10 Innovative Saree Draping Styles for Glamorous Look


As you know, saree is the most elegant type of Indian clothing. It can make you look formal, fun, sexy, traditional and what not. But do you think that your undraped saree can do everything for you? No, the way of draping it plays a very important role in it. Wearing it in the same boring way can make you look dull. It will also ruin the whole look expensiveness of your saree.

So, to bring that fun fact to your life, here are some innovative saree draping styles. Try them and make yourself look more beautiful.

  1. Pre-Stitched/Cocktail Style
  2. Lehenga Style Draping
  3. Pants Style Draping
  4. Scarf/Neck Wrap Draping Style
  5. Beautiful Bengali Style
  6. Gujarati Style of Draping
  7. Belted Saree Drape
  8. Butterfly Draping Style
  9. Dhoti Style Drape
  10. Mumtaz Style Drape

#1. Pre-Stitched/Cocktail Style

Pre-stitched saree is a cocktail style of saree is all about a heavy blouse. Here, a simple saree is combined with a bodysuit or heavy blouse. This style can be greatly draped with a chiffon or georgette saree. Also, you can go for this saree if you have a simple saree with a heavy pallu. This pallu style will enhance the beauty of your blouse and enhance your figure.

#2. Lehenga Style Draping

One of the most common and beautiful styles of saree pallu is lehenga style. If you don’t have a saree for any function then you can take your pallu in this way and give an effect of lehenga. This way of faking your look is very smart and bold. So now, there is no need to waste your money on a lehenga.

#3. Pants Style Draping

Wearing your saree with pants is very bold and smart. It is a great blend of Indian and western expression. You can pick up your pants in the same colour as your saree and play creatively. After all, a petticoat is very outdated and boring. Let your pants visible and enjoy the appreciation.

#4. Scarf/Neck Wrap Draping Style

Instead of carrying your pallu on the shoulder, try to wear like a scarf. It will make you look different and stylish. You wear a matching blouse with your saree. It will a western touch to you. Also, with this style of saree, there is no need to wear a necklace. It is perfect for the winter season.

#5. Beautiful Bengali style

Have you ever heard of Alternative Bengali style of saree? It is all about a reverse drape. This style is very popular nowadays and looks very unique. This drape looks great with a saree with a heavy border. You can combine this saree with a backless blouse and flaunt your alternative look.

#6. Gujarati Style of Draping

One of the traditional and beautiful drapes is a Gujarati style. Women love to go for this style. This brings a richness look to your saree. Not only this, you can flaunt your heavy saree pallu with this drape. This drape looks the best with the banarasi and kanjeevaram sarees.

#7. Belted Saree Drape

Have you ever thought of wearing your normal saree with a belt? Yes, you heard it right. You can wear a belt with your saree. It will give you a contemporary look and will highlight your waistline. Also, it will add some flair to your look. According to your saree, you can go for a sleek or broad belt.

#8. Butterfly Draping Style

If you a big fan of Bollywood then you will love this saree style. This sexy saree style is modern and easy to do. You just have to tie your saree little lower than the normal and carry it with small-parted pallu. It will make you look like an actress. You can style your saree with a sexy, backless and sleeveless blouse.

#9. Dhoti Style Drape

Do you love the dressing sense of Sonam Kapoor? Then you will love this type of drape. This style has gained a lot of popularity with time. It will look extremely stylish. You can even carry this type of saree drape with a jacket or blazer and give yourself an eclectic look. Carry this style with any type of blouse and chunky jewellery.

#10. Mumtaz Style Drape

If you love to want to get the retro style then you can wear your saree in the way Mumtaz used to wear. This saree is known as Mumtaz style itself. It has a blingy border which makes it even more different. This saree drape looks perfect with a chiffon saree and in the party season.

These were some simple and contemporary saree drapes will help you get a showstopper look. Choose your favourite style and rock the whole function.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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