8 Eyeliner Tricks Every Woman Should Know to Have Eyeconic Eyes


Eyes are the most expressive part of your face. They are the first thing people notice when they first meet someone. This is the reason it is very important to pay special attention to your eyes when doing your makeup. After all, you want to make a stunning first impression on people, right?When you are getting ready to go out for running errands or maybe to an office party, your eye makeup can either make or break your entire makeup look! Knowing a few tricks for applying the perfect eyeliner and fill your eyebrow properly which can be a game changer for your makeup game. Here are 8 eyeliner tricks every woman needs to know in order to look EYEconic!

  1. Getting the wing right
    We can all agree that this is the era of the winged eyeliner trend. Who doesn’t love a good wing? This eyeliner stile suits everyone and is fit for all occasions, be it a party or for office.

    However, getting the wing right is a little trick and sometimes time taking too. The trick to a perfect wing is to angle it parallel to your eyebrow!
    Start by drawing a line on the outer edge of your eye and angle it parallel to your eyebrow. Then from the end of this line draw another line inwards and fill the gaps in between.

  2. Always tight line your eyeliner
    People often apply the eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, and consider their makeup done. But when the waterline of your top lid looks bare, it ruins your entire eye look!

    The best practice is to always tight line the upper lid.This makes your eyes look bigger and completes the look.

  3. Try wearing a colored eyeliner
    You won’t ever know how amazing colored eyeliner looks, unless you try it for yourself. Pick a color which complements your eyes and your outfit if you want to rocks colored eyeliner look.

    For blue eyes use colors like Champaign, gold, copper and even navy.Bronze and rust colors go along well with green eyes.Grey, dark blue and rust are perfect for brown eyes.Gold, dark green and bronze colors compliment Hazel eyes.

  4. Double eyeliner leaves a lasting impression
    Ever tried dark blue color eyeliner with the usual black one?Combining different color eyeliner with black is the best way to enhance your features and make your eyes the focus of your look.The trick is to first apply a thick layer of colored eyeliner and then a thin layer of the black one on top of it.

  5. Drawing a sharp, straight wing
    You can use tape to create a clear cat eye. How? It’s simple! Just angle the tape parallel to your eyebrow line and stick it at the edge of your eye. Now draw a line fearlessly to make the wing of the cat eye.

    Once done, remove the tape and you will see a perfect, straight and sharp cat eye wing.If you aren’t too keen on using a tape on your skin, you can take the help of an old business card too!

  6. Make your liner last long
    Use eye shadow of the same color on top of the eyeliner to set it.

    This simple trick can make your liner last a very long time!First apply the liner, and then dab a little eye shadow on top of it.

  7. Create an ombre effect
    Start by applying a light eyeliner pencil, like white, from the inner corners of your eyes and stretch it till more than half of your eye lid.

    Now, take a dark colored pencil and draw a line from the outer corner of your eyes to the middle of the eye lid.
    Smudge the eyeliner with the help of an eyeliner brush or cotton.

  8. Use concealer to hide smudges
    It is common to mess up a little while drawing your eyeliner.however, washing your entire makeup because of just a single mistake is not necessary.

    You can use a concealer to hide the smudges and give your eyeliner a sharp and perfect finish.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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