12 Classy Nalli Sarees to Rock Your Wedding


Whenever we talk about Classic Indian Sarees, we can never forget the Nalli sarees. It is the pride of South India and almost 80+ years old. You can easily categories them into Silk as well as Kanchipuram sarees. These are absolutely gorgeous and suits every other age group. In this blog, we are going to talk about 12 such classy Nalli sarees that will be perfect for the wedding season. It will give you a princess-like look and you will fall in love with its designer saree pattern. You will be going to find your favourite Nalli saree from this catalogue. Have a look.

1.Pure Silk Nalli Saree:

Nalli silk sarees are known for its picture-perfect looks. These are artistic in nature and looks perfect with the same material blouse. If you are confused while choosing the silk saree for yourself, go for such sarees. Its pattern will help you to rock the wedding season. You can get a lot of colours and design options in pure silk nalli sarees.

2.Heavy Embroidered Green Nalli Saree:

A beautiful nalli saree with heavy embroidery is something alluring. It is right in every sense and the green colour is also very in nowadays. It has traditional elements with the display of modern embroidery. Its work is spread all over the saree and that’s why it is perfect for the wedding season. You will enjoy its South Indian vibes.

3.The Nalli Saree with Checks:

For the classic South Indian look, go for a nalli saree with checks. It will give you a playful as well as a vibrant feeling. Also, there are so many colour combinations available in this style so you can choose accordingly. Pick it up with heavy saree border and pallu and make it perfect for weddings.

4.Tamil Style Nalli Saree:

The Nalli saree looks even better when it follows the Tamil Nadu pattern. The awesome pattern work displayed on these sarees will make you look different and beautiful. It has a great choice and colour and pattern, so choose it and go for something that is very much in trend.

5.The Classic South Indian Style Nalli Saree:

The Nalli saree with classic South Indian Vibes looks beautiful. The blouse of these sarees are perfect in every sense. These combinations are designed while keeping the Indian women’s desires in mind. You can get in heavy look and ethnic design and enjoy it in the wedding season.

6.The Royal Nalli Saree:

As the name suggests, the royal nalli saree will give you a perfect Queen-like look. It will look classic and you will enjoy its pride. These sarees are generally found in bright colours that will give a great visual effect to your eyes. Get these sarees in the Silk fabric and flaunt it whenever you want to.

7.Alavar Silk Nalli Saree:

The wedding season is almost here and you must be looking for a beautiful saree to wear there. So don’t get confused and pick the Alavar Silk Nalli saree. It has a great design on itself and look perfect on the grand occasions. Also, simply have to pair it with the traditional jewellery and it will do its work.

8.Meenakshi Blue Nalli Cotton Saree:

Cotton Saree not always come with the casual vibes, so wear it to weddings. The Nalli cotton saree is pure and feels comfortable. It is beautiful and comes with a mesmerizing work on the pallu. You will find it in many contrasting colours that will help you to put the grand impact.

9.Unique Silk Drops from Nalli:

There are many women who want to get a different look. In that case, the silk drops saree from nalli will help them to get the unique look. These come with artistic work and is loved by everyone. It is trendy and again help you to get a fresh look. Try out this saree to the next relative’s wedding.

10.The Peacock Feather Printed Nalli Saree:

If it’s your friend’s wedding and you don’t want to go for something really heavy, then simply go for Peacock feather printed nalli saree. It has all the peacock colours on itself and helps you to look really good. Its print is really impressive and everyone can wear it. You will admire its modern look.

11.Latest Designer Nalli Saree:

The Brand use to launch new collection from time to time. Each saree is different from another one. The latest designer saree has all the attractive qualities that you must be seeking for. It is sober in colour with quality work and you will be able to re-wear it on multiple occasions.

12.The Silk Nalli Saree with Colourful patterns:

Are you tired of the boring colours of your sarees? Get yourself a Silk Nalli saree with a colourful pattern and reflect your real self. It has all the vibrant elements that you must be looking for in any saree. The silk fabric makes it balanced and gives it a party-wear vibe. Choose its blouse in any pattern you want to enjoy the cheerful vibes of the saree.

The saree is one of the most beautiful and sexy attire. It is trendy, impressive and traditional and makes you look perfect at the grand occasions. And when you get the saree with a matching blouse, everything becomes even better. The Nalli saree collection has a lot to serve you. You simply have to pick something according to your style. So match it up with beautiful accessories, makeup and hairstyle and give yourself a classy touch.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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