5 Simple Tricks to Have Perfect Pathani Look On This Eid Season!


Gone are the days when the festival meant trying the same old dress and nothing new. Being men, you surely would have been jealous of how women have loads of clothing options to try on, but all you are left with is regular clothing, sherwani or a coat suit. Changed are the good old times, and fashion trends are updated from day to day.

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With the season of Eid in the air, if you are looking for experimenting a new style in an exquisite flair, then we are here to help you flaunt. When you have been deciding on choosing between the right choices of outfit for this Eid, get yourself a stylish pathani suit to stand out classy. The pathani suit can owe you the traditional right look with elegance. You will love it!

Pathani suits come in a variety of styles and fabrics, but picking the right one is also a tough choice to make. Here’s a set of styling guide that could help you choose.

#1.Choose Perfect Color

When you are all set to make your style statement, choose colors that suit you well. The pathani suit goes well with almost all colours, but for you, you need to pick the right one that supports your frame. Everybody looks different and clutch unique personal taste. If you like subtle colours, you can very well go for cream, auburn or dull pastels. However, if flamboyance is your thing, then blue and red shades will be the best. To upgrade your looks, go for a black pathani suit with a straight-set pant will show up the fabulous look on you. Try out colors based on your complexion tones.

  • Classy Red Pathani

  • Cool Yellow Pathani

  • Funky Blue Pathani

  • Royal Black Color Pathani

#2.Select Good Design

Plain pathani suits have long been outdated. Modern ones come with heavy pattern ones and neck work. There is a fair share of embroidery even on the whole or around the hands. There are even places where you can customize as per your sense of taste. Patterns give a sensation of attraction and richness to your clothing, even more on a black silk material pathani set. Floral designs are the usual lot, you can try unique design sets near the neckline, or you can opt for embossed patterns on your pathani suit. Embossing usually looks well on darker colors like black, red, blue and brown. A heavy embroidered attire for your festive season is the first thing you need to look majestic.

  • Chinese Collar Pathani

  • Collar Neck With Pocket Pathani

#3.Choose Matching kurta

If you have decided on your embroidered or embossed kurta design, then next thing you need to fetch is the kurta. If the theme is to be traditional, then you can impress people with a rich pathani with a Pajama kurta. You will definitely leave heads turning! You can on the same hand experiment with unusual colors like bottle green, shady orange, maroon, burgundy, etc. Brocade kurtas are also a nice option. You can club it up with an agreeable salwar or dhoti as your taste suggests for a complete ravishing look.

  • Bottle Green Pathani

  • Shady Orange Pathani

  • Maroon Pathani

#4.Choose Good Fabric

The fabric of your suit is another crucial factor to pay heed to while buying. A thick and heavy embellished fabric will add up to your looks if you are a leaner person. This will bulk up your volume in appearance. However, if you fall under the broad frame category, then lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton may look good on you. Festive come up with new models, and so are the new velvet material pathani’s. If you enjoy trying new with your outfits, you might as well try the velvet material. Velvet blue, stain red and golden are popular among this category.

  • Cotton Pathani

  • Chikankari Pathani

#5.Focused on Accessories

Accessories can easily add up your color. You can pair your pathani suit with a pleasant metal wristwatch. Casual or leather watches will give away the looks. A light designed bracelet can be a good option too. Scarfs can spice up your classy look. Avoid heavily printed scarfs, but light patterned scarf will surely complement your suit.

  • Scarf with Decent Watch

Its summer season and a good time to start with your personalized pathani suits. The beauty of this outfit is it goes with anyone irrespective of being tall, short, simple or with a great build. With the right graceful touch and a classy appearance, you will stand out of the crowd. Bang your Instagram pictures with you tailored stylish pathani suits. Let your suit to do all you’re talking!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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