Look Bright With Light Makeup: Step by Step Simple Makeup Guide


We all want to look our best every day, everywhere we go. In order to look our best we spend countless hours doing our makeup perfectly. However, makeup looks good only if done in the right way. It is an artwork of sorts which can enhance our features and make us look fresh even when we are tired. The thing about makeup is that overdoing it can look like a bad case of fashion and beauty disaster. You cannot hope to wear heavy, party makeup every day too.

When you want to run errands or get ready for work, you do not want to wear heavy makeup and look out of place, right? For your everyday routine jobs you want to appear laid back yet sophisticated. Doing natural makeup is the best way to kill these two birds with a single stone. Here’s how you can look natural and yet stunning by following this natural makeup routine!

1.  Cleaning your face

The very first step to applying natural makeup is cleaning your face. You do not want to start applying makeup on dirty skin or leftover makeup from previous night.

Wash your face with a face wash of your choice and dry it by dabbing a dry towel gently on your face.





2. Prep your skin for makeup

Start by applying moisturizer to your face. This hydrates your face and gives it a natural glow.It will also act as a base for your makeup.

3. Conceal all your perfect imperfections

Use concealer to hide your pimples, scars or under eye circles which make you cautious and insecure.You can apply concealer by putting it on a beauty blender and patting it under your eyes, on blemishes and fine lines. This will make your skin look flawless and smooth.

4. Add a layer of foundation

You can choose powder foundation or liquid foundation. If your skin gets oily easily then use powder foundation on the oily areas or else use liquid foundation. Liquid foundation spreads evenly and does not look your face look cakey, so it is preferred by most people.

They key to a natural looking makeup is using just a little amount of foundation to even your skin tone. If you put on too much foundation, it will conflict the entire purpose of natural makeup.

5. Add a little color to your cheeks

You want to look natural, but you do not want to look lifeless. So, make sure you pick a subtle color blush and stroke it lightly on your cheeks. This will give your cheeks a faint color and make your makeup look more natural.Blend it well with your entire makeup so that it does not stand out and look out of place.

6.  Always do your eyebrows

Whether it is a party makeup or a natural look, eyebrows are the most important part of the makeup.

Fill-in your eyebrows and stick to their natural shape. This will give you a more natural look and also make your makeup look complete.

Use an eyebrow pencil color that matches your eyebrow color and stroke it lightly in the direction of your hair growth. This will create natural, hair-like strokes and fill up your eyebrows.

7. Color your eyes

Once your eyebrows are done, it is time to fill up your eyes. Now, using dark color eye shadow and being too creative with the eye makeup is not recommended as it will not look natural at all.

You need to pick a warm or natural shade like light brown, and pat it on your lower lid. Blend the eye shadow well so that it looks like a part of your complexion.

8.  Go for some eyeliner

When doing natural makeup, you do not need to skip on the eyeliner at all. In fact, eyeliner will tie-in your entire eye makeup. Although, you might want to refrain from doing a heavy wing or cat eye look.

A thin layer of eyeliner is exactly what you need to bring your entire natural eye look together.

9. A little mascara never hurts

The last part of your eye makeup is mascara. Just put a little mascara on your eyelids to make them appear heavy and beautiful.

Do not add to much, though, or else it will overpower your entire natural look.

10. Color your lips

When talking about makeup, how can we not talk about lips? The key to a natural looking makeup is going for a subtle lip color. Do not paint your lip in dark shades as that will defeat the purpose of natural makeup.

For natural lips, nude colors are the best option. They give your lips a lively and luscious tint while keeping it simple and natural.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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