What to wear to an Indian Wedding as a Guest Female and male


Indian weddings go big on colour, food and bling, and as you’re likely aware, the wedding outfit says a lot. From capes to palazzo, asymmetrical hemlines to dhoti pants options for indian wedding guest dresses are endless today. With so many options available it can be tricky to decide what to wear to the next Indian wedding you attend.

Just received an invite to an Indian wedding and need to select your perfect attire? We’ve got you covered with all the deets of dressing for traditional and modern Indian wedding celebrations. We have also curated a list of Indian wedding guest outfit ideas to make it easy for you.

Deciding Your Indian Wedding Guest Attire

Picking your outfit for an Indian wedding can be both exhilarating and a little bit confusing, as the ceremonies can be too tedious, wholesome, energetic and vibrant. Your outfit choice should depend on different factors, including your part in the wedding function, the kind of ceremony, and your individual prefrences. Do not forget to consider the following:

1. Remember the dress code if there is any and find your outfit accordingly.

2. Precisely identify your role in the wedding. Are you the bridesmaid, are you the bride’s brother, how much work will you be doing? Which outfit will offer maximum comfort?

3. Modest dressing always wins. Indian weddings are usually traditional and modest. Make sure that all the required areas are coveres and your outfit is respectful of the culture of the wedding.

4. Plan way ahead. Do not leave the outfit selection for the last few days. Do it way ahead so that you have ample time for fitting and alterations.

Indian wedding guest outfit ideas for women

1. Play with all the colours

What is the most rocking traditional outfit for an Indian wedding? Its a colourful attire which is all about bright and vibrant colors! Whether it’s the summer season or winter, indoors or outdoors, you can never go wrong with a splash of colours. Unless the wedding has a dress code or theme, go crazy with your choices and play around with colours! Pro tip: You can avoid black.

2. Or go all white

Indian wedding guests rarely wear white to any wedding celebration – it’s considered super basic for any function as special as an Indian wedding! However, white is royal, regal and ethereal. It absolutely looks magical. So go ahead and wear your fav whites, nobody will say you upstaged the bride! Just don’t forget to accessorize with a bit of color – gold or silver will be the perfect match.

3. Ethnic Jumpsuits

Because why not? Jumpsuits are comfy, convenient, unconventional,  stylish, and it also comes with embellished motifs and patterns! You can totally stand out of the crowd and look so chic.

4. Dhoti Pants

Unisex fashion at its peak! Dhoti has been traditionally associated with men. However, today, it’s taken over women’s fashion as well. Chic, comfy, breezy and beautiful, everyone will love this Indian outfit!

5. Anarkali

Indian outfits come in a variety of textiles and patterns. One such traditional Indian outfit is an anarkali suit. Anarkalis are floor-length or mid-length dresses often paired with a salwar or churidar. They look super elegant and are known for their swirly fabrics and waist-snatching design!

Indian wedding outfit ideas for men

1. A vibrant Kurta

As mentioned before, colours rule Indian weddings. You can never go wrong with a kurta! The brighter the colour, the merrier. Team it up with a pajama, churidar, dhoti, or even jeans for a classic wedding guest look.

2. A pastel Kurta

Not comfortable in wearing a bright, colourful kurta? No problem. You can opt for pastels if you fancy something like that. They look equally amazing and are subtle yet trendy. The main purpose is to have fun with what you wear.

3. Bandhgala jackets

Popularly known as Jodhpuri, bandhgala is a ban collared jacket which in totally in trend. It also comes in a suit form, however, the safer bet is to wear the bandhgala jacket over a kurta or formal shirt. You can then remove it if it gets too warm.

4. Patterned Blazers

Its time to let go of the plain boring blue, gray or black blazer and flaunt beautiful patterns for your next Indian wedding. Many designers are now using Indian handlooms to make chic and trendy blazers! Ready to make heads turn?

5. Sherwani

Once limited to royalty, the sherwani is now a staple menwear at Indian weddings. Grooms and guests both wear it, so you know you won’t stick out like a sore thumb! Just wear a plain or lightly embroidered one – the heavy ones are reserved for the groom.

Indian wedding guest outfit ideas for couples

1. A coordinate colour choice

You can pick a colour palette that complements each other’s outfits. For example, if the woman is wearing a grey/light blue outfit, the male partner can opt for an outfit or suit in a shade that complements the grey, like a navy or dark grey.

2. Theme based wedding guest outfits

You can also opt for some colour/ theme-based outfits. For instance, both the man and woman can wear outfits in pink, royal blue and silver for a cohesive and monotone look, or opt for a floral theme with matching floral patterns.

3. White and colour

You can mix and match white and colourful elements. For example, the man can wear a classic white sherwani with modern jackets, and the woman can opt for a traditional coloured lehenga with a trendy blouse design.

4. Pastel perfection

If you both are a fan of pastel colors, you can use matching or complementary pastel elements to create a cohesive look. This can help in bringing the perfect couple outfits together.

5. Awesome off-white

Off white colour is as gorgeous as any other colour on the spectrum. A coordinated couple outfit in off-white colour is perfect, royal, stylish and super chic to get you tons of compliments.

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