10 Stylish Blouse Designs Which Makes You Look Gorgeous


Ethnic clothing is the most timeless style of clothing. Rooted in tradition, it never goes out of fashion and style. For women, a small dress can compete in elegance with a saree. These feminine pieces will suit different characters while the list of colours and designs will suit different tastes. The unmistakable style of the blouse adds a lot to the overall appeal of the look. It can add a simple or jazzy touch to a conventional piece. Here’s how to buy a saree blouse you’ll love from the wide selection out there.

Think about the different styles of saree blouses.

Blouses can change the look of a saree like a top or a skirt. While modern trends are giving way to many new designs, the basic cut of the blouse remains the same. We’re exploring some popular styles to help you choose what you like. here are some of the classic designs of the 2021 blouse that makes you look more beautiful.

1.    Bra style blouse:

Are you looking for something bold and sexy? If yes, then get yourself a bra style blouse. It can be the best way to show your body to the world. These blouses will look great with your saree or lehenga.

Puff Sleeves SILK Saree Blouse

Puff Sleeves Organza Blouse

Puff Sleeves Green Woven Blouse

Hot Pink Puff Sleeved Blouse

2.   Sleeveless blouse:

The sleeveless blouse can never go out of fashion. It has always been the perfect blouse pick for the parties. So just pick up your sleeveless blouse in any design or pattern and enjoy its stunning look.

3.  shirt-like blouse:

A shirt-like blouse is a perfect combination of Indian and western attire. It has collars, buttons and elegant. When it is combined with your saree or lehenga, their combination will look extremely graceful.

4. Halter Neck blouse:

Halter neck blouse has acquired its place in the blouse market. From years, it is loved by a lot of women. When it is combined with a saree or lehenga, it turns out to be edgy, lovable and bohemian. It can be a perfect pick for the parties.

5.  Cape Style blouse:

Again, a great combination of Indian and western wear is this cape style blouse. It adds a volume to your attire by adding a minimalist look to it. It is found in many designs and patterns, so choose accordingly.

6.  Cold Shoulder blouse:

The cold shoulder blouse is really elegant and graceful. These blouses are usually found in half and full sleeves with a little cut design on the shoulders. It shows the skin in a very elegant way.

7.   Back circle blouse design:

A blouse with a circular cut on the back adds a beautiful effect to your whole attire. It shows your back in the most sophisticated way. You will find these blouses in many sleeve designs so that you can choose according to your saree or lehenga.

8.   Princess Cut Blouse design:

An exclusive and stylish blouse design is a princess cut blouse. It is loved by many women as it has a princess look on it. It hugs the body in the perfect way. So, combine it with your other garment and enjoy the party.

9.  Bodysuit-like blouse:

A bodysuit is known for its hugging nature. It covers the body and still shows the figure, that’s the reason why it looks great with a saree. It will be less revealing and will also solve its main purpose.

10.  Traditional blouse with Dori:

Dori or string style is mostly seen in the Indian attires. A blouse with the same pattern will add a traditional look to your saree or lehenga. You can even choose the latkans to hang with the Dori and add a heavier look to it.

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