7 Popular Saree Border Designs that can Add Grace to Your Personality


Saree is one of the most loved outfits of all times and suits everyone irrespective of their body shape and skin colour. It is said to be the most graceful attire that is made from just an unstitched fabric.

As simple as a saree is, there are a variety of options available when it comes to saree. There can be variations in the fabric of saree, variations in the prints, variation in the style of draping it as well as the variations in its border finishing.

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This article aims at the myriad of border designs that every woman should know in order to know her game well when deciding to go for sarees. Below are the top seven most loved saree border designs that can accentuate your look like nothing else.

1.Ethnicity is the key

Do you have a plain saree but don’t know what to do about its borders? Add an element of art and craft with Kalamkari ethnic saree borders.

Kalamkari is the work of the season, and every designer is using it on the ramp as well as the red carpet. Ethnic handcrafted saree borders make your saree look incredibly gorgeous.

The best about these borders is that they can be directly painted on the saree border and down have to be sewed on or attached which ultimately gives the saree its fluid sheen. These borders are easily available in the market with kalamkari work, and it can be paired with the sarees with ease.

2.Be modern with multiple border sarees

If you are a follower of style trends took up by Bollywood celebs, you will notice a pattern of how multiple border sarees have taken over the industry like a wave.

Every other actress can be frequently spotted carrying a saree with multiple borders. Don’t stay behind and change your style with the changing trends. In these sarees, typically a net border is divided into three levels, and each level is marked by a simple and thin border.

Each border is placed at some distance from the other, and this entire multi-border effect gives a different edge to your sarees. These multiple borders are usually solid in colour, but the colour is usually the contrast of what the saree is. This kind of work suits the best with net sarees.

3.Look lightweight with the laces!

Laces are the game turner for any designer. The way a designer uses lace shows his expertise in the field, and no designer would want to risk his reputation by messing their lacey game.

Laces are an incredible package to accentuate your entire look by adding barely minimal. Laces come in different styles, and each of these styles can be beautifully paired with a saree. However, the choice of lace used in any saree greatly depends on the material of the saree fabric.

Handmade laces are trending the most these days amongst the other kind of laces that there are. Handmade laces are beautiful and intricate and can be paired with any chiffon saree to look amazing.

4.Variable breadths for a breathtaking appearance

Designing is nothing but aesthetical mathematics. When we left mathematics in 10th Standard, we thought that was it, but we were wrong.

Math is a part of our life and designing is no different. The way one plays with their measuring tape says a lot about one’s potential. These days especially, the variable breadth game is on and on fire.

Celebs can be often spotted wearing sarees with variable boarder breadth, and these borders do complete justice to the kind of saree you are wearing. The border of the saree is broken down into two sections, the top section is thin, and the bottom section is wider. This contrast of width makes your saree look really cool and funky.

5.Mesmerizing mirror work

Mirror work has been a speciality of West Indian clothing for ages now. Rajasthani women are often spotted wearing their attires with mirror work on them.

However, in Rajasthan, mirror work is not confined to just clothing; rather, mirror work is a part of life there. Be it footwear, bangles, accessories like a necklace or even homes wares, mirror work can be spotted almost everywhere, and one can never get enough of this beautiful design.

Using mirror work as the borders of sarees is yet another step towards modernizing sarees with a touch of culture. These borders give you a subtle yet sophisticated appearance and can be worn on any day time function.

Many people wearing mirror work often worry about the flashiness its adds to the look, but one should know that this flashiness can be reduced by using threads in a muted shade.

6.Life-life Banarasi borders

In this 3D world, everything is becoming lifelike. Designers decided to match the trend and came up with these close to real Banarasi borders.

These designs are made up of resham or Zari, and the choice of fabric used is Banarasi. Taking the legacy forward, celebs are often spotted wearing sarees with life-like borders. These borders give your saree a modern look and can be worn on any day-time functions.

7.Go bold with the velvet work

Emerge as the fashion diva amongst your friends with the opulent look of the velvet fabrics.

Using velvet in the borders of a saree is usually lighter than using velvet in the drape of a saree and also makes the woman look subtle and gorgeous. Pair up velvet borders with soft or see-through fabrics to get the best effect of sheer beauty. These velvet borders can also be coupled with embroidery work to give it a more ethnic look.

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