10 Tips to Save Your Money While Shopping Clothes


Everyone loves to shop but do they spend their money in a wise manner? When a person went shopping they tend to spend a lot of money. Especially when we talk about clothes, we become greedy and buy lots of stuff. Knowing how to spend less on clothes will help you to save more.

If you really need help in controlling your clothing expenses, here are 10 tips to save your money while shopping for clothes:

1. Shop only with cash:

Sometimes it is very important not to carry your credit or debit card. It is the easiest way to save your money. If you don’t have much cash in your pocket then automatically you’ll shop in a smart way. You will buy something important and not just something that looks attractive.





2.  Go for basics or classics:

Few clothes never go out of fashion and this statement is mostly true for men. Fill your wardrobe with evergreen clothing items instead of trendy ones, and you’ll utilize most of your clothing.

You can create some amazing outfits by combining your classic clothes. Let’s take an example, you can combine your white shirt with normal jeans, pants, under hoods, sweaters, blazers or you can style it with sneakers. Learn to play smartly.

3. Buy what you really need:

It sounds very easy but when you tend to go shopping and learn how to bargain, you get sucked at buying more. It’s just an illusion that bargaining helps you to save more, but in reality, you are buying more.

Whether Spending Rs. 1000 on 1 shirt or spending Rs. 5000 on 20 other items, you tend to spend more. Always remember what is really important for you and what is not.

Attract towards quality and not over quantity.

4.  Hit the discount chain:

Before going on shopping, always check either the store is on discount or not. Many common sale times are:

•             January- where you can buy the summer items.

•             June- where you can winter items.

•             Festive times- where you can get everything at a fair price.

One more thing, department store clearance racks are a great source for cheap and good quality clothes.

5.  Buy clothes that actually fit you:

Buying clothes, especially for children, take care that you are buying something comfortable and of your size. You will look amazing in something of your size. Additionally, you will save money by not buying clothing that you will never like to wear.

6. Try to visit your nearest outlet store:

Remember to search for the nearest store and visit it with your family. Make sure you be there on weekdays as you will able to get more variety.

Not only the brands but also visit some local stores. You will able to get the best products at cheap rates. You will able to bargain with the shopkeeper. Also remember that most people tend to wear a clothing item for maximum 4-5 times, if you are one of them then you must buy the clothes from local stores.

7.  Check out the online store:

Many brands have their online stores. Some of them sell their clearance items with a huge discount. You may not get such cheap rates at the brand outlet.

There are few people who don’t trust the online products. These people can simply visit the store and try the clothing article. They can judge the size and quality and order it from the online store. It will help them to get a huge discount.

Also, remember to check some coupon codes before checking out from the app as it will help you to get more discount.

8.  Don’t buy more, use accessories to create different looks:

There is no need to get new clothes. You can achieve new looks by wearing different accessories with it. Wear either a belt with or a neck piece, or wear a scarf with it, everything will help you to look different. These accessories are very cheaper than buying new clothes.

9.  Don’t get attracted towards trend:

Trends are known to change with time. The trends of this season will soon become out of fashion. So don’t waste your money on such clothing items.

10. Enjoy the sample sales:

Many retailers use to put a sample sale. It is done to get rid of excess clothing items. You can simply visit such stores and buy the best items at a fair price.

One more thing, Take care of your clothes and learn how to sew. It will help you to wear your clothes for a longer time.

Keep these 10 points in mind and save a huge amount of money while shopping for your wardrobe.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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