. Even, you need to stretch your eyelid to apply eyeliners where your liner also gets spoiled. It creates bumpiness and texture around your eyes. If you want it to not happen, don’t pull your eyes, just press it gently down to the skin.

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5. You must be pumping your mascara wand.

Pumping your mascara wand in and out is not the right way to gather the product, rather it makes the product to dry fast. It traps the air inside the mascara tube which can breed harmful bacteria. It is said that the right way to use the product is by gently twisting it backwards and forth and applying it in a normal way.

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6.  You don’t know the importance of primer for your skin.

Like our skin, our lips also need a primer. Applying a primer before applying the lipstick will help it to stay for a longer time. It should be applied after making sure that your lips are smooth and not chapping. If you don’t want to spend your money on lip primer, simply put a light layer of foundation to coat your lips.

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7. You are not evening the tone of your face and neck.

It is very important to match your face and neck colour. You just can’t apply makeup on your face and make your neck normal as it will make you look like a cartoon. Always apply your foundation and primer to your neck, in the same manner, you apply on your face.

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8.  Never forget to use the setting spray.

Setting spray sets your makeup and prevents it to get off easily. It makes your makeup to last longer and makes you look fresh. Who doesn’t want to achieve a great look even without a touch-up? If you are also that kind of person, then you must go for setting spray.

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If you make such mistakes then there is nothing to feel sad about. Even the world’s most beautiful women create mistakes while doing their makeup. Just avoid such mistakes and make yourself to look fabulous.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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