12 Silk Thread Bangle New Designs for you


We live in an era where people love to wear artificial as well as lightweight jewellery. And the reason behind it is that there are so many different designs. The Silk Thread jewellery one such type of jewellery that is ruling everyone’s heart. From different earrings, neckpieces to hand jewellery, you can find anything made up of silk threads. The Silk Thread bangles Design  is another type of such jewellery is highly in demand. From adults to young girls, everyone is crazy about them. You can find it in different colours and designs. And that’s why a lot of brides prefer these bangles on their wedding day. These look attractive and shiny. Here are 12 new Silk Bangle designs that you must try. It will help you to look different from others.

1.Silk Thread Bangle with Ball Chains:

Ball Chains adds instant attractiveness to any artificial accessories. The Golden or silver ball chains on the colourful silk thread bangles designs will work in the same way. It will look artistic as well as lovely. The ladies will admire it on their wrist as these will be absolutely charming and praiseworthy.

2.Silk Thread Bangle with Ghungroo:

There is a lot you can do with the Silk Thread Bangles designs, and attaching ghungroo to it is a great example of the same. It looks unique in the sense of look and sound. The Cham Cham sound on your wrist will help you to get the anklet-like vibes on your hand. Ladies are crazy about these bangles because of its melodious music.

3.Tri-Colour Silk Thread Bangles:

Are you looking for something casual as well as fancy? Go for the Silk Thread bangles designs with three colour combination. It is directly done by combining three different colours of thread. It will make you look girly and sophisticated at the same time. You will admire its western look, so choose your favourite bangle according to your outfit.

4.Designer Silk Thread Bangle:

As the name suggests, this style of silk thread bangle designs comes with a modern touch. These are a combination of many different sizes, work and colours, and these sets are admired by every single women. It will give a heavy effect to the wrist by maintaining its lightweight. Get you for yourself and enjoy its delightful effect.

5.Multi Colour Silk Thread Bangle:

The Multi colour silk thread bangles designs follow the rainbow effect and it looks perfect with any colour clothing. These are fashionable and made by combining the different colour of threads. You will enjoy its graceful effect and amazingly combined different threads. Get it not and enjoy its glorious effect.

6.Silk Thread Bangles with Beads:

Just like the ball chains, the beads also make silk thread bangle designs look mesmerizing. You can choose it in simple or colourful effect and enjoy its way of merging with beads. These look heavy and give bling to your wrist. You will enjoy wearing these bangles. Even young girls will praise wearing it.

7.Creative Silk Thread Bangles designs:

There is a lot anyone can do with Silk thread bangle as they look perfect in every sense. Combine the very thin bangles with the broad bangle. Choose it with pearl and stonework to glorify its look. For a better visual effect, you can pick it up in golden silk thread. This bangle set will look absolutely stylish.

8.Elegant Golden Silk Thread Bangle Set:

For the special days when you want to enjoy the bling of gold but not want to wear gold bangles, simply choose the Silk thread bangles designs in golden colour. It will look perfect with any outfit and give you the traditional vibes. You can get its set made according to your wish. Get it now and enjoy its elegance on your hand.

9.Silk Thread Bangle with Pearl:

There no women who don’t love pearls. It gives the soft feeling, and when these are combined with the silk thread, it becomes a mind-blowing combination. You will enjoy its stunning as well as simple effect. Choose the colour of these bangles accordingly with a pinch of pearl. You will admire its pleasantness.

10.Silk Thread Bangles with Indian Flag:

It’s amazing to give tribute to Indian Flat through your bangles. The silk thread bangles designs in green, white and orange colour will look perfect on the republic as well as Independence Day. You can define the width and pattern of these bangles. You will enjoy its pleasant appearance.

11.Silk Thread Bangles designs with Stone Work:

The Silk Thread Bangles designs looks really beautiful when combined with stonework. It will give the instant heavy look to your hand. Go for the sleek bangles in the middle and surround it with two broad bangles. It will give a great look. You will find a lot of colour combinations in this style of bangles. Enjoy its shiny vibes.

12.Silk Thread Bridal Bangles:

The Silk Thread Bangles designs are found in pink and red colour with a lot of heavy work. It is loved by most of the brides as these are easy to carry and give a great visual effect. Some sets also come with a golden effect in between, so that it can look even heavier. These will match well with bridal outfits.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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