How to Choose Bridal Lehenga for Wedding Occasion


Hello, our gorgeous brides-to-be!

So, we are hoping the proposal was magical, the engagement ring is sparkling, and now it’s time to start preparing for the big day. We are sure that a task on the top of your list is finding your perfect—the best Bridal Lehenga ever. We get it, the choices available in the market are endless and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or get lost in a pool of colours, fabrics, and styles. But darling, you need not worry! We are with you to start this journey together to find the perfect lehenga made and designed just for you. Here are 10 things that you should certainly consider before you choose your bridal lehenga.

1. Baby, Know Your Body Type

Begin the process by understanding your body type. Whether you’re a pear, petite, hourglass, or rectangle, there’s a lehenga style out there that’ll accentuate your figure the most. For example, if you have a curvier bottom, A-line lehengas can be super stunning, while mermaid styles are excellent on hourglass bodies.

2. The Precious Palette Perfection:

While pinks and reds are the most popular wedding outfit go-tos, brides of today are welcoming to pastels, golds, and even rich jewel tones. Think about the aesthetic you want  to go for—romantic, royal, or contemporary—and pick an outfit color that fits the vibe. Do consider the venue and the decor theme!

3. Discuss the Details, Darling:

Mirror work, embroidery, sequins, threadwork –so many lehenga detailings! While intricate details can look gorgeous, they can also weigh down the lehenga. Hence, balance is fundamental. If you’re going for a heavily embellished blouse, go lighter on the lehenga or vice versa.

4. Remember, Comfort is King:

Oh Yes, style sometimes calls for a bit of irritation and discomfort, but do remember, you’ll be wearing this outfit for hours, dancing, doing ceremonies and greeting guests. You must do the ‘sit-test’ and the ‘dance-test’ before finalizing! Also don’t forget the fabric. 

5. Perfect the Dupatta Drape :

How you wear your dupatta can change the whole look and vibe of your outfit. Whether you drape it the conventional way or give it a trendy twist, make sure it complements your wedding ensemble and doesn’t outshine the magic of the lehenga.

6. Set Boundaries on the Budget:

Having a clear budget limit in mind helps in narrowing down your outfit choices. And dont forget, it’s not just about the outfit but also the  accessories, ethnic footwear, and makeup also play a significant role in completing the whole bridal look.

7. The Trendy one or The Timeless One:

While it can be extremely tempting to hop on the latest and viral trend going on, think about how your wedding pictures will look 10 years later, or how your kids will like it. A balanced mix of trendy and timeless can often hit the sweet spot that you will love.

8. Your Personal Touch:

Every bride is unique and has her own individual character and flair. Whether it’s a customized embroidery of your wedding date, partner;s name or a little charm sewn inside the lehenga, adding a personal touch to your wedding outfit makes it truly yours.

9. Prep Early:

The fabric and fit of your lehenga is important beyond everything. Begin your wedding outfit hunt at least 6-8 months before your wedding. This gives you enough time for alterations, final trials, makeup decisions, jewelry shopping and any customizations that you may require.

10. Accessorize Wisely:

Accessories can totally make or break a bridal look. From beautiful to breathtaking or from terrific to terrible. Hence, make sure you focus on the accessories. Play around with statement jewelry pieces, including maang tikka, classic chokers, and bangles. Be cautious enough to not overdo it. 

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
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