11 Latest Chikankari outfit ideas for the festive season


When it comes to traditional and ethnic festive wear for women, chikankari is at the top of the list, all thanks to its ethereal and elegant design. Chikankari outfits are no longer limited to the standard fundamental pattern. Today, the latest chikankari outfits have got a contemporary makeover, and are now available in a variety of high-fashion and stylish patterns. So, break free from the basic outfit monotony and bring stunning fresh patterns and colors into your festive wardrobe (Well yes, we mean besides the standard white color. Duhhhh….).

1. Green Embroidered Georgette Chikankari Kurti

The simple georgette chikankari kurti is a timeless fashion trend that can never go out of style. The best part about this beautiful ensemble is that it is exceptionally versatile. It can be styled in so many ways with different accessories. This is an excellent pick for festive gatherings at your office and college because it is subtle yet classic and we love it.

2. Red Embroidered Cotton Chikankari Kurti

The red color is the color of the festival, and this red cotton chikankari kurti gorgeously fuses tradition with brightness. The fine chikan embroidery on soft cotton fabric provides breathability and comfort all day long. Whether it’s a small family get-together or a major festive event, this kurti outfit will make a statement with its rich color and detailed fabric artistry.

3. Chikan Hand Embroidered Grey Anarkali

Get ready to make a classy entry with this grey georgette chikankari Anarkali. The hand-embroidered chikankari work has a jaw-dropping elegance that compliments this flowing silhouette. This festive outfit is perfect for ceremonial gatherings or special occasions. The Anarkali flow offers a flattering fit for all body types and looks magical with silver oxidised jewellery.

4. Black Georgette Chikankari Kurti

For a lot of us, black is our favorite color. And for those who love classic black, this georgette chikankari kurti is a staple in your festive wardrobe. The black fabric is perfect to beautifully enrich the intricate white chikankari embroidery. This chikankari outfit is stunning, and versatile and can be dressed up or down with subtle makeup, hairdo and accessories.

5. Purple Hand embroidered Chikankari Kurti

If a style goddess could recommend THE ONE convenient yet gorgeous chikankari outfit, then this piece will be their top answer. Be ready to radiate dignity and delight in this hand-embroidered purple cotton chikankari kurti. The purple color oozes its regal aroma and the delicate chikan work sweetens the overall look. Whether paired with traditional jewelry or trendy and dainty accessories, this kurti is excellent for celebrating traditions in style.

6. Maroon Lucknowi Chikankari Saree

If one piece of cloth could scream the magnificence and royalty of Lucknow, it would be this one. Seriously, the ethnic elegance of this maroon Lucknowi chikankari saree is second to none. The elaborate weaving and chikankari embroidery on the maroon fabric make it a ravishing choice for some regal festive occasions. 

7. Black Handmade Chikankari Lucknowi Saree

Black is a colour of elegance, royalty and sophistication. This black georgette chikankari saree is a statement outfit and is sooooo adorable. The handmade chikan embroidery adds elaborate detail to your saree, while the black colour is a refreshing air of modern refinement. This saree outfit is impeccable for all those stylish girlies who adore a gorgeous yet understated ethnic vibe.

8. Silk Chikankari Sequence Weaving Designer Saree

The evergreen silk fabric joins hands with chikankari work in this oh-so-beautiful designer saree. The sequence weaving and chikankari work form a marvellous contrasting aesthetic, making it an outfit option which is absolutely amazing for festive affairs. The saree’s pure silk fabric can be carried on perfectly, making your childhood royal queen bee dreams come to life.

9. Salmon Chikankari Lucknowi Saree With Sequins

Your inner style diva will fall in love with this splash of color to your festive ensemble. This salmon-coloured Lucknowi chikankari saree is MAJOR FASHION GOALS that we can’t stop drooling over. The sequin’s weaving adds a dash of sparkle to the already gorgeous chikankari detailing, making it an impressive outfit for nighttime festivities. Pair it with a matching blouse to complete your stunning look.

10. Light Green Chikan Top with Cowl Pants

For a trendy twist on festive chikankari outfits, invest in this light green chikan top paired with equally gorgeous cowl pants. This festive ensemble presents a beautiful mix of traditional Lucknowi craftsmanship and modern designs. The light green color oozes glam and the intricate chikankari work makes it a stylish choice for your next festive event.

11. Blue Chikankari Georgette Angrakha

This is where the tradition comes together with trends. The Angrakha style is known for its applauding fit and is best for various occasions. Welcome the spellbinding magic of traditional Indian attire with this amazing blue georgette chikankari Angrakha. The hand-embroidered chikankari work brings loads and loads of grace to this traditional silhouette.

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