10 Creative Ways To Reuse & Restyle Your Old Sarees into Fashionable Dresses


Pulling off a saree could be a difficult task, but once you have excelled at that there is no stopping you. Every woman wants to learn and most of them know their way around a saree. Do you have that first saree of yours, which you wore for the first time and then for the fifth and sixth because it was most comfortable but are now bored of it?

What about your mother’s old saree that you have been fawning upon ever since you were a little girl, but you won’t wear it because it’s just not your type? Or, what will happen of that old saree that is already starting to shrink and tear? What will happen of the saree that has now gone completely out of trend?

There are a hundreds of saree situations that one can be dealing with, all these situations might lead to a common conclusion, that is the saree being stuck in your closet or in the storage for a long time, never to be worn again. The trick is to reuse and restyle that saree into something that doesn’t bore you, is your type, is trending and is in good shape.

Given below is a list of 10 things that you can do with your saree in order to reuse it:

#1. Turn it into a lehenga:

With celebrities of all age groups from Kareena Kapoor to Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, choosing to wear a lehenga to most weddings, lehenga is the most popular choice for a wedding, family gathering, festivals. It is time your build your own lehenga. Choose the style, the shape and the colours you want to use with your saree colour and go for it.

Tip: You can use the saree blouse as your lehenga blouse too.

#2. A fusion dress:

Fashion industry today is all about mixing and fusing, experimenting and creating. With your saree, you can create a dress of any length, preferably mid-length that perfect ethnic touch and the shape and cuts mix in some western look.

Tip: Use single colour saree for such dresses, you may also add pockets to the dress and to make the design more interesting, Indian print patches on the pocket sides can be used.

#3. Turn it into a traditional overcoat:

If you are worried about your saree being out of fashion, then this is definitely the showstopper you need. You can turn your saree into an overcoat (particularly, shrug style) of any length and use the same on different clothing styles like plain Kurti, suit, over a tank top and jeans, over the strapless blouse of a lehenga or a saree, etc.

Tip: Use the most colourful saree that you have for this. The best option would be to use an embroidered saree, or one with lot of patterns.

#4. Kids clothes:

There is one option where sarees always come handy and that is when it comes to restyle and reshape them into your kid’s clothes. You can use your old, tearing away saree and make it into a graceful lehenga for your daughter or a sherwani for your son.

Tip: You can use one saree to make a lot of pairs for your kid.

#5. A party gown:

Once you are bored of wearing a saree to most functions, you must create and wear something that the fashion industry never seems to get bored of and that are gowns.

Tip: Some sarees are too traditional for a western gown, however in weddings and other such parties, fusion works best, you can add western elements like the sleeves design, etc to your gown.

#6. The western saree:

This style involves the pallu of your the saree that you like the most and can get creative with. Get a pair of pants made of a colour that perfectly matched with the colour and design of the pallu and attach the pallu on the mid-corner of the left side of the pants. This way you can pull up the pallu and it will seem like you have draped it around.

Tip: Get creative with the blouse.

#7. Cut it into a Kurti:

Your saree could be the most suitable for a fancy, party type heavy silk, chanderi or georgette Kurti. You can choose whatever shape and length you want because the saree is always large enough.

Tip: If you aren’t able to use the full saree for some use, use its borders or patches over your Kurti.

#8. Anarkali from a saree:

This is one of the best options where the saree is turned into a whole new dress and the dress is perfect for grand functions, for which you otherwise would have had to spend a fortune. Turning the saree into an Anarkali is an easy and safe option. You can get experimental with the work, in case the saree is plain, you can use embellishments.

Tip: The dupatta can be in contrast.

#9. Make it into a dupatta:

Nowadays, women prefer simple, plain and classy suits paired with heavy dupattas. If you have one such suit or want one, then simply your saree can add the grace and elegance to your suit for you. Use your saree to form a dupatta.

Tip: The best part to use would be the pallu, if your saree isn’t a running saree.

#10. Bits and pieces everywhere:

Why make one dress from a saree, if you can make many. A saree has a lot of uses and shapes, patterns and designs on it that could go with various other clothes. You can use the pallu of a saree and convert it into a dupatta, the borders can be used in a contrast or matching Kurti, the blouse can be used for a lehenga or another saree, the remaining can be used to make one or even two Kurtis and/or dresses.

There is renovation and recreation in fashion everywhere, this time make your own creation and wear it with confidence.

Vaishali Mhaske
Vaishali Mhaske
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