Love To Wear Saree? Then Try These 20 Classy Embroidery Sarees


The elegant and traditional Indian wear called Saree has varied designs and styles from simple to embroider. Indubitably, every woman is searching for royal and designer sarees to make a fashion statement on special occasions.

Historically, embroidery sarees weren’t affordable and within the reach of the middle-class woman. However, with the advent of different machines has made it possible for woman of all social classes to purchase it.


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As there is an extensive and exclusive collection in embroidery sarees along with the different price tags, thus, anyone can choose the embroidered sarees according to the occasion.

Generally, the embroidered sarees are embellished with beads, tassels, sequins of gold and silver, crystals and shells. Moreover, there are some simple and elegant embroidery designs, which is pertinent for the everyday wear.

This season, stock your wardrobe with these 20 designer and trendy embroidery sarees, which is suitable for every occasion.

  1. Kashmiri Saree
    The traditional and customary Kashmiri saree has amazing and stunning embroidery on the borders. The embroidery work is popularly known as Kashida Embroidery with the stylish motifs of animals, birds, flowers and leaves. But the most dominating pattern in Kashmiri saree is floral pattern. To look classy and sassy, purchase the Kashmiri saree for your closet collection.

  2. Parsi Gara Saree
    The famous ‘Gara’ embroidery became trendy during the 19th century, inspired from the Chinese royalty. The Parsi Gara saree has conventional embroidery designs and patterns. There are majorly three prominent styles in Gara embroidery work, motifs on the Pallu, Border work and a dense pattern. For regular and everyday wear, you can purchase the floral pattern in Parsi Gara saree.

  3. Gollabhama Saree
    The tradition of Gollabhama sarees began from the Indian state, Telangana. The embroidery work which is done on the sarees has some clear depictions of their tradition and culture. Generally, the Gollabhama sarees are hand-woven and you will definitely get an extensive collection in this embroidered saree.

  4. Bhagalpuri Silk Saree
    The striking quality and long-lasting fabric, Bhagalpuri Silk is popular for the finest quality. Originated from Bihar, this exquisite saree has some stunning prints and premium embroidery work. To make your appearance noteworthy and remarkable, drape this saree with an elegant blouse design.

  5. Heavily Embroidered Saree
    There are some occasions like wedding functions or parties in which every woman has to look fantastic. To have a long-lasting impression on others, you should definitely go with the heavily embroidered saree, which has some unique and alluring designs. If it is an evening party, then you can choose the black embroidered saree with the pairing of a black blouse.

  6. Fancy Embroidery Saree
    Fancy embroidery saree is what you need for your wardrobe collection. Without any second thought, you can purchase the fancy embroidery saree as it has appealing floral patterns and designs on the border and baseline of the saree. To look gorgeous, you should opt for the combination of red and white colour.

  7. Pashmina Embroidery Saree
    One of the finest and fashionable saree selling tremendously in markets is Pashmina Embroidery saree. Pashmina embroidery saree is one of the popular sarees for this season and can easily be paired with any stylish blouse.

  8. Net Embroidery Saree
    If you are searching for an attractive and designer embroidery saree, then this one is just for you! As net embroidery is trendy and every other woman is looking for such designer sarees to wear it on evening parties and functions. You can go for some vibrant and bright shades in this elegant net embroidery saree.

  9. Lace Embroidered Saree
    The most eye-catching and beautiful saree for your wardrobe is lace embroidered saree. The patterns and motifs on the pallu and border is what make this saree enticing and captivating. If you are looking for something simple in this saree, then go for the lightweight fabric such as georgette or chiffon.

  10. Embroidery Saree in Pink Colour
    The most vibrant and captivating hue pink colour is every woman’s most preferred choice, especially in traditional garbs. The border portion of this saree is fully embroidered with some innovative and unique patterns. For regular events, you can buy this one in crepe or chiffon fabric to keep it simple yet classy.

  11. Rich Golden Embroidery Saree
    Now, another famous and popular embroidery saree is in rich golden embroidery work. The trend of this saree started from the Gujarat and now its spread all over the country. The red colour base and fine golden embroidery work on the borders and pallu is definitely irresistible.

  12. Printed Saree with Simple Embroidery
    If you belong to that category of woman who regularly wears sarees either at home or when you go outside for work, then you should certainly purchase this modern printed saree with simple embroidery work. The simple and basic Butta pattern or leafy designs on the borders or pallu surely looks stunning.

  13. Floral Embroidery Saree
    Floral embroidery saree looks refreshing and fascinating on the wearer. Moreover, if you plan to purchase the floral embroidery saree, then buy this one in cotton fabric, which will keep you cool and refresh whole day long. The beautiful and exquisite floral patterns on saree surely make your traditional wear more appealing and stunning.

  14. Full Embroidery Saree
    Those who are looking out for designer and heavy embroidery saree for special occasion, then this overwhelming saree are the perfect one for you. The rich embroidery all over the saree, the intricate designs and patterns on the saree is what makes it befitting for the occasions.

  15. Silk Embroidery Saree
    The smooth and fine fabric silk along with the captivating embroidery work on the borders and pallu will surely make you sizzle. You should definitely add this silk embroidery saree in your closet to make your appeal more remarkable on events and occasions. You can choose the different colour combinations of blends to rock your traditional style.

  16. Designer Embroidery Saree
    Another one in the list of the outstanding embroidery sarees is designer saree with elegant embroidery work. The ravishing design and embroidery work all over the saree certainly need appreciation. You can buy this designer embroidery saree in red or any other solid colour with the stylish blouse design.

  17. Cut Work Embroidery Saree
    The cut-work embroidery saree is one of the prevailing hand embroidery sarees for the wedding functions and occasions. If you are looking out for something trendy yet traditional, then cut-work embroidery work saree should on the top of that list. In this saree, you will assuredly get an enormous variety.

  18. Patchwork Embroidery Saree
    The patchwork embroidery saree is one of the beautiful and gorgeous sarees. The amazing patchwork designs and patterns, especially on the pallu and borders make it the foremost choice of every woman. You can get this amazing saree in your favourite colours and designs.

  19. Wedding Embroidery Saree
    Nowadays, the fashion designers of traditional outfits are upgrading their collection by rendering the outfits according to the occasion. If you are searching for the heavy embroidered saree for the wedding purpose, then this one’s appropriate for you. Just make sure that your purchase this saree in solid colours like Maroon and grey to make your appearance on the wedding more alluring.

  20. Trendy Designer Saree
    The trendy designer saree has some amazing and stunning patterns and motifs on the pallu and border. The border and pallu of this saree is heavily embroidered and looks gorgeous on the large gatherings and parties. Pair the trendy designer saree with latest and sassy blouse design and get ready to receive compliments from all the corners.

To conclude, if you are a lover of embroidered sarees, then the above-mentioned list of the outstanding designs and styles will certainly impress you because of its fine detailing and intricate patterns.

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