Are You A Black Lover? Top 10 Stylish Black Color Kurta Designs For Men


The traditional and customary Indian wear for men is Kurta Pajama. On every festival and occasion, the majority of men prefer to wear Kurta along with the different styles of bottom wear, isn’t it?

Now, traditional wear is no longer the same in style and design. The fashion designers are imbibing and fusing it with the western styles to create unique and stylish clothes for men. Obviously, the look of the Kurta has been kept the same, but some necessary modifications have been added to give it a modern touch.


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At present, you must have seen your relatives, cousins or colleagues wearing the stylish Kurta in unique designs and styles. Well, you can achieve that look too, especially if you are an admirer of black colour. The trendy designs in black colour Kurta are surely going to add glamour to your wardrobe collection.

So, here is the amassed list of the top 10 stylish black colour Kurta designs, which look stunning and captivating on special occasions and festivals.

  1. Embellished Black Kurta
    Keeping aside the conventional and mundane styles in Kurta, you should opt for the embellished or even embroidered black Kurta. Undoubtedly, you must have bored from those regular styles and designs. In addition, the embroidery will be done specifically on the neckline and sleeves end. Therefore, whenever you plan to purchase the Kurta for any wedding or festival purpose, simply choose the embellished black Kurta.

  2. Black Kurta with Nehru Jacket
    Nowadays, the trend of Nehru jacket is ruling the Indian markets. For every man, Nehru jacket is on the top in the shopping list. If you already have black Kurta in your wardrobe collection, then you must ensure that you purchase a pastel or brown shade Nehru jacket to pair with your black Kurta. To complete the whole look, you can wear Punjabi or Kohlapuri juttis to make a style statement among your friends and colleagues.

  3. Chikankari Black Kurta
    Are you searching for something elegant and subtle design in black Kurta? Well, you might get overwhelmed to know that Lucknowi Chikankari black Kurta will be the perfect choice for you. The classic yet elegant Chikankari on the base of the Kurta, neckline and sleeves end will definitely leave you spellbound. In addition, the Chikankari design in traditional garbs is extremely trendy nowadays.

  4. Casual Black Colour Kurta
    Apart from the designer and embellished Kurta design, the one which should always be present in your closet is casual black Kurta. Genuinely, you will never get bored or tired of wearing this stylish and classy casual black Kurta again and again. The only reason behind its demand is its versatility. You can easily pair it with your denims, Pajama, trouser pants, Dhoti or Pathani Salwar. There are several options to pair you casual black Kurta, just make sure to roll up your sleeves to impress everyone around you!

  5. Diagonal Hemline Cut Black Kurta
    Rather than choosing the straight cut Kurta, you should go with the diagonal hemline cut black Kurta. Usually, one side of the Kurta is longer than the other one. Additionally, there are buttons attached on the longer side of the Kurta to make it unique and captivating. The prominent plus point of wearing this amazing Kurta is that you can team up this with your favourite pair of denim.

  6. Silk Kurta in Black Colour
    The simple black Kurta in silk fabric is the choice of the majority of men, especially for festivals and occasions. With this exceptional and exquisite silk Kurta, you can embrace your personality and style easily. Of course, the collar or the neckline will be embroidered or embellished with buttons to give it an ethnic look. You can pair this piece of garb with dhoti style bottom wear, especially with the red colour.

  7. Pathani Black Colour Kurta
    If you are willing to buy authentic and absolute traditional Kurta, then Pathani Kurta in black colour might be the one for you! The best part about this Kurta style is that you can either roll up your sleeves to lock it with the button tab or you can keep it as full sleeves. Furthermore, the edges of the pathani Kurta is in a round shape.

  8. Punjabi Black Kurta
    Punjabi Kurta looks similar to casual Kurta, but there’s a basic difference between both the styles. Generally, in Punjabi Kurta you will get to see the round edges and is a little short in style. You can wear this stunning and graceful piece with your jeans or pajama to finish off the look.

  9. Asymmetric Pleated Black Kurta
    The asymmetric pattern in fashion garbs is extremely popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. If you are a style icon among your friends and cousins, then Asymmetric pleated black Kurta is what you must own. In this attire, there is a collar neck and full sleeves which is allured with the buttons. Whenever you purchase this classy outfit, then keep in mind that summer season is approaching and it should be in pure cotton fabric.

  10. Cowl Style Black Kurta
    To make a fashion statement among your friends and colleagues, you should certainly go with this trendy and fashionable cowl style Kurta, especially in black colour. For evening parties and events, you can wear this stylish cowl style Kurta. Make sure that you wear this Kurta only with the narrow-fitted pajama either in black or white colour, which is absolutely your choice.

Now, you must be aware of the latest and trendy styles and designs in black Kurta. Of course, there are many other designs, but here we have mentioned some of the stylish designs, which certainly require immediate attention.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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