20 Lovely Celtic Tattoo Designs and Ideas to Ink Your Body


Every Tattoo has a different meaning. When we talk about Celtic Tattoo, it is grabbing a lot of attention. This tattoo is from history and most of the warriors used to have this on their body. It was believed that the tattoo keeps the enemies and negativity away from you. Whenever someone used to win a fight, he used to go for the Celtic tattoo, as the symbol of his victory. With time, this tattoo has become very popular among normal people. It’s detailing like swirls and knots. Even these are designed with animal designs. It is believed that the best places to have a Celtic Tattoo are chest, back and arm. It is very rare to find them on any other part of the body. So are you looking for the Celtic Tattoo designs to ink on your body? Here are 20 ideas for you.

1.Celtic Armband Tattoo

The armbands are very much in trend because they give a sleek and elegant look. It will suit the women of all body types and skin colour. You can choose the width of the Celtic armband and reflect bride from it. Choose the colour as per your choice, but the black will make it look the best.

2.Celtic Love Tattoo

 If you are not a fan of rings, but want to show your love and give the illusion of it, then the Celtic love tattoo will be the best for you. It is designed on the ring finger and shows love. It will help you to avoid the traditional ring designs. Just make sure to match it with your partner.

3.Celtic Flower Tattoo

One of the stunning design that will attract most of the people comes with floral elements. You can modify the original Celtic designs with some flowers in it. Its details will add the pop to your arm. Just make sure to follow a pattern in it.





4.Ticking Clock Tattoo

One of the unique Celtic tattoo design comes with the clock in the middle. You can choose the time that you want on the clock and flaunt this tattoo. The Celtic outlining will add an edge to it. You can define the width of the outlining and the overall size and rock this tattoo.

5.Tree of Life Tattoo

If you want something cute and small tattoo on your hand using Celtic design, then choose the tree of life. It is the symbol of growth and looks the best on your hand. You can add the colours if you want to and keep the Celtic design on the bottom same.

6.Designing a Personal Message

You can even go for the personalised message for your Celtic tattoos. Go for whatever you want on your tattoo. Just make sure to have a small design Celtic design over the message. It will look unique and eye-catchy.

7.Female Design

The Female Celtic Tattoo will add a feminine touch on your hand. You can choose the colours as per your choice and add life to it. A heart with the Celtic elements will help your tattoo look better. Just make sure to add colours in the girl figure and keep the Celtic heart plain.

8.Mini Design

If you want the Celtic design on your body but don’t want a big tattoo, then you can go for mini options. The Mini Celtic tattoos will help you to reflect the culture and show love. You can choose the right position for it. Just make sure to keep it simple, less coloury and showy.

9.Sleeve Tatto Design

Many times, people look for a tattoo that covers their whole hand. If you also want the same, then go for the Celtic full sleeve design. It will catch a lot of attention. As there are so many elements, then try to keep it simple by going for black and white colour.

10.Cross Over Design

 Some people love to have big tattoos. They can go for tattoos like Armor. It covers the chest area and arms. In short, your upper body will be covered with the help of this tattoo. You can choose it in different colours, but the black one looks the best on our skin tones.

11.Owl Tattoo

One of the authentic and eye-catchy Celtic Tattoos comes in the owl shape. You can choose the size as per your wish. This tattoo should be filled with Celtic detailing, usually done with the black, white and brown colour. To make it simpler, get a small heart drawn in the middle of it. This tattoo will win your heart.

12.Old World Celtic Tattoo

If you are a fan of old designs, then Old world Celtic tattoos will be the best for you. You can choose the ancient elements and detailing for it and fall in love with its different stunning look.

13.Bright Green Tattoo

Another colour that looks amazing in Celtic tattoos is Green. It helps in highlighting your tattoo in the best way. Just make sure to choose it in the small design as too much green may make your hand look weird. To create a balance, add black and white to it.

14.Celtic Tattoo with many knots

 The Celtic design is all about details. You can choose it with knotty design so that you can get contemporary vibes from it. These are cool and you can choose the shape and size for it.

15.Celtic Falcons

The Celtic Falcons are all about attracting people. You can keep its face plain and add the Celtic design to its wings. The same design on both sides will help you shine in the best way. These are beautiful and give a curly look.

16.Celtic Tattoo with Initials

 You can also go for the Celtic tattoo with the initials. You can either go for your name’s initials or choose the letter from your lover’s name. The detailing of this tattoo will help your hand enjoy the creative vibes. The black and white colours will look the best in it.

17.The Sailing Ship

If you want the modern and unique vibes from your Celtic Tattoo, then go for the sailing ship on your hand. You can choose its detailing as per your requirement. At the bottom of it, choose the Celtic design and fall in love with its shape.

18.Swirling Symbol

The Swirling is a very important part of the Celtic tattoos and you can get individually this design drawn on yourself. This solid design will give the circular illusion to your tattoo.

19.Silver Colouring

 The best way to highlight your Celtic tattoos is by adding the silver colour to it. It will add a shiny look and merge well with the black colour. You can choose any design and add this colour touch to it. Additionally, you can add some initials to this tattoo. Just make sure to use less silver and more black.

20.Celtic Cross

 The Cross is the way to keep God near you. You can get this tattoo drawn with the Celtic design. Additionally, using green, black and white colours to it will help it stand out on your skin.

These Celtic Tattoos will look the best on you. So do tell your favorite ones in the comment section.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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