Top 20 Designer Matching Lehenga & Sherwani Sets for Indian Weddings: Brides & Grooms Edition


Your wedding day is a crucial and eventful occasion in your life that deserves to be celebrated with fashion and style. From contrasting and coordinated colors to matching lehenga and kurta prints, there are so many matching wedding outfits for the bride and groom that scream SLAY on their special day.

One of the most thrilling ways to make a fashion statement and create an impression that people will forever remember is through unique and matching bride and groom outfits. While tradition often dictates what you wear, there’s a whole spectrum of color combinations waiting to be explored.

Come along with us into a world of special and stunning couple outfits for weddings that may help you zero in on your dream “I do” outfit! Scroll down and check out all the impressive matching Indian outfits for couples that will help you look gorgeous and ravishing on your wedding day!”

1. The Unconventional Beige and White

Seriously, could there be any other topper for this list than beige and white couple outfits for weddings?  We all have seen our gorgeous Bollywood brides in this wedding outfit combination, and we have been floored! A basic, clean and simple yet beautiful beige outfit looks absolutely stunning on the bride next to the white wedding outfit for the groom, paired with golden work. It’s definitely something that got us all drooling over. 

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2. Maroon Red Twinning

Owing to our cultural heritage,  an Indian bride wearing a Maroon Red lehenga is always a vision to behold, it looks gorgeous, stuns everyone and is perfect against the groom’s similar color wedding outfit. We are 100% certain that this wedding outfit combo which is standard for brides but exceptionally unique for our grooms would look mesmerising on you two!

3. The Precious Pink and White Matching Wedding Outfits for the Bride and Groom

When Bollywood beauty Sonnalli Seygall got married, she and her groom served us major wedding fashion looks with their pastel matching bride and groom outfits in baby pink and white. Such a matching dress for bride and groom combination can be even leveled up with some silver thread and mirror work for sure. 

4. Green and Floral Wedding Outfit Combination

A couple twinning in this exquisite element is nothing short of royal perfection – the green and gold floral embellishments on this wedding outfit combination are pure beauty on a fabric. Who would have thought that dark green was such an amazing wedding outfit colour?

5. Ivory Matching Indian Outfits for Couples

An ivory-toned embellished matching wedding outfit for a couple looks simply regal, magnificent and stunning. White and silver sequin or thread work, and crystal embroidery adorn both outfits to make it a favourite couple’s choice. This matching lehenga and kurta look excellent for a daytime wedding.

6. Black and Red Combination for the King and Queen

If you are looking for some fabulous wedding fashion and outfit inspiration, we don’t think there is any other couple better than Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Well, this couple has always been giving us major fashion goals with a wedding outfit combination of black and red, that looks absolutely glorious on them and will look splendid on you as well!

7. Tremendous Turquoise Matching Lehenga and Kurta

What can be a specially unique color for a matching dress for bride and groom? Well, why not turquoise? Turquoise blue has an extraordinary muted touch to it! Moreover, it goes incredibly well with golden or silver elements. Also, any shade of blue looks spectacular for men as well! 

8. Fifty Shades of Pink

Darker shades of pink like magenta and Barbie pink are definitely a color that looks amazing on brides. And baby pink or any other light pink is a colour that all grooms know how to carry. So why not combine the two and create a gorgeous matching dress for bride and groom?

9. The Happiest Color Orange

Couples today want to do something unique and fresh and what is more unique and fresh than orange wedding outfits? Today, rust orange is the new red and hence, brides and grooms are welcoming this colour with utmost certainty and so are the top fashion designers. It’s a trend we are falling in love with more and more!

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10. The Meticulous Standard of Red and Gold Wedding Outfits

This one is a no-brainer, we all have seen it, loved it and adored it. Gold and red are best friends and are hence just perfect for a wedding. Drenched in the color of love, the bride oozed grace and elegance! While the groom, dressed in gold, is perfecting for complimenting her.

11. Celebrating Love in Lilac and Lavender

This couple take subtle matching wedding outfits to the next level. This outfit combination is as stunning and splendid as it can get! The stunning bride and groom show us how to kill in a combination of lilac and lavender wedding outfits for their big day. Something all couples can take some wedding fashion inspo from!

12. The Rare Red and Green Combo for Matching Wedding Outfits

When it comes to unconventional bridal colors, dark or bottle green is a good choice as it uplifts the detailing of gold embroidery. Red and green have an excellent rapport with one another. If you’re looking for something that actually helps you stand out at your wedding, then this is a great matching combo to try!

13. Rose Gold for the New Age Couple

While golden and rose colors have been in the wedding fashion market for a while, rose gold shades have made a new entry and we feel that they are here to stay. A bride in rose gold radiates infinite femininity in her rose gold lehenga while her groom can complement her incredibly well in a fresh white sherwani. The matching couple outfit combination embodies the magnificence of pure love and fashion!

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14. The All-Golden Vibe for the Couple

Gold is one universal and gorgeous color that has no haters and that you can pick for a perfect matching bride and groom outfit combination for a wedding or even for a reception with the certainty of you getting lots of compliments from all your guests!

15. The Ethereal Combination of Silver and White

Looking for something completely fresh and ethereal? Look no further. Silver and Grey has been reigning the offbeat wedding wear world for a long time now! Any couple can perfectly nail the breathtakingly beautiful look of a silver and white wedding outfit combination!

16. Blue with Tons of White and Silver

Why didn’t we mention this before? Frankly, this is by far our favourite matching dress for a bride and groom matching outfit combination! The blue backdrop for the white and silver embroidery is so adorable, that it’s tough not to drool over it. 

17. Coordinated Prints Matching Indian Outfits for Couples

This combination is an example of what happens when tradition meets with innovation. The play with prints forms nothing but a masterpiece! The bride and groom can have a matching wedding dress that has the same shade of colours in their outfit, plus matching prints will undoubtedly support them ace the look!

18. A Combination of White and Yellow

This one is a match made in heaven, for real! Yellow and white join to make for an incredible outfit combo for couples for their wedding celebrations and other related parties. They are bright and definitely outstanding!

19. Coordinating in Mint

This one is also an offbeat colour combination for an Indian wedding! The lehenga and sherwani of the bride and groom can match each other having ivory, silver, and mint green colours. The bride can wear a beautiful lehenga embellished with stones and sequins while the groom can pick a matching sherwani or wear elements of the same colour.

Pick your favourite green outfits for grooms and brides

20. Blush, blush and more blush

Doesn’t this matching outfit combination look downright lovely and precious?  Bride and groom wearing the exact same blush-coloured wedding outfits, what’s better on this earth? Well, you too can pick a blush colour and design colour-coordinated outfits for your wedding day. Believe us, it looks very pretty and adorable!

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