20 Halloween Makeup Ideas to Rock The Floor


Halloween is a great time to showcase your makeup skills and go over the top with your favourite makeup. You can go crazy with all types of colours and designs. Here we present you with 20 Halloween makeup ideas to rock the floor.

1.The Devil Smile Halloween Makeup

This makeup can be a great option if you do not wish to go overboard. This one is simple with the focus mainly on the mouth. Big teeth and lips have created a spooky effect and the rest of the face has been kept as it is. You can wear a spooky dress to complete the look.

2.The IT Look

Inspired by the famous horror movie IT, this makeup is indeed unique. You can dress up as the spooky joker and rock the party with your unique charisma. Wear the dress similar to that of the joker in the film, to get some additional effects.





3.Almost a Devil Look

If you love to go overboard with your makeup, then this one is a great option. Here around 3/4th of the face has been painted with orange and black to give that Halloween look. The lips have been stretched from one corner of the face to the other for some added effects.

4.The Horrific Stitches Halloween Makeup

This is one of the best Halloween makeup that you can do. The lips have been given a stretchy effect and the depiction is as if the face has been stitched. The black color on the face adds to the horror in the best possible way.

5.The Blue Devil

Another Halloween special make-up wherein you would have the freedom of painting your face blue. On top of that, lip makeup is eye-catching, the red lips with the stitches on the face indeed look spooky and apt for a Halloween day.

6.The Harley Queen Makeup

If you are a fan of comic books, you would probably know who she is. This Harley Queen inspired makeup is the right option for you, when it comes to Halloween makeover. Use lots of color and dress up in a fun way to complete the look.

7.The Joker Inspired Look

This is a sexy Halloween makeup where you can play with the lustful black and red. The eyes are painted black in a certain way to give a teary yet devilish look. The nose is painted red with a heart and the lips are painted blood red, depicting the true theme of Halloween.

8.The Blood Red Lips

If you wish to go light on Halloween makeup, then this one is ideal for you. The black eyes and the blood-red lips would display the devil in you. You can wear a blue lens if you do not have natural blue eyes. This is a very simple yet effective Halloween makeup.

9.The Web Eyes

This is a perfect makeup where you can experiment with your eye makeup. One of the eyes has a spider web makeup while the other one has been painted black. The lips are painted simple reddish-pink to complete the look.

10.The Stitched Lips Look

There is no base makeup for this makeup, only the lips are doing the trick. The nose has been painted black and the lips are painted as if they are stitched. This is a spooky look that you should definitely give a try.

11.The Skeleton Makeup

This skeleton makeup would surely steal the show. This is hard to do but would surely grab everyone’s attention. You can draw a skeleton on the bottom half of your face with black and white paint. You can pair up the makeup with the black and white skeletal dress.

12.The Lip Stretch Look

This is a very cute yet unique Halloween makeup where you would have the freedom to use a lot of highlighters. You can do the makeup as you desire, with funky eyeshadow and bright lipstick. Take a straight line from the lips which would go up until the eyes.

13.The Simple Halloween Makeup

Yet another subtle Halloween makeup which you can try and do on a special day. The makeup has a red undertone wherein the face is white. The eyes and the lips are painted red, to complete this Halloween look.

14.The Black Devil Look

This is an over the top Halloween makeup look wherein the face has been painted white initially. Over that, black paint has been applied so as to invite the horror of the day. The neck has also been painted with black, like the branches to increase the effects of the look.

15.Black and White Patterned Look

A unique Halloween look that you can definitely try on the next d-day. The eyes are painted in white and black with unique shapes which would give you a spooky look. The black lip paint adds to the spookiness of the overall look. The hair has been tied in a bun so that the makeup looks enhanced and the visibility of the same increases.

16.The Halloween Tiger

This would be a great look for your child at the next Halloween party. Instead of the usual spooky look, you can go for a tiger painted face. Use white and yellow paint to make the tiger face. This would make them stand out from the crowd. Make them wear a tiger dress so as to complete the look.

17.The Simple Cat Makeup

You can think about opting for the cat makeup this Halloween to look cute and different from the others. The eye makeup is a subtle one with stretched line and the tip of the nose has been made black to give that cute effect. The moustache of the cat is made with black paint which adds a cute effect. The lips have been painted with pink lipstick which adds to the cuteness of the overall look. You can even try this on your baby and make them look the cutest.

18.The Full Skeletal Makeup

The base of this full skeletal makeup is white and designs have been made with black color. The forehead has a unique design that would attract the attention of all around you. The eyes have been painted with black to give a more intense look. The nose has been painted black too. The lips are painted in a stitched design accompanied with a white veil and matching clothes to complete the look.

19.The Half Alien Look

This is a very unique and tough to execute makeup that you can surely try if you are a pro. The alien side has been painted with blue and a lot of shimmers. The eyes have been bordered with black and a lens to give that unique look. This one is definitely worth a try.

20.The Over the Top Devil Look

This is a over the top devil look where a pale face has been created with makeup. This is followed by decorating the face with flower shapes, black paints and more. Red and black is the main color for this look. The eye painting with the flowers on the forehead adds to the look.

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