5 Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid


Form ages, women are using makeup. It is making them beautiful in every context. But do you know that bad makeup habits can ruin your face? Yes, it’s true. Today we are going to talk about it.

Beauty and makeup is something where errors are very common. It will impact your whole look, and of course, it will ruin your face. A few things that usually counted as beauty blunders are using too much foundation, not bending your eyeshadow properly, and picking up the wrong lipstick shade.

To know about more such blunders, head up to our list of 5 makeup mistakes every woman should know and take care about.

1. You are not paying attention to preparing your skin.

Of course, if you want to apply something new to your face, you have to make your skin ready for it. Makeup primer works it. It can even out your skin’s texture so that you can get a smooth surface to play with makeup.

Primer works as a barrier to your skin. It seals in and protects the skin from any product used during your makeup routine..





2.  Using Dirty Makeup tools.

Never use dirty makeup sponges and brushes. There are many reasons for this. Many women complain that their makeup doesn’t look fresh on their faces. This is all because they are using uncleaned or old makeup tools. How can you even wish to achieve a fresh look from used tools? So always remember to clean them after applying makeup.

Cleaning your tools with mild cleanser or water will keep your tools fresh.

3. You are not choosing the right foundation shade.

Many women don’t know how to choose the right foundation shade for their skin. Getting a light or dark shade will never make you look fresh.

The major duty of the foundation is to make your look fresh and natural. So how a wrong shade can do justice for your skin? Always remember to check the foundation shade before buying it. Check its shade by putting it on your hand and comparing it with your skin tone.

4.You don’t know the best way to apply your foundation and contouring.

Many people know what actually contouring do, but they don’t know how it should actually be done.

It is a great way to add definition to your face. But a lot of contour or dark colour contour can make you look weird. To avoid this mistake, you can simply buy a 1 or 2 shade darker shade of your foundation and apply it around your cheekbones, nose, chin, and along the hairline.

It is necessary to use the foundation in a correct way. Using the right tool will always help you out. Foundation should always be applied with a flat foundation brush rather than a sponge. Many makeup artists have agreed that a good brush can make you look amazing.

A brush is the best to apply makeup but a sponge can be best for doing touch-ups.

5.  You are not aware of applying the concealer and Highlighter.

Many people actually apply the concealer while few are not aware of the correct way to apply it. They think that concealer should be applied before putting on the foundation. But the truth is, a concealer applied after a foundation can help you to achieve better coverage.

Foundation is heavy than concealer. So always remember to apply a lighter product on top of a heavier product will maximize your concealer’s effect.

Highlighter can help you to get a showstopper look but too much highlighter will make you look like a cake. Applying a small amount of highlighter is enough to get a natural look. Even some people don’t know where to apply highlighter. Putting highlighter on the wrong places will make you look fake. The perfect way to make your face great is to apply the highlighter on your nose, cheekbones, and brow bones.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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