Top 13 Trending Shoe Colors to Wear with Your Navy Dress


Wearing a classic navy blue dress can make a statement but it can be a little challenging to style if you’re short on good style inspiration. Already set fashion wisdom would probably tell you to wear it with black heels and play it safe. However, there’s no space for safe picks in the world of fashion. Styling a navy dress shouldn’t suddenly feel like you’re compromising your character and personality. And, no fashionista would tell you to do so.

So that you don’t have to take our word for it, we curated a list of some fresh shoe color inspiration from top celeb trendsetters to pair with your navy dress. After filtering through the newest navy dress looks, here’s what we found: There is a lot of scope for fun when styling footwear with navy dresses. And, yet, there are also ways to style a pair of not-so-safe black heels with them. When it comes to styling a navy blue dress, the sky is the limit and these 13 options confirm it.

1. Radiant Red Heels:

Imagine walking down the street in a navy dress paired with vibrant red stilettos. The radiance of red will introduce a fierce touch to your overall outfit, turning heads wherever you go. Red oozes enthusiasm and delight, and it’s a sure-shot way to elevate your navy dress outfit to an altogether new level.

2. Glamorous Gold Heels:

If luxurious is your vibe, go for gold! Whether you want to wear metallic gold pumps or strappy sandals, gold color footwear will add a whiff of glamor and refinement to your navy dress outfit. Perfect for evening gowns, cocktail dresses and special occasions.

3. Gorgeous Green stilettos:

Want to stroll on the big wild side? Try pairing your navy dress with gorgeous green shoes. This bold combination introduces a pop of fierce color and drama to your outfit, making it flawless for fashion-forward events.

4. Joyful Pink footwear:

Complete an adorable and mischievous look by pairing your navy dress with adorable pink shoes. The softness of pink against the richness of navy builds a pleasant contrast, excellent for brunch dates or a casual day out.

5. Attractive Animal Prints:

Unleash your inner style beast by going for animal print shoes with your navy dress. Whether it’s tiger, zebra, snake or leopard prints, these chic patterns bring out the adventurous side of your style. Animal print shoes also look amazingly well with polka-dot navy dresses.

6. Unique Yellow:

Embrace the sunshine bliss with a pair of striking yellow shoes for your navy dress. Yellow complements navy in a way that’s both surprising and enjoyable. Be prepared to illuminate everyone’s day with this fiery look.

7. Statement Nude shoes:

If doubt seeps in, nude shoes are the best go-to. They elongate your legs and form a seamless look, making them an excellent match for your navy dress. Nude heels and shoes are a versatile wardrobe staple that will never fail you.

8. Monochromatic Silver shoes:

It’s time you step into the spotlight with monochrome silver shoes that compliment the cool undertones of navy. Silver brings a contemporary and stylish edge to your outfit, and it’s a perfect choice for formal occasions.

9. Chic White Shoes:

For a refreshed and genteel look, pair your navy dress with chic white shoes. This duo is excellent for summer gatherings and oozes grace and style.

10. Dreamy Orange:

Infuse some vibrancy into your navy dress with dreamy orange shoes. This brave and quirky pairing will make you stand out from the crowd and will help you shine with confidence.

11. Classic Camel shoes:

Tan or camel colored shoes make a sophisticated and classic look when paired with a navy dress. These earthy shades complement each other well, making it a go-to colour combination for an effortlessly created fashionable look.

12. Statement Black:

To introduce some character and contrast to your look, go for your safe and favourite statement black shoes with your navy dress. This classic combo is exemplary for evening events and forms a strong and stunning presence.

13. Pastel Perfection:

Play around with the softer flank of style with pastel-coloured shoes. Whether it’s soft blue, pastel green, or lavender, muted colours create a thoughtful and dreamy look when combined with a navy dress.


  1. What colour shoes to wear with a navy dress?

Statement and versatile colour choices include nude or earthy-toned shoes, which effortlessly harmonize with navy. For a bold look, try metallics like gold or silver to add a hint of glamour. Red shoes make a fierce statement and produce a unique contrast. Other favourable options include blush pink, tan/camel, white, grey, and pastel hues.

  1. What colour shoes to wear with a navy dress for the wedding?

If you are attending a wedding, you’ll want to elevate your navy dress with tasteful and royal shoe choices. Nude or metallic heels are a classic option that will elongate your legs and add a hint of polish. If you want to add a pop of colour, consider affluent jewel tones like deep red or emerald green. Metallic sandals can be a fantastic choice too.

  1. What colour shoes to wear with navy dress pants?

You have multiple shoe color options for pairing with navy dress pants depending on the look you desire to achieve. For a traditional and graceful outfit, black shoes are a safe bet. Brown shoes in various shades, like chocolate or tan, can also perform well and create a refined ensemble.

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